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Rinev Shryn

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Lt Commander Dara O’Doyle met his true love on Stardate 237909.03, he was just an ensign then, fresh from the academy. Now he was a Lt. Commander, he had conquered the ranks but refused to leave her. She was his light in the dark, his every breath was for her. Now he had to leave her to die.

What could he do, she was injured with no chance of being saved. Dara stared at her, he knew she would stare back if she could, but she couldn’t. Her injuries were to great. Lt Commander O’Doyle just stared at her think of their relationship together. The first time they held hands, his fingers running gently across her skin, he treated he as a lady. As a goddess.

“Self Destruct in 5 minutes” The eerie cold voice echoed across the bridge like the howl of a wolf, ready to attack it’s pray. Lt Commander O’Doyle looked out across the bridge one last time. Looked at his own true love, helplessly scream, she had survived worse in the past, a skilled team of medics pieced her back together, Lt Commander O’Doyle had refused to leave her side.

The turbo lift doors, where about to close. O’Doyle flashed a look at the rest of the bridge crew and in a spit second he jumped through the doors, just before they closed, he heard the call of his Captain, calling him to come back. It was two late now. O’Doyle and his lover would be together until they die. He couldn’t ever live without her, there would never be another.

O’Doyle stroked her, gently but still assuring her that it would be okay. It was not. He did not want her to fear in her remaining minutes. He wanted to remind her of when they met, of there time together.

“Self Destruct in 3 minutes”

Now alone on the bridge O’Doyle broke down in tears, she deserved more than this. Her life was cut short, to Dara that was unfair. His love for her had kept him from his career. He had been offered positions all over the fleet, but he chose to stay as the helmsman of the USS Dakota.

O’Doyle closed his eyes and thought of the happy times that he and his lover had had together, but his mind was focused on the present. Opening his eyes he say escape pods and shuttles on the view screen, he knew that she could see them to. Her friends and comrades would survive, but they would leave her but not O’Doyle. His love for her kept him from so much in the past and know he would die because of it.

“Self Destruct in 10 Seconds”

O’Doyle closed his eyes once more, this time tight.

“9, 8, 7, 6”

All the time O’Doyle had known here he had never proclaimed his love, the feeling gripped him on the inside like the hangmans noose.

“5, 4, 3”

O’Doyle, stood up and looked around.


He opened his mouth


“Dakota… I love…”

Lt JG Jorus Cogud


USS Discovery-C

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