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Ensign Devon Romjin - A Last Goodbye


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(( Lyshan VI - Stardate: 2390.10.23 ))

:: Dressed in all black, she stood quietly off to the side, little more
than a shadow in the midst of the other mourners. She drew in a deep
breath of the cool forest air, the fresh scent of pine seemed somehow
soothing. She looked down with tears threatening to cloud her vision as
the tiny bundle, cradled in a sling against her chest, squirmed and made
the tiniest sound. The round little face scrunched up but quickly
relaxed, never even opening his eyes as she gently stroked his cheek
with the back of her finger. The peacefulness of her son's expression
brought a hint of a smile to her pale lips. In her mind, he was a gift
from the gods, born premature but healthy in every way. ::

:: She looked up once again at the little old man standing at the head
of the crowd. She had yet to meet him but she knew everything there was
to know about Ryoma's father. As he spoke, Devon Romjin stood a little
taller, holding her head high. ::

TADANOBU HOSHINO: Today we gather to remember the life... and death...
of Ryoma Hoshino: son to my family, and to Lyshan VI as a whole.


(( Intel Office, USS Discovery-C - Current Day ))

:: Devon sat leaning back in her chair with her feet propped up on the
edge of the desk. In one hand was a PADD containing all the information
she could dig up on Valdor III, in the other hand was a cup of already
cold chamomile tea. It wasn't her usual drink but her stomach had been a
little upset most of the evening so Travers had suggested it. ::

:: With a sigh, she tossed the PADD onto the desktop and sat up, letting
her feet hit the floor with a thud. She looked at the dark liquid in the
cup, her stomach turned and she sat the cup down, pushing it half way
across the desk. ::

ROMJIN: Travers... ::even though she was alone:: You're home remedies suck.


(( Lyshan VI - Stardate: 2390.10.23 ))

TADANOBU HOSHINO: Earlier this year, Ryoma, serving aboard the USS
Discovery, was... :: voice wavering, the corner of his eyes glistening
:: ... lost to the cold of space. While helping his crewmates to escape
the stricken vessel, a Breen energy weapon cut through the hull of the
Sovereign-class starship and Ryoma... :: A tear traced a moist track
down his face :: ... my son, was dragged out into space.

:: Devon bite her lip, her throat tightening as memories of that day
came flooding back like a tidal wave. If she had been where she was
suppose to have been, maybe... She blinked, sending a single tear
rolling down her face. ::


(( Crew Quarters, USS Discovery-C, Current Day ))

:: Devon usually went to the Eagle's Roost for dinner following her
shift. Not today. Just the thought made her even more nauseous. Travers
had actually told her she was looking a little green and urged her to go
to sickbay. But that wasn't going to happen if she could avoid it at all.

:: She took a quick shower and then climbed into bed, pulling the
blanket up over her head. She just needed sleep. For a moment she
thought about Ryoma. She missed him. Sighing, she closed her eyes. She'd
track him down later... if she felt better. ::


(( Lyshan VI - Stardate: 2390.10.23 ))

TADANOBU HOSHINO: Ryoma gave his life so that other may live. As
parents, we could not be prouder of his actions, but we wish he were...
:: He choked on his words. :: ... home.

ROMJIN: oO Me too. Oo

:: The thought brought a fresh tear falling from her dark eyes and she
hugged her child a little tighter, leaning her cheek against his head. ::

TADANOBU: In memory of his actions, his service to Lyshan VI and the
Federation, we open the Ryoma Hoshino Natural Site, protecting our world
as my son protected us.


(( Crew Quarters, USS Discovery-C - Current Day ))

:: Devon rolled over onto her back, throwing her arms out to the sides
and swallowed hard. Her legs were tangled in the sheets but she couldn't
bother kicking out of them. She lay completely still for several
minutes, until the door chime sounded. She drew in a sharp breath and
swallowed hard again. ::

ROMJIN: Go away. I'm trying to die in peace.

:: She already knew who it was so she wasn't surprised when the door
opened and Travers sauntered in. ::

TRAVERS: :: hands on hips :: Tsk tsk tsk. You're late for your shift but
lucky for you I'm such a terrific friend. ::reaching into his pocket and
pulling out a hypospray:: I also have a sure fire upset tummy fixer upper.

ROMJIN: ::raising her head just enough to look at Peter Pan:: Oh yay.
::letting her head drop:: Just shoot me.

::Travers rolled his eyes, followed by shaking his head and chuckling as
he crossed the room to stand right beside her. ::

TRAVERS: You know under different circumstances...

ROMJIN: I'll kick your [...] if you even think about it.

TRAVERS: ::laughing:: You'd have beat me to death a million times
already. ::Leaning down just enough, he pressed the hypospray against
her neck.:: There. Give it a few seconds and you'll feel alive again.
THEN we have to get moving before boss mad notices you're late.

:: Without a word, she grabbed her pillow and threw it at him. ::

TRAVERS: ::catching it easily enough:: So does Daddy know about it yet?

ROMJIN: ::her head jerked up:: What!? ::seeing him laughing, she dropped
her head again:: Oh my gods, Trav, don't be stupid.

(PNPC) Ensign Devon Romjin
USS Discovery-C
-- as played by Lt. jg Collim Kieran

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