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Ensign Ryoma Hoshino - Full Circle


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(( Port Escape Pods, Lower Decks ))

HOSHINO: Everyone, get to the pods...

:: Ryoma didn't move forward to safety, but instead moved back to Devon. Squatting beside he, his hands on her shoulders, he knew that she would fight him. ::

HOSHINO: Devon, you get on this one, I'll try and get in a pod on the forward section...

ROMJIN: What? Ryoma, no! There isn't time... ::pulling at his arms:: ...you have to come with us.

HOSHINO: There are too many people, Devon. They are injured, the counsellor has kids, and you, :: he swallowed hard :: I want you to be safe.

ROMJIN: I can't just leave you! ::Her heart was racing. She shook her head and refused to let go of him.:: You have to come! Please, Ryoma. I'm pregnant! ::That's not how she wanted to tell him but she was scared to let him go.::

:: Ryoma blinked, the admission barely even registered in his mind. After a moment he smiled and put the palm of his hand against her cheek. ::

HOSHINO: I'll be fine, Devon, don't worry. I'll see you on the other side... :: He kissed her on the forehead. :: Now, go, before they go without you.

:: Tears now streaked her smoke smudged face. Hands grabbed her by the shoulders and helped her to her feet. ::

ROMJIN: Ryoma...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

:: Ryoma had left Devon at the escape pod, and pushed his way back out into the corridor. Her face was on his mind as he collapsed to the floor, choking from the smoke billowing through the corridor. His hand slapped the floor in front of him, a spike of pain rising through his forearm. His eyes were stinging, his sweat-drenched hair was sticking to his face, and he was running out of time. ::

COMPUTER: Two minutes until self-destruct.

:: In the darkness of the smokey corridor, Ryoma heard groaning. He crawled ahead to find the source of the moans, finding a young deckhand with a gash across his face and a arm blacked from the near-instant frostbite of the Breen's cryogenic weapons. ::

HOSHINO: :: Taking the young enlistee's pulse. :: It's okay, crewman, you're going to be alright. :: The kid's pulse was weak, but his groaning was a sign that he could pull through. ::

:: Ryoma lifted the young man to his feet and carried on through the corridor, stepping over the bodies of Starfleet personnel and Breen alike. Then he heard what sounded like a chorus of screaming furies crying out for blood followed by a searing heat as the bulk head melted away in front of him. ::


:: The corridor lost pressure as the forward section of the saucer violently blew away taking Ryoma with it, his arms still wrapped around the crewman. His ears popped and he felt a sizzling sensation across his tongue before he succumbed to the darkness. ::

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(( Intelligence Office, Lower Decks ))

:: The jolt threw Ryoma into consciousness. As a kid, Ryoma had always heard that the falling sensation in our dreams was our heart skipping a beat, that if you hit the ground, you'll never wake up. Well, once again he had cheated death... the problem was, what is the point in cheating death if you wake up at the end of the night shift?

Ryoma groaned as he checked the chronometer, wiping his eyes as though the display might just be a result of the sandman's trickery. ::

oO How long was I asleep? Thank heavens I was alone... Oo

:: With a yawn, he picked up the PADD from his lap and stood up to shake off the snooze. Immediately he noticed the note he had started before dropping off. Drinking his now stone cold coffee, he put the finishing touches to the message. ::

| |
| Dear Devon, |
| |
| I just wanted to leave you a note to thank you |
| for the time we spent together on Earth. When I |
| close my eyes, all I think about is you in the |
| morning sun. I really hope we can see each other |
| again soon. |
| |
| If you're free after your shift, let me know - |
| I have a bottle of shochu from our trip that I |
| can't wait to unscrew, but I felt you deserved |
| a chance to enjoy. How about it? |
| |
| Yours, |
| |
| Ryoma |
| |

:: Hoshino put the PADD on Romjin's console and turned it face down. He felt good, like a new dawn had risen over his soul... or maybe that was the caffeine talking. ::


Ensign Ryoma Hoshino
Intelligence Officer
USS Discovery-C

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