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LtCmdr David Cody: In This Moment, Right Now, Right Here

Telice Shagan

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((Private Bathrooms, Executive Tower, Starbase 118))

:: A kitchen staff was no different from a senior staff, assignments and

departments broken down into who was in charge of and overlooked a key critical

element of what was going on the plate for both enjoyment, aroma and

consumption. A chef coordinated the people who brought it all together, from

those responsible for fresh ingredients (something David would have done under

normal circumstances), to the Lieutenant who developed the stock, and the Ensign

who chopped ingredients to a precise measurement by eye, because his experience

and his knowledge far surpassed anyone elses, including David. ::

:: He was thankful to the kitchen staff, because they allowed him to step in

tonight in lieu of the actual Chef who ran this kitchen. Perhaps more than most,

David knew what it felt like to stand outside of it all, and sometimes the only

role he could be in was that of an observer. This kitchen staff didn't know him,

but they welcomed him. They were willing to work with him. ::

:: For some reason, David saw the parallel. Here he was, finally, cleared to

return to active duty. He knew he could have asked for his former rank. Maybe

they would have given it back. He chose not to, at least not right now. Because

of something not that Jessa taught him, or either Hollis, or Jenn Mar. Not what

his old captain in the civilian trade, Michael Blade, passed on to him from an

entirely different generation. ::

:: Because his life before coming to Starfleet wasn't rank-based. From Ensign to

an interrupted Captaincy, David knew that the cherished moments came from

working alongside the people he wanted to get to know, and learn from them. He

thought briefly about when he first met Ben Walter aboard the first Independence

while stepping out and borrowing a private bathroom that had a replicator. ::

:: He thought about the Furies Furnace, and about Shepard. About Walker. Meeting

Jenn Mar for the first time and the furious blush because she was exceedingly

beautiful, and reporting in to Admiral Anassasi. He thought about Makno, which

made him think about Alana Devar, and Marcus Dickens, Allen Cruise... Faces and

people engrained into his memories, and while they weren't always pleasant, they

were cherished, for the opportunity to get to know them, even if only for what

life allowed. ::

:: He thought about this as he pulled on the gleaming white of the Dress, using

a mirror in the bathroom. He straightened the cuffs and smoothed the shirt.

Stiff, formal, uncomfortable... and this time he wasn't presenting awards or

commending the performance of a crew. He was even able to get access to the

ribbons and medals he had been awarded by Starfleet, along with a few others

outside of Starfleet that belonged to a former life, a good life, that allowed

him to meet and get to know people, even if sometimes it meant their arrest. ::

:: No. David studied himself in the mirror, searching his own weathered face. He

didn't know this crew. Perhaps with the exception of Ben and Kevin. He was glad

to have this opportunity, though. So much happened so fast, and the faces of

those who didn't make it graced his thoughts. Men and women who had died under

his watch, or while serving with them, that forced his eyes closed to relive

every action that had been taken. Sometimes they weren't by the book, and

sometimes boarding on the edge of protocal. ::

:: The truth of it was once he was out of the departments, whether it was

tactical, security, science, intelligence, even as a marine lliason, once he was

put into the command chain, he was never entirely sure what his role was, other

than to be there when they needed him, and make the decisions that would affect

the entire crew. And it was hard for him, because he was used to being actively

involved and having something to do. He wasn't used to sitting in a chair, or

having someone else do the work. ::

:: He wanted to be in the frontlines, he wanted to be with them, out there in

the field and active. Not stuck flying a desk, or limited to the chair. He

wanted to search databases for clues, or stardive with his fellow crewmembers

onto a planet to help search for whatever was the hot topic. He wanted to laugh,

and sit co-pilot to the Helmsman and pull some Gs... as much time as he could

get working the time together alongside people with distinguishing

personalities, skills and experience that made them shine. ::

:: David finished pinning the rest of his replicated medals and ribbons,

glancing for a minute at his pipless collar. And he nodded finally. It was

fitting. He didn't have to be an Ensign. He didn't have to be a Captain. He

could just be himself, and approach either Katy Orman or Johanna MacLaren and

ask for a dance. Hell, maybe even Kalianna Nicholotti. He could just hang out

with Silveira and check out dive bars, be his wingman or backup. He could go

down and take down terrorists with Ben on some military exercise, or maybe with

the Marine officers. ::

Cody: ::to himself, smiling:: Steal a ship out of drydock and go sail off for a

few hours with some old and new friends.

:: Court-martial was overrated anyway. He grinned in spite of himself. No. He

was going to leave the pips off tonight. Besides, the replicator glitched and

gave him five solids instead of just three and an open pip... or perhaps the

system hadn't been updated. He stared at the solids briefly, then dumped them

into the incinerator. oO Screw rank. Let's just have all the time in the

universe and enjoy them together. Oo ::

:: He nodded to himself and gave himself once last once over. ::

((Kitchens, Exectuive Tower, Starbase 118))

:: Returning to the kitchens, David saw his Sous Chef, Alfonzo, who glanced at

him up and down, and nodded with a smile and wink. David returned the wink and

took the opportunity to check on the Filet Mignon, then the mushrooms and

eggplant. The aromas briefly swooned him, and for a moment, David felt like he

was back home on Mars, in the kitchen and watching his father, Barnes Cody, futz

around the kitchen preparing supper and opening a bottle to let it breathe. ::

:: Heading over to the wines for the evening, David uncorked them. Since he had

no way of knowing whether they came out of a temperature controlled environment,

he took a small taster glass and splashed a little bit of the Picard, bringing

the mouth under his nose to drink the aroma, then tasted the crisp, almost fresh

green apple, and lingering short crisp finish. ::

:: It was nice to step in and just be a part of a team that whipped up such

fabulous food. He poured a taste of the Chateau St. Jean and held it up to look

at the colour, and caught the unmistakable reflection of a Japanese woman with

braided black hair down past her waist adorned in a Dress White uniform.

Nicholotti's reflection captivated David a moment, studying her features

captured in the refraction of light and glass. She stopped and just stood there

inside the doors and blinked. He tasted the Cabernet and nodded, pouring another

splash taste and turning around to greet her. ::

Cody: :: smiling :: A good evening to you, Commander Nicholotti.

:: A pair of blue-gray eyes landed on him. ::

Nicholotti: You look... busy to say the least.

Cody: Oh trust me, they could do this with their eyes closed without me. The

kitchen staff here are the real miracle workers.

:: She laughed slightly and her gaze wandered around the room. She nodded and

David glanced back, catching Silveira back in the kitchen, and shook his head

while silently laughing. oO Of course. Oo Did he blame Vitor? Not in the

slightest. He was only glad the tactical officer was enjoying himself. ::

Nicholotti: Ensign Silveira. Making more nougat?

Silveira: Commander. It is a pleasure to see you again. ::Vitor nodded respectfully.:: Not really Ma'am, this night menu is far more exquisite.

:: David found himself lingering on Kalianna, watching her. There was a light

within her blue-gray eyes that shone bright. ::

Nicholotti: I'm not sure when all of this will be ready, but I have a feeling

that we're going to have some of the early birds here shortly.

Cody: Thanks to Ensign Silveira here, both the appetizer and Pinot Gris should

be out ready for them to consume and mingle.

Silveira: And I was about to start placing them at the banquet room. ::Vitor was starting to move but glancing at both officers he said with a smile.::

I hope both of you don't take this the wrong way, but I am also a pretty good tactical officer, besides kitchen helper and escort.

:: Nicholotti moved herself out of the flow of traffic and came near, loitering

near the wall. A cook handed David a sampler plate of the Filet Mignon. ::

Nicholotti: So what is that?

:: David grabbed a fork and set it on the plate, handing it over to the

Commanding Officer. ::

Cody: A sampler of the main course, Filet Mignon. Enjoy.

Nicholotti: It’s good. Almost too good.

:: David passed over the glass of the thirty year old Chateau St. Jean Cabernet

Sauvignon. ::

Cody: Paired with this.

Nicholotti: You know, you may have missed your calling.

:: David flashed a normal smile for a change, instead of the crooked one so many

knew him by. He took the glass from her fingers and set it aside. A cook frowned

at him and took the used glass off the stainless steel table as she passed by.


Cody: I don't get many chances to cook, so when the opportunity rises, I snag

them. Amidst all this chaos, for me it's relaxing, and fun. Maybe in another

life, I'll be a chef instead of a roving jack-of-all-trades, master of none. How

about you?

Nicholotti: Perhaps something less chaotic.

:: Chuckling, David grabbed two fresh new glasses and measured a small pour of

the appetizer paring, the Pinot Gris, one for her, and one for himself. ::

Cody: What I know is in this moment, right now, right here, I don't have to be

anything but David Cody. Out there, we're commanding officers, executives,

department heads, and specialists with ranks from Crewmen up to Rear Admirals.

In here, we're Vitor, and Alfonso over there, the sous chef, David, and if you

want, ::winking at her:: just Kalianna.

TAG! / TBC...


LtCmdr. David Cody

Chief of Operations

UFOP: Starbase118

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