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Reminder: Writing Improvement Month Challenge

Tony, aka VAiru

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Remember that February is the time to enter our special Writing Improvement Month Challenge! Rules and guidelines are posted below, but be sure to follow the link in order to enter!

The general 118 Challenge has had its deadline pushed back to March in order to make room for this special Challenge.


Welcome to UFOP: StarBase 118′s first open Writing
Challenge! We encourage you to enter this month-long contest with your
story, and join a competition that has existed within our group for
almost ten years.

The topic for this challenge is “Someone to Watch Over Me.”

Details & Rules

The challenge is accepting submissions from Friday, February 1st to
Saturday, February 23rd. Results will be announced by February 28th.

Please observe the following rules for your submission:

  • Your work must SciFi-focused, but does not have to be Star Trek themed.
  • Your work must be completely original.
  • You must be the work’s sole author.
  • The story cannot exceed 3000 words. (You can use this tool to check the length of your submission.)


The winner will receive this awesome t-shirt in their size!


If you don’t want that, there are tons of other prizes available,
up to $25 value, not including shipping. Prizes only available to
residents of the United States. If you’re not a resident of the United
States, but you win the contest, will receive a cash prize of $25 US via

Submit Your Entry

To submit your entry, click here to open the submission form.

For any questions you might have, please email Capt. Nicholotti and Capt. Aron Kells at wim2013-challenge@starbase118.net.

Good luck!

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