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Lt. J. & Lt. Cmdr. A Matthews:Valentines Day With Jade & Alex

LtCmdr Alexander Richards

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((Matthews’ Quarters-Deck Four-USS Mercury))

::Alexander moved on the new cane that was waiting for him out of the bathroom of his quarters into the bedroom where he could see the love of his life, Jade Elizabeth Matthews looking out of the viewport at the space station Deep Space Ten. He looked at her, the passion in his eyes that could only come for the overwhelming love he has for her in the heart that belongs to her. With each passing day he looked at her, falling in love with her each time he looked into her eyes, her flowing brown hair that smelled of jasmine. The perfume that she changes every so often, burns in his memory to remind him of her constantly. He had put on his jeans, black wool sweater and boots. He moved behind her, placed his arms around her and held her tight. He touched her stomach and felt a kick on his hand, he smiled then kissed her on the cheek.::

Alexander: That felt very odd. Seems feisty like his mother. ::Smiling.:: I guess Doctor MacLaren was right, about us having a son.

Jade: ::giggling:: Girls can kick too. ::Jade rested her on the side, nestling against Alex’s.::

Alexander: ::Turning her around to face him.:: There is something that I did not have a chance to tell you today. ::Touching her face gently.::

Jade: What’s that? ::she looked concerned.::

Alexander: ::Looking deeply into her beautiful green eyes.:: I do love you with all my heart Jade. I have never been happier. ::He moved down to kiss her softly on her lips.::

Jade: I love you too. ::she kissed him::

::He had to be careful holding her close, but he could not help it. She and the baby were the lifeline back to the ship, his duty, his home away from home. He could only think about while being captured was her, the baby, his mother and father and his duty.::

Alexander: I have a surprise for you. Every year, no matter where I am. I will always do my best to have dinner with my family. Since this is our first year together, I Alexander James Matthews would be very honored to escort you to dinner. May I have the pleasure Mrs. Matthews ?

Jade: aw, I would be honored too! ::She kissed him again.::

::He moved on the cane along beside her towards the door of their quarters and out into the corridor, to the holodeck for dinner.::

((Matthews’ Family Home-The Valley-Earth))

::Frances and Jefferson had heard that Alexander made it through the surgery and that his new leg, grown by Doctor Johanna MacLaren and the medical staff on Starbase 118. The trips into town for renting the holodeck and connecting to the Mercury would have been a bit too much for the other members of the family that Jade has not met yet. So during the past year after the private cabin for Jade and Alexander was completed, Jefferson, his brother George Patton Matthews and his sister Patricia Miranda McCain thought since there were family members serving in Starfleet or on merchant vessels, it would be best to have a holodeck at the main house for such occasions. George and Patricia could not make it to the wedding of Jade and Alexander, but it was agreed that Valentines Day dinner would be held in the ancestral home. Frances and Patricia were in the kitchen almost finished with dinner, while Jefferson and George were in the holodeck working on the connection to the Mercury.::

Jefferson: ::Looking to his brother.:: I’m glad you could make it this time George....This is a special Valentines Day. The wedding, Jade expecting, Alexander being captured and the loss of his leg. ::Looking down.:: We thought that they both were lost during war....

George: ::Placing his hand on Jefferson’s shoulder.:: Jeff, the main thing right now is that they are safe, you are going to have a grandchild, you have a new daughter-in-law , Alex has a new leg and is able to continue
on with his life.

Jefferson: You know, I was telling Frances just about the same thing while Alexander was in the hospital. ::Tapping the console connecting to the subspace relays.:: It looks like everything is working so far. ::Walking over to the table.:: I do hope everything is going to workout well, Jade and Alex have been through alot in the past few months.

George: Yes they have, but you know, it has made them both stronger.

::Jefferson turned and looked to George with a smile, walked over to him and gave his brother a hug, then left the holodeck to see what was going on with Frances and his sister Patricia.::

::Inside the kitchen of the main house, Frances and Patricia were preparing the dinner that they have both been working on all morning and later into the day. They both were a bit nervous, they both were a bit worried about seeing Alexander, then Patricia had never met Jade and was excited to meet her, since she did not able to attend the wedding. They both stood at the butcher board in the middle of the kitchen cutting the vegetables.::

Frances: I’m so excited to see my son. ::Using the knife on the carrots, then looking to Patricia.:: Pat you are just going to love Jade, she is the most wonderful girl. I was so happy when she and Alex were married. I wish you could have been at the wedding, it was just... ::Smiling at the thought.::

Patricia: ::Slicing the mushrooms.:: I can only imagine how beautiful it was, even though it was on the holodeck. I can’t wait to meet her. ::Looking at Frances.:: How far along is she ?

Frances: ::Looking at her.:: Four almost five months. When she talked to us right before Alex had the surgery...::She started cutting the carrots again.:: I could see there was something in her face when we talked that day. ::Laughing.:: She told me that Alexander did the same thing that Jeff did when I told him.

Patricia: ::Smiling.:: Oh, I can just imagine. You know that if i could have been here for you when Alex told you about his leg, I would have...

::Frances stopped cutting the carrots, then looked up from them. She could only think of how her only son felt. She remembered the crash and the scream of anger from Alexander that day while he was on the starbase. She knew that he was frustrated, feeling helpless and scared. She wanted to comfort him, but her new and only daughter, Jade was there to be with him.::

Frances: I know Pat, thank you. ::Looking up to see Jefferson and George enter the kitchen.:: Is everything ready Jeff? ::Kissing him on the cheek as he came over to her.::

Jefferson: ::Smiling.:: Thank you and yes to connections are complete to the ship.

((Holodeck Two-Deck Four-USS Mercury-Connection to Matthews’ Family Home))

::Jade and Alexander stood in front of the doors of the holodeck two, just aft of their quarters. He tapped the controls to complete the connections to their home on Earth. He looked to her and smiled. This was the first chance that he and Jade have been able to relax since they returned to the Mercury and after the mission. He spent the night holding her close in his arms, then dreaming of life with the baby. He held her hand in his as the doors opened. He looked inside to see the dinner table in the main dining room. The vaulted ceilings with the cedar beams, the stone floor and walls made of the same wood. He and Jade were home, even though it was the holodeck. He inhaled the smell of the house, closed his eyes as he entered with Jade by his side. He held his arm out to her as he walked with a limp, but with the cane for support, he felt good to be able to stand on his two feet. The room was decorated with red,white, and pink streamers. Hearts all around the room, the table had the centerpiece with flowers and hearts all around the vase. ::

::Looking to Jade.:: Welcome home. I know that we did not get to spend Christmas with the family, but think we can roll them all into one. Happy Valentines Day Jade.

Jade: Thanx my darling! ::kissing him::

::He brought her close to him and kissed her cheek. He could smell the perfume as it always made him think of the first time he met her on the holodeck. The more he remembered that first meeting, the more he smiled. He looked up as Jefferson, Frances, George and Patricia entered the dining room. He smiled to see his father, mother, aunt and uncle. Jade has never met George or Patricia before.::

Jefferson: Welcome home son. ::Looking to Jade.:: Jade, welcome home. ::Looking at them both.:: You both look well.

Frances: ::Smiling as she walked towards them. She looked to see her son with a cane, It made her feel much better.:: There you both are. ::She took Jade into her arms, with tears in her eyes as she stepped back to look at her son.:: My baby boy and daughter are home.

George: There is he is. Good to See you Alex. ::Shaking his hand, then looking to Jade.:: Then you must be Jade. Welcome to the family, I’m George Patton Matthews. Jefferson’s brother. ::taking her in his arms.::

Patrica: ::She cried a little looking at Alexander, but it could have been much worse. She looked to Jade and smiled.:: Alex, it so good to see you. Welcome to the Matthews family Jade.

Jade: ::tearful:: You are the best family I could wish for.

::Alexander greeted everyone, as he looked and smiled to his family a tear formed in his eye. He held Frances in his arms, then placed his arm around Jade. Even though they were holodeck images, he felt them and shared them with Jade.::

Alex: I would like to present Lt. Jade Elizabeth Matthews. ::Looking to George and Patricia.:: My aunt Pat and Uncle George.

Jade: ::polite:: Hi there. ::Jade went to shake hands but they hugged her.::

Jefferson: ::Walking over and patting Alex on the shoulder with tear.:: It’s so good to see you son. I’m glad to see you. How are you feeling ?

Alex: ::He looked around, then back to his father.:: Glad to be alive dad. Glad to be alive.

::He and Jefferson walked over to the table, where he joined Jade and the others. He pulled out the chair for Jade to sit and the others followed suit. He toasted them all sat down to eat the holiday dinner that he and Jade did not get the chance to have over Christmas, but at least the family was together on this one day of sweethearts. He took out from his pocket the colors for the nursery on the ship. The pastel colors of blue and green, for Jaden Alexander Matthews.::


Lt. Jade Elizabeth Matthews

Chief Of Security
USS Mercury NCC 99812


Lt. Cmdr. Alexander J. Matthews

Second Officer/Chief Of Operations
USS Mercury NCC-99812
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