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Round 7 JP: Lt. Jorus Cogud, Cmdr. Raj Blueheart and (PNPC) Lt. JG Raine Vedra

Ryoma Hoshino

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((Blueheart's Quarters, USS Discovery-C))

::And so, Lt Cogud began his tale.. .. ::

COGUD: It all started... well I guess when I was born.

::Cogud went on to tell the Commander the many aspects of his childhood, including his family's experience with Orions, and how he had been taught to hate them.::

COGUD: I can't change my upbringing.

BLUEHEART: ::nodding somberly:: No. No, you can't. ::He furrowed his brow and the helmsman picked up on this cue.::

COGUD: Yes of course, you want to know why Mr Vedra called me a racist... I mentioned the Sol System Rally, I may have... given in to my upbringing. Seeing the Lieutenant reminded me of my upbringing and

when I couple that with the upbringing of many of my academy colleagues I feel cheated, so I blamed the first Orion I saw and thought I stood a chance against, then I fired my best shot...

::Raj nodded. His countenance took on a grave appearance. He hated bigots. No, he DESPISED them. Why a dark-skinned individual is considered filthy was beyond his understanding. Why someone born of a lower caste is untouchable was beyond his comprehension. Why a pansexual tri-gendered alien race is one big prostitution ring was beyond his grasp. Whatever his own personal take on the subject, he wasn't about to let that leak into his professionalism. What he did understand about bigotry was that it's forged in the flames of insecurity and low self-worth, later festering into a paranoid delusion. Bigotry is a disease. As a physician, he was compelled to treat the disease.::

BLUEHEART: I see. oO Cogud probably hurled a volley of racial epithets at Vedra. And Vedra is already clinically depressed to begin with. So many things could go wrong from here. Oo

::He stood up, fetched another bottle of wine (this time a three-year-old Bordeaux) and filled the gentlemen's glasses before his own.::

BLUEHEART: Jorus, am I correct to presume you feel some remorse following your action?

COGUD: ::Nodding slowly.:: Of course.

BLUEHEART: Good. It's a start. ::to Vedra:: Raine, I understand your hurt. But this is something that cannot be rectified overnight.

::Vedra clenched his jaw and fists but said nothing.::

BLUEHEART: Raine.. Jorus is going to need time..

VEDRA: He can have all eternity. I will never forgive a sick [...] like him!

BLUEHEART: ::firmly but gently:: I'm not asking you to forgive him. And neither is he. I'm asking you to understand where this hate is coming from. Can you do that, Raine? Can you do that for me?

VEDRA: Why? ::He hissed.:: Why would I do that for you? Why SHOULD I?! The moment he gets a chance he's going to attack me or send some goon to attack me.. Or some other poor Orion. I can't understand that. I can NEVER understand that. Can't he think for himself? Why follow blindly what his family believes in?

BLUEHEART: It's not easy UN-learning something, Raine.

VEDRA: No! I'm happy with the way things are right now. We stay away from each other. Everyone's happy.

BLUEHEART: Well, I'm not happy. ::He leaned back in his seat.:: Are YOU happy, Jorus?


BLUEHEART: And you're not happy too, Raine. No one is happy. All this hate back and forth is only going to escalate, and not only between the both of you. It will spread like wildfire, trust me. Then we'll have anarchy and another mutiny and heck, maybe even a public lynching! As First Officer, I can't let that happen. ::He stared solemnly into each of their eyes as he lowered his voice.:: As a friend, I can't let you guys destroy each other, as well as your own lives and career. Don't throw it all away. Not for this.. Not for this.

COGUD: How do you propose to do that?

BLUEHEART: ::standing up and pulling up his pants:: We hold hands and dance.

COGUD: What! Sir...

BLUEHEART: And that's an order, lieutenant!



Lt Jorus Cogud

Chief Helmsman



Lt JG Raine Vedra

Chief of Astrometrics



LtCmdr Raj Blueheart

First Officer


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