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NPC 'Starbase 118' - Comes the Devourer

Segolene LeMarnix

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::Within the eternal silence of the all encompassing vacuum, there was only

death. Where life erupted outwards from the violent conflagration of a

million tiny points of light, darkness remained ever patient for the moment

of ambuscade; where atomic motion and cellular mechanisms coalesced to

contrive creations never before imagined, the inveterate Cimmerian shade

began its inevitable encroachment on life's sojourn. Life, despite its

ignorant declarations, did not endure. Only annihilation endured as the

darkness of the universe closed in and suffocated everything it


::And in time, all that existed sought absolution.::

::The Terran beings had a saying; nothing lasts forever. But they too were

shortsighted even in this. Going about their inconsequential routines,

seeking out meaning, matriculating upon new paths, and evolving, the tiny,

complex combinations of pieces that were at one time stars, rode furiously

straight into oblivion. Reaching out into the heart of caliginosity had only

prolonged the inexorable truth that the end was just around the corner.::

::But the Terrans, and their allies, were inconversant with the very

universe they traversed and professed to understand. Though they could see

into the inky blackness, they did not know her. They did not recognize the

persistent tightening of the noose, nor, in their self-proclaimed

enlightenment, did they comprehend the nefarious malignance that was

inherent within the very absence of all. Nothing was intrinsically

auspicious as the creatures believed. And it would be that belief that would

guide them all to a potentially premature eradication.::

::Contrary to the purported cogitations of those same creatures, who, in

reality, knew far less than their egotistical minds asserted, space was far

from the vacuous vacuity it was postulated to be. No, it was saturated with

things and concepts that the fracturable beings could never hope to

comprehend. Waves of information traversed vast distances in ways yet to be

discovered by the simple minds housed within the metallic structure, against

which those very swells broke as if they had found their way to some cosmic

beach. With the compounded force of the universe's lackadaisical stance and

the pernicious tendencies of the dark nonexistence, it reverberated through

the so-called marvel of Terran engineering at incomprehensible speeds.::

::What was not known, or understood by those that resided within, was that

the constricting tendrils of suffocation, made of the timeless endurance of

nothing, had allies. If there was an inherent malevolence all around that

simply waited out life as it came, and went, there was an even more inherent

defect in life itself. Where the nothing remained apathetic and patient,

life was filled with the whims of loathsome indifference, obscene greed,

vile lust, and an overwhelming need to create pain while tearing the good

asunder. Life, as it were, took care of its own annihilation, leaving the

[...]able nonentity to snuff out only the dying embers of it all.::

::In time, the war whose existence made itself known on the trails of

subspace waves and informative streams the Terran's were unable to detect

would also pass, but not before oblivion laid claim to souls too numerous to

count. Klingons, Romulans, Terrans and many others would be caught up in the

righteous event, each seeking something that even the bulk of spinning metal

in space knew to be only a weak dream of mildly sentient life. Altruism was

a laughable ideal; love did not exist outside the minds of the most fragile

of all species in the universe. And yet, they fought. They simply did not

know what they truly fought against.::

::The wispy fingertips of asphyxiation reached now for the structure that

seemed so huge to the creatures that inhabited it, but which, it knew, was

really barely an afterthought within the context of the enormity of the

universe. They grew ever closer as a prodigious shadow fell across two

empires and began to devour it all.::


'Starbase 118's Perspective'

Simmed by

Captain Kalianna Nicholotti

Commanding Officer

Starbase 118 / USS Victory

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Fantastic. I didn't encountered many sims that made me tremble. When I saw it at first I thought, "Oh no, just descriptions!" Then started to read and couldn't stop. Stream of thought reminds me of Philip K.[...] - whom I consider one of the best SF writers of all times. Even lot of hard, heavy words (some of which I understood only from context and will have to check them in dictionary) didn't take anything from the ease it flew and ease it's reading.

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Good choice. When I first seen it I only read the title and seeing it was an NPC from the Captain I thought "Now who the hell is this one?"

Then I read it and it really was good. Between us I have to say she writes very well, although there are few posts she exaggerates and makes then "heavier" then they should.

But this one... Brilliant...

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Where is Bela Lugosi ?

"Yes, I am here waiting for you to become one with me!!! Count Dracula!!!!!"

This one gave me the chills. LOVED IT!!!!

Yes I was waiting for Bela to speak.

Sorry but I believe this is more Vincent Price material.

Hmmm...that is possible, but I would check the original movie The Blob with Steve McQueen. In the movie theater scene the film that was running had Bela speaking. That is where I remember that line. Minus the Count Dracula.

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