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Hawker & Rawden: Sweet Reunion

Alexander Matthews

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((Sickbay; USS Mercury))

::With the mission now over, and the Mercury limping back to safety of Starbase118, Rick completed his daily tasks and made his way from engineering. A rotation of crew were taking in turns to keep the old girl running, since many of the engineers had been injured (or worse) during the recent explosions. However Rick had only one thing on his mind... Gypsy, and Junior. He feared he would lose his beloved angel during the last mission, and then Rick himself had needed emergency battlefield surgery to save himself this time. These two close brushes with the unthinkable made him all the more determined to get back to his fiancee, and cherish every second he spent with her. When he rounded the corner and approached the busy sickbay, he saw her, his blonde princess. His reason for breathing.::

Rawden: Angel?

::She heard the voice she had been wanting to hear for hours and it was exactly what Gypsy needed. The injuries...the deaths...it had all become too much. She had been on duty for almost 24 hours, only taking enough breaks to keep her baby safe and healthy.::

Hawker: Rick?

::He was standing behind her, perhaps even more exhausted than she was, but he was giving her that sexy smile which had caught her eye once upon a time and still made her heart flutter.::

Rawden: Come here..

::Gypsy didn't walk to him. She ran straight into Rick's arms and it was all she could do to keep from jumping on him and wrapping her legs around his waist. He was alive and safe and he smelled like home. It was all she needed.::

::Rick held her close as she pressed into him. Her smell, her touch, her warmth .It flooded his senses, battered so recently by battle, with the things that made his heart beat faster and his happiness returning. Nothing was more precious to him than his angel.::

Hawker: ::her voice was muffled as she spoke into the crook of his neck:: Are you off duty?

Rawden: I am now sweetheart. ::He said, smiling warmly.::

Hawker: Take me back to our quarters. ::She tightened her arms around him.:: Now, please.

::Rick didn't feel he needed to ask why. He knew. He felt the same. He kissed the top of Gypsy's hair, once again breathing in her scent, and then released her and took her by the hand, leading her away from the trauma in sickbay and back to their quarters..::

((Timewarp - Gypsy & Rick's Quarters; USS Mercury))

::Much later, Gypsy found herself warm and safe, curled up in bed next to the love of her life.::

Hawker: ::breaking the comfortable silence:: Did you notice, Rick?

Rawden: Notice, angel? ::his arm around her, holding her close as her head rested on his chest. He could feel her soft breath on his skin as she spoke.::

Hawker: I'm getting bigger. ::She kissed his shoulder and sat up, putting her rounded belly on display.:: See?

::Rick looked at his fiancee as she proudly showed her slightly swollen mid-drift. Her smooth soft skin was pulled slightly taut. He smiled at the thought of their unborn child, and how his angel was keeping Junior safe and warm.::

Rawden: I can babe. I can. ::He replied excitedly, putting a hand forward and gently touching her belly.::

Hawker: Do we want to know if it's a boy or a girl or do we want to be surprised?

::Rick looked her in the eyes. The eyes that made his heart melt.::

Rawden: You know?

Hawker: Not yet. But at the next checkup I have with Dr. Velana, she'll probably be able to tell. I'm far enough along now.

Rawden: I would be lying if I said I didn't want to know, but in my heart I just need to know our child is healthy. I will love them so much, I don't need to know. It will be a wonderful surprise.

Hawker: ::poking his chest teasingly:: Make up your mind, baby.

Rawden: Aww, ok angel.

::She gave him an expectant look.::

Rawden: No, let's keep it a surprise.

::He leaned forward, kissing his lady on her lips.::

Rawden: Love you.

Hawker ::nuzzling her nose against his:: Love you, too. ::She fell back down to the bed and snuggled into the crook of his arm.:: Are you hungry?

::Rick smiled. Gypsy knew all his magic buttons.::

Rawden: Yes... ::winking::

Hawker: Are you suggesting something other than food, sir?

Rawden: Well, I am looking at something more delicious than anything the chef can offer.

Hawker: Hmm...that's a good answer. ::She kissed his chiseled jaw.:: But the baby wants ice cream.

Rawden: Well... I can see baby takes after you then. Sure, I do feel a bit peckish.

::Gypsy rolled out of bed, grabbed his discarded undershirt and pulled it on. It was long enough to skim the tops of her thighs, leaving her legs bare as she crossed to the replicator.::

::Rick watched as his beloved made her way across the room. She was more beautiful every day. He tingled as he reminded himself how lucky he was. He remembered the first day he met Gypsy, when she worked on Deep Space 17. His life had changed that day, and had got better and better ever since.::

::She returned with a double ice cream sundae with extra whipped cream and two spoons.: Watching her approach, Rick tried hard not to lick his lips.::

::Gypsy knelt on the bed next to him and scooped up a big bite. She made like she was going to feed it to him, but at the last second, she stuck the spoon in her own mouth.::

Rawden: Hey!

Hawker: ::swallowing:: Sorry, sweetie. Whatever baby wants, baby gets.

::Rick grinned at her.::

Rawden: And I wouldn't have it any other way...

::Gypsy lowered the spoon back into the bowl, suddenly overcome by a flood of hormones that took her from blissful to distraught in a matter of seconds.::

Hawker: You were hurt...and I wasn't able to get to you. ::Her lower lip trembled.:: I'm so sorry, Rick.

Rawden: Aww baby. You had your duty to do. I missed you so much, but I knew we'd be together again soon. And here we are.

::He stroked his hand along her leg.::

:: A fat tear rolled down Gypsy's cheek.::

Hawker: I don't know what I would do if I lost you.

::Rick moved his hand up to her cheek, and gently wiped away the tear. Then pulling himself up to a sitting position, causing the bed cover to slip off his toned upper torso, he moved his head towards Gypsy's.::

Rawden: Babe, you will never lose me. I am yours forever, and nothing - not even the biggest Klingon war fleet in the galaxy will ever take me from you.

::He moved in closer, and kissed her soft lips.::

Hawker: Sorry, I don't know what that was. ::She shook her head.:: Hormones. It's going to be a long five months from here on out, baby.

Rawden: But I wouldn't miss it for the World.

::Gypsy smiled through her tears and took another bite of ice cream. She also fed him a bite and followed it up with a chocolate-flavored kiss.::

Rawden: Mmm...

Hawker: More?

Rawden: Absolutely!!! ::this time not attempting to resist licking his lips.::

::Setting the bowl aside, Gypsy pushed him down to the pillows and crawled over his body to give him a kiss that quickly escalated.::

::The ice cream was forgotten.::

To be continued....

Crewman Gypsy Hawker (PNPC)

Medical: USS Mercury

(Simmed by Lt. Cmdr Velana)


LtJG. Rick Rawden (PNPC)

Engineer: USS Mercury

(Simmed by Lt.Cmdr Eyas Wulfantine)

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