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Round 6 T'Sara Maren - Nom-time in the toy room


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((USS Avandar, Daycare))

:: It had fallen over again.::

:: No matter how many times she tried, she couldn't get more than many
bricks to stand on each other without the whole thing collapsing.
Some, she could do. More... usually stayed up. It was when she got to
many that it went badly.::

:: Thinking about it, she decided that giving Izzard to Gee had been
were it went wrong. When Izzard was there, she could sometimes get
many *many* bricks to stay up...::

:: She'd have to get him back when she next saw her.::

:: With a sigh, she grabbed a brick and started again, only to get
distracted when Noisy started yelling. Given the tone, she realised it
must be getting time for food, and she looked around for any sign she
was right... and there it was.::

:: Whilst tall Not-Mummy went to settle Noisy down, blue Not-Mummy was
fiddling with the magic hole in the wall, pulling nommy-bottles out
and putting them on the tray in her hand.::

:: Okay, so it wasn't as nice as when Glowy-Mummy or Funny-Mummy fed
her, but food was food, and she wasn't going to pass it up just
because she was here in the toy place.::

:: Dumping the brick she was holding, she lifted her hands and giggled
when tall Not-Mummy picked her up and carried her over to one of the
little tables. She gave her a pat of thanks as she was settled into
her chair, then grinned up at the blue Not-Mummy as a nommy-bottle was
held out to her.::

:: Her smile dropped away, though, when her hand touched blue Not-
Mummy's. Ever since she'd arrived today, the person hadn't had the
happy sparkle she normally did, and the touch let her see that there
was quite the opposite lurking under that blue surface.::

:: She thought about that, absently plugging the bottle into her
mouth, and decided that this simply was not going to be acceptable.
When her real mummys were sad, they usually made each other happy
again - and the sure sign of that was when she went to stay with Gee
for sleepy-time - but blue Not-Mummy didn't have the feel of someone
who had that.::

:: The other smalls seemed content with their noms, even Pointy - who,
whilst his ears looked like Funny-Mummy's, acted very different. A
couple of smalls on the other table got into a fight over who got to
hold the cuddly during food time, but that got sorted quickly enough -
which was good, because she had thinking to do, and she didn't need
the distraction.::

:: Unfortunately, no ideas came to her.::

:: By the time her bottle was empty, and she'd shoved a couple of
crunchy orange things into her mouth from her plate, she was starting
to get annoyed. People were meant to be happy in the toy room - the
occasional tantrum from a small aside - and having one of the Not-
Mummy's break that rule just was allowed.::

:: The sound of the moving wall reached her ears as she groped around
for another tasty off of the plate, and she looked over to see if
anyone she knew was coming in. It wasn't, and she went back to her
noms... only to stop as she felt blue Not-Mummy get even less happy.::

:: Tall Not-Mummy said something to the newcomer, but he didn't seem
interested in what she was saying. Instead, he tried to speak to blue,
and that seemed to be making her even *less* happy.::

:: With a frown, she looked him over. He was dressed like most other
people - though his suit had yellow on it, unlike hers, which had red
- and he was blue and bald like the Not-Mummy who wasn't happy to see
him. He felt unhappy too, which was good, but not unhappy enough...
and as he moved closer, she decided that there was *one* thing she
could do...::

:: Taking hold of her bottle again, she shuffled around in her chair
and lobbed it straight at him. It didn't go all that fast, admittedly,
and got nowhere near his head, but it *did* reach him and bounced off
of his arm.::

:: For a moment, nothing at all happened, except that everyone was
looking at her - which was nice - and it was obvious he wasn't taking
the hint. Making a rude noise at him, she waved her hand at the moving
wall, letting everyone around feel that she wanted him to go away. A
few more words from both Not-Mummys, and leave he did... looking even
less happy than when he'd come in. This was good, especially as blue
Not-Mummy felt happier now. Not all the way, but better...::

:: With a satisfied little burble, she looked at her plate and picked
up one of the green bits that was on it. She *liked* the green bits.
And if she was lucky, she'd get to draw them later - the crayons were
always fun to play with.::

:: She still needed to get Izzard back, though. Sending him off with
Gee had definitely not been a good idea.::


(PNPC) T'Sara Maren
First Toddler
USS Avandar

simmed by Captain Della Vetri

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