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Ensign Alexander Richards: Coma Part 2: Fields Of Hell

Alexander Matthews

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((Dream Scape, Deepest recess of Alexander Richards mind.))

:: Seconds passed to minutes and minutes passed to hours as the Ensign lay next to the younger form of his wife. Neither moved just looking up at the sky allowing the grass blowing in the breeze to tickle them both. Neither said a word, resting in the absolute serenity of the moment. Occasionally Marissa would allow her hand to gently stroke her husbands face, soothing him, helping him drift further and further away from the stark reality of his current situation. The young man was dying. Ever so slowly, his muscle structure was breaking down whilst his internal organs began to slowly shut down. Memories that the man was no longer aware of began to fade from other parts of his mind. Above him, a cloud shaped like his childhood pet, Pebbles, a Ragdoll cat faded and dissipated. The young man paid it no heed as he lay quietly almost paralyzed by the tranquility of it all. ::

((Deep Space Ten))

:: His heart began to slow, just a dull thud in his heaving chest. His breathing was much more labored. A simple scan of his current state would reveal the synapses slowing to a crawl. Renal function was at a bare minimum for survival. It was as if the young mans body were giving up the fight, losing it's grip on life slowly but surely. If he were conscious he would know he had a reason to fight. He was just mere minutes at best from what could be described as his only chance at life. A bio bed in sickbay forcing his internal organs to work, to keep him alive until the doctors could formulate a cure. Mere minutes away from the comfort of his loving wife and son, the only two things in his life worth keeping him grounded on the mortal coil. For a brief instant he stirred, groaned and then went lifeless again. Was he finally fighting back against his situation? Was he finally trying to fight to stay alive. ::

((Dream Scape, Deepest recess of Alexander Richards mind.))

:: Alexander couldn't be sure whether it was the tranquility that broke him from his serenity or an outside force but finally he was realizing the cold hard truth. This situation was too perfect. There was no reason he should be here. His wife and he looked far to young for this to be real. For a moment the serene scene stayed before black storm clouds began to gather on the horizon. The magic of it all was broken. Tornadoes began forming in the various fields as lightning bolts hit the floor sparking brush fires. Images flashed in the sky burning bright then fading. His wife, his son, his friends. All the young man could do was think fight as he gripped the visage of Marissa tightly. Holding her close as they both painfully aged to their current forms. Alexander didn't want to let go. He couldn't let go. His family and friends were everything to him. What would they do if he left the mortal coil? Was there even anything on the other side? The visage of Marissa moved round to face him and held him tight. She kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear. ::

Marissa: oO If you want to leave this place then hold me tight and don't let go. Believe in yourself. Believe in your friends. Hold on Alexander Richards and fight. The moment you doubt yourself or let go, you will lose your touch with the mortal coil. Hold on and fight! Oo


Ensign Alexander Richards
Acting Chief of Science
USS Mercury

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