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Mnheia (by LtCmd Townson) - The Life and Death of Mnheia

Bryce Tagren-Quinn

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((Bilire IV))

::Mnheia opened her eyes and then turned and coughed before closing them

again. The pains she was suffering was beyond comprehension, but she no

longer fought to keep it at bay as she eagerly awaited death.::

::A heart condition in adolescence kept her from attaining the education

level that her peers had attained. Falling drastically behind

scholastically, left her at the mercy of the Romulan social security net

that was set in place. One that was very porous as most Romulan finances

went to the military. Mnheia was a cost to society. A lost cause to her

people, a drain on the Romulan economy. One of those they were happy to rid

themselves of.::

::A heart transplant in her teenage years, left her with pains that she

would never fully overcome. Both physical and emotional. Mnheia, now in her

late thirties, never would see the day of happiness of being a true,

productive member of society despite her work as a caregiver, assistant and

general aid and confidant to many in the camp. And now, years after her

transplant, complications had arisen once again. But this time there was no

sterile operating room, no potential donors, not even a true hospital, and

when Mnheia got sick, it became compounded by the wrath. A disease that was

thus far incurable. And in her condition, the wrath was even more

pronounced as it forced her heart to beat even stronger.::

::As Mnheia lay dying, she recalled a few days earlier a visit from Kaol,

the man she adored. When he came, she was full of life. Shared a meal with

him and spoke for several hours of their future together. Even though it

drained her of her energy, she actually felt a newfound energy around him.

It was as if he could bring her back to life just by being present.::

::But now he was sick as well and could no longer visit. Mnheia became

terribly lonely as she heard the winds pick up outside her window. Her

energy was fading fast and when she overheard the poor diagnosis of Kaol

from the medical staff, Mnheia began to give up. And two days before the

arrival of the strangers from the sky, Mnheia was buried near the caves on

the far side of the compound surrounded, by those whose heart she had

touched. Her battle with her own heart had mercifully come to an end.::



Romulan Colonist NPC

as simmed by:

Lt. Commander Tracey Townson

Chief of Operations

USS Tiger-A

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