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Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker - New Dawn


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(( Laudean Military Command, Lokesh City ))

:: Blood. Fire. Pain. Blood soaked ground. Fire burning from disruptor blasts. Pain as the shrapnel tore into his body. In many ways, Bomani was one of the lucky ones. He survived the onslaught at Bondi...however, most of his men did not. His unit was decimated, caught between a Klingon and Orion platoons in a murderous pincer movement which cut them off from the rest of their counterparts. The Battle Of Bondi was more than just a battle to repel invaders...it was a slaughterhouse, and Bomani had never seen such ferocious fighting. As the battle raged, he hoped the Starfleet personnel on the ridge above him could keep the Klingons, Orions, and Scarlet Brotherhood at bay. There were so few of them...only four, and two of them were women. When the Federation had returned once the Romulans had been ejected, Nothing had prepared him for the horrors he witnessed on that day, or the bravery of those Starfleet personnel who took their place on that ridge. They refused to yield, even under the rain of mortar fire directed at them. Even when over the comms it was thought they would be overrun, they fought on, with the fervor of brutality Bomani never expected..and even with his platoon suffering ninety percent casualties, he could see Starfleet still holding that ridge..and it heartened him to fight even harder, even more boldly. Here were essentially guests on their world, and they would fight so fiercely for a world upon which they were not born or trying to conquer? No..there was something special about them, and no one had expected them to fight for them, especially after their ship was so badly damaged and burning in space in the skies aove them.

:: The battle ebbed and flowed, and the panicked voices on the comms, including his own, were exhorting the platoons where to redeploy to curb the onslaught. Then...the battle turned as the Scarlet Brotherhood forces seemed like they folded into itself, buried under murderous Laudean fire. As the Orions broke off to meet this new threat, Bomani took the rest of his forces and dove straight into their lines..he did not think about his life then, only victory. The Laudean forces overwhelmed them, and comm traffic indicated the Klingons were moving to reinforce. Sustaining the attack would be impossible if the Klingons were able to get more troops in the area...thery were beginning to run short of weaponry, and casualties were mounting, in spite of their advances. Bomani could hear on the comms the Klingons wee coming, but Starfleet was holding them out...and he could see them on the ridge..but one man was bigger than the others...he could see him occasionally through the smoke, and Bomani knew this was no normal Starfleet officer, that Starfleet had warriors among them more than equal to the Klingons, and yet, they were proponents of peace. Once the day had been won, and the wounded and dead were being attended to, Bomani learned that the Starfleet personnel were still fighting...now they were attempting to hunt down the rest of those who may have still been in Lokesh City, and the after action reports say they were quite successful in dealing with the stragglers, especially the huge one..::

:: The slight pain of his still recovering injuries jolted him back from his memories of the battle, to the report on his desk. Actually, he had two reports. Through the Prime Ministers office, he had managed to obtain the names of the Starfleet officers who fought so valiantly on the ridge above them, ensuring victory for the Laudeans, and especially, the name of the huge officer with them. Although much of his Starfleet record was redacted, Bomani did get his name and rank....Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker. Bomani knew he could learn much from this man...he had never seen a soldier...which to Bomani, was exactly what he was....like him before, and it was evident by his record he was no stranger to combat, having served during the Dominion War, and had even served with the Klingons during that conflict. He would have to meet this man, and learn from him what he could...::

:: Many Laudeans felt gratitude towards the Federation and Starfleet, but within the military, sentiments ran both hot and cold. There were some who resented the fact the battle turned on the actions of the Starfleet officers, that the Laudeans could have held out against the forces arrayed against them. Bomani knew the truth was a little different. He was there. If the Klingons had been able to reinforce, he would be dead, and so would most of the Laudeans in that valley. Bondi would have been lost, and Lokesh City would have fallen soon after. They would have lost the planet. Bomani had heard stories of what the Orions would do to their women, selling them into slavery onto far off worlds...the Scarlet Brotherhood using their planet to attack a place called Bajor...and the Klingons to finally destroy their long enemy, the Romulans. Ti'hahn would have been violated, stripped, its people forced into servitude under the rule of dictatorship...he had seen that under Romulan rule, and he wanted no part of that again...::

:: Soon, Starfleet would return, to re-occupy their rebuilt embassy, and with a ship more capable to fending off attacks...a battle cruiser. The subject wasn't taboo, but it was clear the military saw this as an affront to their superiority, that they could not protect their own world. Now, with essentially a battleship returning to their space, how would Starfleet, and the Federation, behave now? Bomani believed that the Federation would be the same, and Starfleet had lost many in defense of their world, and they wanted to make sure they could defend the work they were trying to do here. The new ship, the Thunder-A, would be there soon, only sharpening the debate. He was going to do everything he could to prove many in the military wrong..he was staking his military career and his family on it....::

PNPC Submarshal Bomani Abasi
Commander, Laudean Defense Forces
Laudean Region

As simmed by:

Major Hannibal Tiberious Parker
2nd Officer/ Marine Commander/ Chief Of Strategic Operations
USS Thunder-A/ Duronis II Embassy

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