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Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Matthews: Memories As The Day Continues

LtCmdr Alexander Richards

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((Main Bridge-USS Mercury))

::Alexander looked upon the station as he waited for the Captain’s answer to move the Mercury closer to the station. He could only wait for the answer, he thought about Jade and the baby. Since he has really had not that much time to really be with her since she came back on duty, he could only dream of being with her and his mother and father. He did not get to spend the holidays with them this year, but he knows that they will understand and give them a nice holiday dinner with his aunt and uncle. He knows that the valley is covered with snow. The trees and the lower valley where the private cabin for he and Jade is waiting for their return to Earth when there is time for them to return home. Jade has never been to the valley, she has only been there in a holodeck simulation. There is one place that he has not had the chance to show her. The little town past the mountains, where his mother had her private practice and taught classes in the holodeck for the Academy.::

::He spent his time with her while growing up before he was old enough to attend school. The shuttle flight from the main house in the valley took about thirty minutes, but at times when she wanted to relax and enjoy the winter season, Frances would gather the horses and hitch up the team to the sleigh. She and Alexander would bundle up in the warmest clothing and ride into town for her to make visits, shopping and even a house call with one of her patients. He smiled to himself at the thought of those days as a young boy growing up in the Midwest. He did have playmates that lived in the little town Chardon, there were others that lived closer to him just on the edge of the valley. He would meet them for snowball fights, building snowmen and making angels in the snow. His mind drifted to Jade and how much he would love to show her the real place where he had grown up. He would really love to see the family all there to really meet Jade, but that will come with time. He felt his leg twitch as he stood there on the crutches waiting, it snapped him back to the present and the thoughts about the situation of the away teams jumped back into his mind.::

::He looked around the bridge as he continued to wait for the Captain, but he looked over to his console and walked over to it, checked the daily roster for the shift change. He looked up just as the relief personnel were coming to the bridge for the Beta shift to start. The time had run by so quickly that no one really noticed. The main thing that was on their minds was the away teams and the transporter problems. Looking down to the console again he could see that some of the science labs needed more power than normal due to the extra experiments that were being run to solve the mystery of the slime. He sat down at his operations console to give his leg a rest and continue his duties while the Captain continued to formulate the plans that were laid out before him.::

::He closed his eyes for just a few seconds to focus on his duty as the relief operations officer stood next to him, he became aware of her presence, looked up to her and directed her to the engineering console. He was getting tired, but he could not leave his post while the teams were on the station in the situation. He rubbed his leg and scratched it as he watched the change of schedule of the power setting to the holodecks shifted to the science lab. He tapped the console to bypass the build up from the main conduit to the auxiliary. Once that was completed he heard the PADD beep next to him. He looked to see that the repairs to TR One have been completed. He smiled at the good news. He knew that Jade was there and he sent a message to her PADD that he loves her and can’t wait for her to be back on the bridge with him. He missed her so that he could only say to her while they were on duty things with his eyes and his heart that he loved her and could not wait to hold her close. There would be time again soon for them to be together. He rubbed his face and looked at the main view screen at the space station wanting to get in a shuttle himself. To do something other than wait, but there was a feeling that was bothering him. He felt hunger and there was something that he had not been able to do for some time. He grabbed his crutches, used both legs to stand with a feeling of pain, he moved to the rear section of the bridge looked around and entered the head.::

::After a few solitary moments he returned to the operations console and continued to wait for the Captain as he continued to do his operations duties.::


Lt. Cmdr. Alexander J. Matthews
Chief Of Operations
USS Mercury NCC-99812
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