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Abbey - Things Unspoken


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OOC: This is in tribute to Abbey. When my cat Tas passed away, I decided that, since I had simmed him in the UFOP world, that Tyr would take him to Ba'ku when he became too old to travel with him, so that he could live forever at least in a fantasy world. Abbey deserves nothing less.

((Ba'ku Homeworld))

::She'd never liked him. Never really considered him a friend or even a companion. At best, they had tolerated each other, with the occasional attack that had sent her yowling to her protector's feet and him skulking away with his tail between his legs. Now, she spotted those same eyes gazing at her as he put her down. Her legs were unsteady and she swayed on them momentarily as the dizziness and nausea that had been so prevalent lately assaulted her again. Her skin, yellowed from a failing liver and medication, burned momentarily under the warm sun. With a black coat and her white belly, Abbey used to love the sun, taking special pleasure in rolling from side to side in conented comfort in the sunbeam that came through the window.::

::That is, when HE wasn't around.::

::After a gentle pat (and what appeared to be a tear from her protector's face), he turned and left, and for a moment she feared that she would be at his mercy again. With no one around, he would surely tackle her, and in her weakened state she couldn't defend herself. Content to bask in the sunlight that seemed to heal her with every breath, she lay down in the field and took in what the sun gave her. Then HE came forward.::

::She bristled. Even managed a hiss from the mouth that seemed to no longer crave food or her kitty treats.::

::He gently touched her nose with his, then nudged her gently with his chin. Suspicious, she eyed him, no longer hissing but not issuing any welcoming purrs or displays of affection. Too long had she tormented him. Too many times she had let her guard down only to be attacked a few minutes later. But this time, something was different.::

::He seemed to understand. He knew her pain. Knew that she was feeling it right now. He seemed to know, with nothing but a touch of the nose, that she'd come here because she had to, because she could no longer be with the protector-just the same as he had two years ago. And, perhaps, because she was a friend, even if he didn't act like it. A constant shadow at his side, a companion that he looked to when the protector was away. They'd shared toys, treats, and a food and water bowl for almost 11 years. That bond, just like the ailing black and white body, was slowly being restored.::

::Another nudge, and a purr. Abbey looked up and stood, feeling strength returning to her legs. The patches of fur that had been shaved for IVs (much to her annoyance) had grown back and she was her full self again, jet-black fur with an undercoat of brown, with bright green eyes and a pink nose shining in the sunlight. Likewise, Tas was as she remembered him before he'd gotten sick. Orange and white fur, golden eyes, and the most expressive face she had ever seen. They were together again, after seemingly so much time apart, and sitting side-by-side they watched the protector leave. They knew he couldn't stay where they were, just as surely as they knew they would see him again. One day he would return, and there would be no more errands to run or workplaces to attend to. One day, they could pile on him like they had those wonderful, memorable days of the past, purring in contentment and each receiving scratches behind the ears and backrubs. Yes, they
would see him again, but until then, each had the other. No longer alone, no longer sick, and no longer in sadness or pain. And the two friends that had never been friends renewed their unspoken bond, forged by love of their protector and his love of them. Together, they trotted into the forest, to explore, and enjoy eternity together.::


as simmed by

Captain Tyr Waltas

Commanding Officer


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