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JP: Lt Cmdr Eerie & PNPCs Blackwood & Peiy, "Tidal Problem

Sedrin Belasi

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((Eerie’s Dream))

::Eerie was walking on a beach, next to gently rolling waves that lapped up onto his feet. It was a bit disconcerting but it didn’t bother him too much. The high heat however, was wonderful. He looked out at the water, which was disturbing to him since he could not swim. As with all Brikar he really disliked water and images of when he almost drowned came back to him. He discarded them and soaked in the heat. ::

Eerie: oO Other than the water, this place is great. Oo

::He walked down the beach. It was strange as there seemed to be no end to the sand, no hills or anything. Just sand stretching out endlessly. ::

::The last thing he remembered was being on the alien station. He was confused though. He raised his hands and he could feel pain. Then there was the odd sensation of something pressing down on him. Not that it bothered him too much. While he had experienced pain before, it was like his ‘hands’ were on fire.::

::He felt a object strike him in the back of the head. He turned around and found a stone, a rather large one in the sand, before the waves come and washed over it. The slight roar of the water came with it.::

:: Eerie looked up to see Evanna Blackwood, standing in front of him grinning. Her flaming red hair flying in the slight breeze. Evanna had been his roommate on the Aurora and Avandar. They’d had a rough start, first really disliking each other and then becoming good friends before the friendship had soured. It had started to get back on track a little bit before her death. Eerie had always regretted not being with her when she died, or the bad place their friendship was at when she passed away. ::

::He felt like this was an odd case of fetyi or deja vu, as Evanna had hit him on two occasions with a rock.::

Eerie: oO Am I dead? Oo

Eerie : Evanna? :: Eerie noticed that the water did not roll back this time. Now his feet were covered with water. She was on the dry sand and he moved towards her getting up on the dry sand as well.::

Blackwood: Buster... you’ve always been a few pebbles short of an avalanche but you’re blind now as well?

::Eerie was not particularly surprised at the comment, but there was an edge to it, much like Evanna on Eden. There she had joined the rebels, who had plotted to overthrow the Captain. Traitors.::

Eerie: Evanna. What are you doing here? Am I dead? ::Confused.::

Blackwood: You’ve always been dead buster, you’ve got no soul. No personality. You’re just a walking, staring rock!

::Evanna pranced and danced on the beach but did not go near the water. Evanna had never learned to swim. Furthermore she had nearly got herself and Eerie killed in a holodeck accident, where they had both almost drowned, so it was no surprise she hadn’t liked being anywhere near the water. It had given her panic attacks, but today there appeared to be a spring in her step. It was as if her favourite target was square in her sights.::

Blackwood: As for what i’m doing... What does it look like i’m doing here? ::Pausing and gawping at him impolitely:: Oh yeah, you’re blind now as well. I’m enjoying the sun and the beach. What else would I be doing? . . . Well, there’s some washed up seaweed on this shore that i’m collecting for my research. I think it’ll make a good restorative balm.

::Eerie had shared a lot of him with Evanna over the first year he was assigned to Aurora and the Avandar, before the falling out on Eden. Then the realization that Evanna had killed members of the crew during the uprising against Captain Vetri. Only to find out that it had been a dream of sorts, and that everyone had retained the memories of those long 10 years.::

Eerie:: Angrily.:: I have a personality! You know that as much as anyone, Traitor! You killed the doctor. Gwinnett told me, after all of that talking..:: Willing to fight fire with fire, and surprised at himself for the rise of emotion.::

::Blackwood’s hair erupted into flames and her face was contorted with fury. She suddenly had a big armful of rocks in her arms and began hurling them at him one at a time. The sand at Eerie’s feet turned to quicksand and he slowly began to sink in it.::

Eerie: oO What in the rocks is going on here? This is not good. Oo ::He struggled to break free only to sink a little bit faster::

Blackwood: ::Screaming loudly, furiously:: YOU were the traitor! Not me! I wanted to go home! I wanted us all to go home! You left me with no choice, what was I to do? You wasted years building huts! You’re practically a living mech Eerie. You could have helped with the ship.

::Still struggling with the sand coming up to his knees. Eerie was sinking.::

Eerie: I tried to help you. You could of came back with me. You ....Evanna...you wanted to kill us all. We would've never gotten off of that cursed planet. You know that now. I did my duty...::proudly:: You listened to to Umas...

::Blackwood would not accept it. There was still the other more potent facts.::

Blackwood: Umas was right! The only sane person left apart from Pouncey. Even that soft headed marine saw sense. We had a shuttle Eerie. A working shuttle with some power in it. The engineers got a power generator going... why didn’t they power the shuttle? We had a communications beacon plopped near the wormhole. They could have got a message out. We could have been saved! All of us! We could have gone home, where we belonged! No one even tried! You sentenced us to death!

::The Avandar had been forced to crash land on a alien planet, only to desecrate the land of the local native population. After some negotiations which had broken down by an attack from a splinter group of the crew lead by Commander Umas, the natives attacked the Avandar camp. The splinter group stole a shuttle to create their own way of life, and later continued to raid the loyal camp and natives who finally made peace with the Avandar crew.::

::Eerie continued to sink in the sand and no amount of movement, would let him break free.::

Eerie: It was all a dream, Evanna...a experience put in our minds by an alien presence on the planet. No one died...it was just a dream.

::But Eerie knew it was more than that. It had shaped him for better or worse. It had been 10 years...10 years of heartache and mental pain. Only to have a daughter and to see and feel the entire camp to be utterly destroyed in a final explosion that ended the experience.. ::

::Eerie had also lost his mate Peiy during the experience. He was confusing himself with it all again. He had not made his peace with it or Blackwood.::

Blackwood: You think that makes it okay? You think we can just brush it off? We lived it as if it was real and had it been there would have been no second chances. We were doomed because of the selfishness of a blind Captain who lost her marbles and couldn’t be bothered. She lost sight of a lot of things that day and only Umas had the strength of mind to try keep us right... but none of you scared little babies wanted to listen. You all went on sucking your thumbs and shirking the little bit work it would’ve taken to set it right.

::She stopped throwing rocks for a second.::

Blackwood: You’re right though, we got a second chance didn’t we? Or did we? I didn’t get a second chance... Who would forgive me for my part in the dream? Did you?

::Eerie could feel weight of the sand closing in on him tight now. Evanna’s words hit him harder. Worse that anything than he had ever felt before, like the very life was being squeezed out of him::

::Eerie couldn’t face her and he turned his head for a moment.::

Eerie: oO She is right...you never forgave her...a lot of the crew could not. You should have done better by her. Oo

::Eerie turned to look at the Evanna and the flaming red hair.::

Eerie: We all made mistakes, Evanna....I am so sorry I could never tell you and it bothers me every day. I should've told you...before you died.

::He looked down at the sand which was now about waist high, and continuing to climb around him. Eerie remembered the funeral ceremony, reading all the away team reports about her death. Not finding anything to blame, other than the warped Count and his followers. Eerie had been there for Evanna before, but not at her death.::

Blackwood: Too little too late Buster. ::Folding her arms and looking mighty unimpressed.::

::The sand now came up to mid chest, and Eerie stopped struggling. He was locked in, and he was continuing to sink in the sand.::

Eerie: For what it is worth. I should've forgave you. .. and I forgive you ....::Sounding defeated. The sinking slowed a bit, but continued.:: What do you want of me? My death....will it make it better, or is vengeance the only thing you have left? Like on the planet. That isn’t existence, that is truly someone that is dead. I am alive.::Forcefully. But the rising sand would make short work of him.::

Blackwood: Easy for someone to declare forgiveness and start back-peddling when their back’s against the wall. ::Clearly not believing it.::

Eerie:: Resigned to his fate, but still defiant..:: Fine... if my death to make you feel better, makes sense for you. ::pausing a few seconds:: That is all this is, just like the planet Eden.... death and destruction is all you care about.. ::Eerie started to let go. ::Go away...let me have my final moments in peace. ::Eerie shut his eyes and started to let his mind drift. He wasn’t going to give Blackwood anymore satisfaction at his expense.::

::Images of those that had been close to him, drifted into his mind. Tredd, his mentor. Lt. Commander Matthews, Ensign Peiy his former girlfriend. He even had a vision of Sei their fictional daughter during Eden. He tried to blot out Evanna, but he couldn’t ::

::It was at that moment, as Eerie’s mind drifted that a large wave washed ashore reaching way up to Eerie’s neck and sloshing around Blackwood’s ankles, making her leap back. From the waves a form appeared as if the sea itself was taking on humanoid form. The blue form stepped up on the beach, throwing water upon the fiery demon and extinguishing her fire. The demon Blackwood quickly fled the scene.::

::Eerie felt the wave and grabbed a breath of air, as the water enveloped him. Then the water receded and the water turned into a blue person he knew quite well.: The sand had fallen away some and he let out his breath.::

::The blue form turned to Eerie and offered him a wide, friendly smile. There was a twinkle in her eyes as she held out her hand to Eerie. The sea water returning to it normal tidal pattern.::

::Eerie took her hand gratefully, and stepped out of the remaining sand. His former girlfriend Peiy stood in front of him. She was smiling at him. Eerie smiled back easily at her.::

Eerie : Peiy? I am so happy to see you. None of this makes any sense. Evanna is dead....I hope I am not. I still have so much to do. :: Still smiling and the feeling of her hand again was wondrous.::

Peiy: Am I dead? No i’m on Bolarus with my family remember? Life is just a series of journeys. Often you have to think with your head and other times you must listen to your heart. Sometimes you don’t even know you’ve been on a journey until you leave the shuttle behind.

::He understood most of what she said, a bit confused, however the brikar was going to learn to fully understand. He continued to smile at her. Thrilled to see her ::

Eerie: I will Peiy, you will always be with me.

Peiy: Make the most of your journey Eerie. I love you. ::Her blue form was retaken by the waves as if she was one with the sea, leaving Eerie looking out over the beach alone.::

::Eerie looked out now over the peaceful water now lapping over his feet again. Then back to the sand, his smile had faded. He felt a bit more at peace. This wasn’t the end. He stood there in the low water for a few moments with good thoughts of Peiy and Evanna, and his journey before peaceful sleep overtook him once again.::


Lt. Cmdr Eerie
Chief Tactical/Security Officer
USS Vigilant

PNPC Lt Cmdr Blackwood
Former Science Officer


PNPC Ensign Peiy
Former Tactical Officer

Simmed by Reinard

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