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Glad we are in agreement


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Didn't expect such a response, but I'm aweful glad we agree to keep in touch. It will be interesting to find where we all will be posted, I think. Although it all depends on what we selected finally and the placement officer's judgement, it would be a shame to end it all there! We can continue and tell each other what's happening with our characters here! I haven't heard anything yet and I'm very excited to find out where I'll be put. I've looked at all the ships and nearly every bio that intrigued me. I'd have to say that it really won't matter after all. Where ever they put us is where we'll be for a while. 8) Cool!

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Yes I have to say that it really doesn't matter to me where they put me, everyone seems so nice here it's cool.

I havn't heard anything yet either by the way, however when I do I'll post it here or in the thread that Fleet Admiral Wolf moved.

I wish you the best of luck in your assignment Cura :D

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