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Star Trek: Into Darkness

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Just for the record we're in the TOS timeline, correct? Vulcan IS still spinning all hot and stoic?

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While the SFX and action in the trailers look really awesome, I will have to reserve final opinion until I've seen it. I just really hate that they are messing with the TOS era instead of coming up with a new set of characters... then again they are driven by making money instead of a love for Trek.

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Here's a new picture from the movie: http://screencrush.com/star-trek-into-darkness-pic/

The caption says that Cumberbatch is playing

'John Harrison'
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It doesn't have to follow Canon. That's the beauty of an alternate timeline (which was clearly established in the first film, multiple times including a ridiculous, almost 4th wall breaking lets insult the audiences intelligence moment with Spock/Kirk on the bridge.)

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New teaser trailer is out! Make sure turn it on HD and make the viewing window larger :)


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