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Bale, Zorlak & Dreth: End Game

Alexander Matthews

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((USS Mercury - Deck 3, Corridor))

::Isaac stood outside the VIP quarters shortly after making the last of his preparations. The game of cat and mouse was over. He was going to end this here and now. He took a deep breath to center himself, then closed his eyes and opened his mind, searching for his prey. It didn't take him long to find them inside the VIP quarters, along with several menials. Zolrak and Dreth stood off to one side of the room, probably whispering beyond earshot of the other Cardassians present. He could feel their excitement, their eagerness. They were waiting for the call to beam down to the planet so they could make their move. Isaac opened his eyes and growled. They would never get the chance.::

Bale: Computer, execute program Bale Delta Seven, phase one.

::Isaac removed a small device from one of his combat suit's pouches as he counted down the twenty seconds until the VIP Quarters would open before him. The device was programmed to emit a series of bright flashes and tremendously loud bangs, effectively overloading the sensory input of most humanoids. Even as he readied the device, the Mercury's environmental control systems were rapidly dropping the temperature inside the VIP Quarters to just above the freezing point. Cardassians didn't like the cold, and could not easily cope with the drastic change in temperature. The rapid climate change combined with the device in his hand would disorient everyone inside the room, and give Isaac a good 15 to 20 seconds of distinct advantage. He intended to make them count.::

((USS Mercury - VIP Quarters))

Zolrak: What? What’s happening. The cold?

Dreth: Bale... :: His eyes lowered and a sneer crossed his wretched mouth ::

::The doors opened and Isaac tossed his distraction into the room. He ducked to the side of the door and drew the compressed air gun from his hip as he waited for the flashing lights and the thunderous report to pass. As soon as it did, he was on the move. He spun into the room, bringing the gun up in front of him as he did, and quickly sorted through hostiles. Zolrak and Dreth were right where he expected them to be, though both were now reeling from sensory overload. With practiced marksmanship Isaac fired one shot into the neck of each of them, planting a small metallic dart deep enough into their flesh to require a minor surgical procedure to remove.::

Bale: Computer, execute phase two!

Zolrak: Argh! You!

::Dreth rolled to one side and felt his neck. The man had shot him with something, although he wasn't quite sure what it was. He picked up the phaser rifle to his right and pointed it at the pathetic Betazoid.::

::Recognizing Isaac's command, the door leading out to the corridor closed and sealed behind him. He would not allow these men to escape. They were dead already, they just didn't know it yet. As soon as the door sealed, a dampening field sprang into existence to fill the room. It wouldn't last long, a few minutes at most, but that was all Bale needed. The room went dark, save for the light of the stars streaking past the large view ports, and one of the Cardassian menials cried out as he recovered from the shock only to discover that the disruptor he now held had been rendered useless. Isaac charged straight at him and leaped into the air. A heavy boot connecting squarely with his nose sent that man to the floor and ended his confusion.::

Zolrak: Star Fleet…. Scum! Ooof!

Dreth: Smart boy... But a boy nontheless...

::The hooded Cardassian revolutionary had seen his fair share of battles, had beaten countless lifeforms in combat, and wasn't about to quit now. He lunged at the man throwing whatever punch, elbow, knee and kick he could muster. He was having trouble finding an opening. He made a grab for his close range blade, throwing it at Bale, to which he ducked quickly sending the blade instead into the eye of one of the other Cardassians.::

::Isaac moved like lightning. Every move... every spin, duck, dive and tumble left him perfectly in balance and continuing his momentum. With the three remaining menials in close proximity and still slightly stunned, Isaac rained blow after blow against them until all three were unconscious next to the man who had drawn the disruptor. Only Zolrak and Dreth remained. Isaac stalked toward them slowly, allowing them to regain their senses. He wanted them to see it. He wanted them to know. His eyes... his heart... held nothing but hatred. These two men were the embodiment of everything their people had done to him. They had taken everything from him. He didn't even know if Velana still lived. They had taken that, as well. These two men may not have been there all those years ago, but after what had happened to Velana, he was holding them responsible for all of it. He took that blame and draped it across their shoulders like a mantle.::

Zolrak: You… you will be punished for this!

Dreth: The time for words has passed... You... Boy... You won't survive this day.

Bale: I don't care.

Zolrak: We will… make an… example of you…

Dreth: ::He made sure to smile grimly at the man.:: An example... just as I did your girlfriend... ::A small laugh could be heard::

::Isaac almost paused in his advance at Dreth's comment. Almost. Was that what Velana had become to him? It didn't matter now. Dreth was trying to play a psychological game. He had no idea who he was facing. Whatever Velana meant to him, Isaac had decided to kill these Cardassians. Nothing would stop him now.::

Bale: ::slower this time:: I don't care.

Zolrak: But?

Dreth: ENOUGH! ::he rasped to Zolrak::

Bale: ::drawing a combat blade into each hand:: I don't care.

::Isaac rushed forward at the two Cardassians. To their credit, they moved in concert. Zolrak went to the left and Dreth to the right, forcing Bale to divide his attention. He swung a blade at Zolrak's face, forcing the Cardassian to lean back and put himself off balance. Rather than taking advantage of that, Isaac had to spin around in the other direction to duck under a heavy two-handed punch from Dreth. Again he was forced to reverse direction, and he kicked one foot out to the side and behind him into the gut of the fast approaching Zolrak. He took several hits as the exchange continued, but his balance was enough to roll with the blows and prevent any serious damage. Still, he needed to end this quickly.::

::Zolrak knew he was fighting for his life. Somehow this Betazoid had uncovered their crime, and was not going to allow them to escape. The cold and the stinging on his neck were not helping Zolrak in his actions, but he gritted his teeth and continued his life or death struggle.::

::Dreth wasn't as dumb as he looked. He moved to the side of the advancing Betazoid and drew his secret weapon. The hypospray was primed and ready for injection. This would be the last time the young man would fight.::

::Isaac turned his attention to Zolrak as the man grabbed a heavy sculpture off the shelf on the wall next to him. He stepped forward, shifting his weight onto his left leg and raising that sculpture high above his head. Just as Isaac was about to side step the hammer blow that was coming his way, he caught the slightest flicker of Zolrak's eyes over his shoulder. Time seemed to slow down as Isaac sent his mind forcefully into Zolrak's. He saw through Zolrak's eyes, for one brief moment, Dreth coming in behind him with one arm outstretched... and a hypospray in his hand.::

Bale: oO Now. Oo

::In one smooth motion Isaac spun around toward Dreth, flipping the knives in his hands as he did so, so that the blades extended down opposite his thumbs. Stepping inside the reach of Dreth's extended arm, Isaac brought the edge of his first blade smoothly and powerfully up across the wrist of that same arm. The razor sharp weapon neatly severed blood vessels and tendons alike, sending the hypospray flying harmlessly away. Isaac dropped down low and reversed direction as he continued his spin. He extended his arm and drove his second blade deep into the back of Zolrak's leading leg, forcing the man to drop the sculpture or go to the ground with it. His leg would no longer support the added weight. Before either of the Cardassians could react to their sudden injuries, Isaac rolled out to the side away from them both. He came to his feet a few meters away and stood at ease facing them. Dreth was grasping his torn wrist with his opposite hand to keep his life's blood from escaping, and Zolrak could no longer stand without the support of a wall.::

::A stream of Cardassian expletives shot from Zolrak’s foamed mouth.::

Zolrak: ****** you **** Betazoid.


::Dreth collapsed to the floor looking at the dangling meat that used to be his hand. He couldn't help but notice the black marks along the incisions. He suddenly felt ill. Violently ill. He immediately puked a stream of clotted blood to the floor.::

Bale: ::calmly, coldly:: Computer, execute phase three.

::Lights filled the room once more as the dampening field disappeared, and the two Cardassians looked at Isaac with curious expressions. Isaac turned and stabbed his blades into the table next to him, displaying the slow rivulets of Cardassian blood sliding down each of them. Very slowly... very deliberately... Isaac removed the two empty sheaths that had held those blades from his belt. He held the sheaths forward, drawing the eyes of both men, and tipped them over to let the greasy black liquid ooze out onto the floor.::

Bale: You remember the Arboretum.

Zolrak: Noooooo! oO It can’t be?Oo ****** you.

Bale: ::ignoring the curses:: Computer, execute program Bale Delta Seven, final phase.

::It took only a moment for the Mercury's transporter system to lock onto the transponders planted in the Cardassians' necks by tiny metal darts just minutes before. As the two men disappeared in that familiar blue glow, Isaac hoped they would keep their senses long enough to feel every second of the pain.

((Planet’s Surface))

::Dreth and Zolrak emerged alone and gasping on a rocky landscape, the air punctuated by explosions and rumbles. Zolrak gazed up, his vision beginning to blur. A horde of giant Klingons charged towards him, rifles aimed at him. He slumped to one knee.::

::When Dreth's vision returned, his training from the Cardassian military had sprang forth once again. He tucked and rolled, getting back up to his feet. He turned one last time to see a group of Klingons surrounding Zolrak, his face crumbling from the affects of the poison they had been injected with. Dreth looked at his own stub seeing it begin to turn black. He remembered the small vial in his pouch pocket...::

Zolrak: F..Friend! ::looking and reaching towards Dreth::

Klingon: Karadat Nunaak!

::The Klingon group was closing in as Zorlak was helpless. He couldn't even run if he wanted to with the wound on his leg slowly spreading. The Klingons growled and snarled in their crude language. Dreth just watched from a small crater.::

Zolrak: Help?

Klingon: Grishnak Vorndak!

Zolrak: I… don’t understand.

::Zolrak's wound was growing. Black pustules were forming on his exposed skin, and he was slowly losing consciousness. The latter was in fact a blessing, as the pain of his festering body was excruciating.::

::Dreth took the ampule of antidote from his pocket and ingested it. The course would run slower through his intestines, but at least he would survive. He would need to find sufficient places to hide, and eventually a ride off of this blasted rock. As for Zolrak, he served his purpose...::

Zolrak: Dreth.. go! I failed.

::Dreth said nothing, only glared at the man melting before him.::

::With Dreth making his way, the Klingons surrounded Zolrak’s crumpled form, watching in fascination as this Cardassian slowly melted in front of their very eyes. They didn’t have to wait long before the spectacle was over and they could continue their charge for glory!::

::Baren Dreth ran as fast as he could; to where, he didn't know. He was beginning to feel better by now, but a contempt filled his still-cold heart. He stood upon a cliff-like embankment staring upon the battle that raged below. He'd never lost an incursion to anyone... And soon enough, he would have his revenge...::

To Be Continued…

Lt.(j.g.) Isaac Bale

Starfleet Intelligence

USS Mercury




Aide to Councilor Prianna

as simmed by

Lt. Commander Eyas Wulfantine

Chief Tactical Officer

USS Mercury



Baren Dreth

as simmed by

Lieutenant Viktor Lanius

Acting First Officer

USS Apollo


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