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"Soliciting" Family (...and/or Friends and/or others)

Ęlopii Azul


As a new Cadet, still in the throws of character creation it occurs to me how invitingly dramatic it would be to have a prior relationship with one or more established characters.

I believe I spotted at least one Tellarite (would it be inapropos to ask if they might consider being a brother-in-law, uncle, family or childhood freind?)

Same year (or even near year) Academy cadets are another obvious possibility.

For Ęlopii, any Terran could be an estranged relative.

And as she was an Ambassador's daughter, any diplomatic character might have a chance to recall the eager little girl in a certain Tellarite Ambassador's company.


While I realize there'a an apropriate caution not to over craft one's character so it might develope more freely in the future, I can't help but recall various reunions at the beginning of a story arc.

Picard/Crusher(&Crusher), Picard/Guinan, Riker/Troi, Janeway/Tuvok, Archer/'Trip', Sisko/Dax and the later Dax/entire DS9 community.... and even Kirk himself had a tenous relation to the ever-melodic young RIley (from Tarsus days?) though that was more episodic.


While I do hate suggesting an answer to my own question, a first character may not be best to pursue connections as one is still very much a question mark...unproven as it were.

Perhaps this is a subject better addressed with secondary characters? By that time one would imagine there to OOC relationships to be developed.


Regardless... I think I'll ask anyway.


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It's fine and quite common for simmers to include previous relationships in their characters' backstories. Often, these take the form of personal NPCs such as spouses, children, siblings, or academy classmates. When you eventually get to a ship, you might even bring these NPC characters with you, although it's important to make sure you focus on the development of your PC (player character) first and foremost, especially in the early phase of your "simming career."

Where it might be more difficult to create backstories is with other simmers' characters since you likely won't know many (if any) if you are completely new to SB118. That said, you may form bonds with your fellow classmates during your training at our Academy and if you're posted to the same ship or run into each other down the line, there's one connection right there. Your training officers are also active members of the fleet, so there's a chance you'll run into them at some point if you aren't assigned to the same ship as them outright.

Finally, you're right that if you do decide to take a secondary when you reach lieutenant (or change your primary character at some point), it'll probably be easier to start that character with these backstories with other simmers' characters. For instance, my secondary character is the brother of one of my personal NPCs that I wrote for when I only had my primary character. That said, when I wrote my primary character, I gave him a friend, another ensign, whom he had met before he joined Starfleet and that was a way to create an existing friendship despite having started from a blank slate.

Looking forward to seeing you in the fleet!

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