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Hello All,

I am so excited to be joining SB: 118 I have settled on playing a Rodulan I read all the information on the race through your Wiki and find them to be very interesting. Now here is my Delima I am not sure what duty post to play, I have simmed Star Trek for almost as long as SB 118 has been around and here are the duty post I have played.

Helm/Ops: Reached rank of Lt

Marine: Reached rank of Major

Pilot: Reached rank of Captain

Medical: Played as a Nurse working towards receiving Doctorate

Security /Tactical: Lt and Chief of both departments

Now as you can see I have played a number of positions but I was curious what is SB 118 lacking for positions? Will it depend on where I end up being posted once I go through my Cadet Cruise?

Now I am not sure how many of you have read Rodulan information but they are readers and what I would consider a socially awkward ....well maybe thats not the right word they are slightly off putting I guess would be better. Not Technological inclined but there is a sub group in the Rodulan race that is more inclined toward technology.

So basically my questions is any suggestions on a duty post for me ? :)

Thanks for the help

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We never know what the needs of the fleet will be until near the end of the class. the more experiences you have the better as they can always be fit into the crew, but as a rank comparable to Ensign.

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Near the end of training you'll be asked to confirm your choices for duty post from what you put on the application, or request a new position. There is some guidance on that form about what we need in the fleet and what duty posts are filled based on our current fleet postings. But otherwise it's just up to you to decide what most interests you.

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