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Lt.JG Brayden Jorey & Lt. Zinna - As I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Bryce Tagren-Quinn

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((Ship’s Counsellor’s Office, USS Tiger-A, night after the Pirate Adventure))

::Jorey sat across from the counsellor and looked around the room. He was so embarassed from what had happened in the Tiger’s Den. He had never lost his mind before and had no idea what any of it meant. He felt fine now. He felt like himself and that nothing was wrong with him.::

Jorey: Counsellor, I must first apologize for my bizarre behaviour in the Tiger’s Den. I should have sought you out as soon as I knew that something was wrong. ::Jorey looked up at Zinna and smirked.:: A man’s pride can be both his biggest strength and his biggest weakness. ::Jorey leaned forward slightly and with a raised eyebrow asked joking,:: So I’m pretty sure I’m crazy, doctor... but what kind of crazy am I?

::Jorey sat back in his chair much more relaxed and wondered what the counsellor would have to say about his strange behaviour in the Tiger’s Den the night of the awards ceremony.::

Zinna: No need to apologize ens--lieutenant...everyone goes crazy every once in awhile. It’s just my job to analyze why. So have you been having any after effects since the mission?

Jorey: ::His smile fading.:: Some. Nightmares, flashbacks... difficulty sleeping. ::Jorey leaned in and in a low tone continued.:: I can’t seem to shake the feeling of a seemly inevitable doom... like the shadows of other horrible creatures are somehow trapped and following me.

::Saying the words out loud sent chills through his body. He wanted to believe that it was all in his head, but there was a part of him that truly felt the presence of spirits made of fear and despair following him.::

:: The El-Aurian counselor nodded. ::

Zinna: I would assume that would be normal for someone who went through with what you did, but the important thing is know that now, you’re safe. Do you feel safe here?

::Jorey wanted to say yes. He knew that he should be able to say it. It was a safe place with a trustworthy person, but...::

Jorey: I know that anyone else would think I am safe. ::Jorey shifted in his chair slightly.:: It’s like I can’t convince my own mind that the nightmare is over. There’s a part of me that believes reality will disintegrate and reveal the truth that I am still in a holding cell on the Reaper’s ship.

::Jorey could feel the shadows cringe slightly... almost like they were gasping to find their breath.::

Jorey: It’s as though something or someone has somehow followed me here. Like they are not finished what was started aboard the Reaper ship.

::Jorey knew he sounded like a madman, but knew the only way to fight was to do so honestly.::

Zinna: Braydon I’m going to suggest some things. One is something I rarely ever suggest but maybe you could ask the CMO for something to
help you sleep better. The other is something that I know you will need. You probably need to take it easy. Enjoy your shore leave and anytime you feel like you’re being watched just remind yourself it’s not real.

Jorey: The problem, counsellor, is that I know I am not being watched by something outside of me. ::Jorey saw the hint of a shadow race across the surface of Zinna’s desk.:: Its more like its survived inside me and is trying to force its way out.

::Jorey was speaking in a near whisper, afraid that someone other than the counsellor would hear. Talking about the Reapers, the feelings of doom, and the shadows was making Jorey more and more uneasy.

:: Zinna could see the despair in him and sense him becoming more and more paranoid. Zinna felt as if she saw something swipe across her desk but she ignored it and tried to remain focused on Brayden. She surely didn’t want to tell him that she was seeing things as well...that would only make him feel like these “shadows” actually were real. ::

Zinna: Brayden...I know exactly how you feel. In the past I had the same feeling that there was something evil inside of me trying to make it’s way out as well, but guess what? It eventually went away. oO Or maybe it’s just taking a break... Oo

Jorey: So at least I’m not the only crazy one aboard the Tig...

::Jorey stopped abruptly as a strange voice filled his mind. It sounded like the voice of a small, female child::

Child: ~It won’t stop...so much fire...they’re all gunna burn...~

::The voice sounded like it was getting closer, before it faded back to nothing.

Jorey: A child crying... ::He whispered, more to himself, trying to make sense of it.::

Zinna: A child? Brayden what’s wrong?

::Jorey and Zinna looked at each other for a moment that seemed to make time stop in an unnatural and erie way. Sounds of a child screaming in agony seemed to fill the room. Jorey wiped away a bead of sweat that traced down his forehead.::

Jorey: Is it getting hotter in here? ::Jorey said wondering if Zinna heard it, if she felt the heat.::

Zinna: Computer lower temperature by five degrees...:: Zinna thought she had heard a child crying but she was trying to tune it all out. She wanted to appear calm in front of Jorey. :: Can I get you some iced water?

Jorey: Maybe we could take a walk, Counsellor? Make our way to sickbay and see about helping me sleep? ::Jorey said, trying to calm his voice. He needed to get out of this room. He need to escape.

:: She nodded getting up::

Zinna: Of course, anything to make you feel better.

Jorey: Thanks. ::Jorey said getting up quickly and heading out the door.::

::The hallway seemed cool and whatever was haunting him seemed to have stayed behind in Zinna’s office. They continued talking as they made their way to the Tiger’s sickbay.::

Jorey: Sometimes getting up and moving somewhere else seems to help. ::Jorey smiled at the counsellor beginning to feel more like himself.::

Zinna: And that’s perfectly fine Brayden.

::By then they had reached sickbay since it wasn’t that far away. ::

Zinna: Alright Brayden, the nurse will give you a mild sedative to help you get some sleep tonight. I would like to see you again tomorrow morning to check in.

::Jorey nodded in agreement and headed into sickbay. Zinna turned and headed down the hallway toward her quarters. She let down her guard now that she was alone. She wondered how it was she heard and felt Jorey’s delusions in her office. She thought she saw a shadow move across her desk, she heard the child’s cries, and she couldn’t be sure but could swear she felt the room get warmer.::


::She thought as she entered her quarters. She was exhausted and fell on her bed. She just needed to lie down for a moment before going through her evening rituals. Meanwhile, Jorey was trying to complete his evening prayers and blessings, but the sedative was taking hold with more force than he expected. He made his way to the bed and seemed to enter into a deep sleep as his head fell gently against the pillow.::


Lt.JG Brayden Jorey
USS Tiger-A
Chief Helm Officer


Lt. Zinna
USS Tiger-A
On Leave of Absence

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