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Vows of Honor


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((OOC: Tracey wasn't invited sad.png ))

((Holodeck One-Deck Four-USS Mercury))

::The holodeck had the smell of cedar as the sky above was a blue as a robin’s egg in the nest. The clouds above were like dreams floating in the mind of God. The grass, the trees, the mountains, were just made for this day. A day of joy, a day of happiness, a day of joining. The chairs on either side of the white runner leading to the arch of flowers the looks out over the valley in Ohio. ::

::Alexander stood under the arch of flowers in his dress whites on the top of the hill overlooking the family home in the valley below. The breeze was cool but not enough to be uncomfortable. The morning sun beamed down upon him as he looked down to see the morning mist in the lower valley where Jade and Alexander’s cabin sat waiting for them when there was time for them to go home. He stood there with his hands sweating a little as he waited for his bride. ::

::The guests started to enter the holodeck from their different ships and virtual connections.::

::Eerie was dressed in his formal uniform and he entered the holoprogram. He didn’t know anyone for a moment as he looked around the scene. He had done some research on weddings and his duty as best man. Eerie still did not liked public affairs but this was for Matthews and he wanted to be there for him::

:: Aron Kells was late, but not so late that he arrived after the full wedding party. In fact, he was pleased to see that while perhaps half the party had arrived, neither the bride nor the groom were yet present, and so he excused himself as he hurried beyond the arch. Frankly, he was surprised he wasn’t later, given the dislike he carried for the white-on-white dress uniform ensemble required of Starfleet COs. He’d considered simply dressing in something else and attaching his pips, but he was certain there was some rule somewhere that forbade that, and he wasn’t so hateful of his milky complexion against the dress whites that he was going to risk the legality of the affair for either of the officers. ::

::Alexander walked over to greet his friend, it had been sometime since he seen Eerie. Then the Captain had come, he turned to introduce them to each other.::

Matthews: Eerie, it’s good to see you. How are things on the Avandar?

Eerie: Alex, Things are good, thank you. ::Eerie could see the excitement in his friend's eyes::

Matthews: ::Turning to Aron.:: Captain, this it Lt. Commander Eerie of the Avander. Chief Tactical and Security officer. Eerie, Commander Aron Kells, commanding officer of the Mercury.

Eerie: Captain, a pleasure to meet you. ::Eerie almost came to attention and then remembered that is was a social affair.::

Kells: And you, Commander. I know your ship by reputation, and your captain likewise; and neither of those reputations is anything less than stellar.

Eerie: Thank you. Sire, I have heard good things from Alex about you and your crew as well.

:: Still, Aron had never spoken with a Brikar before, and he was -- well, not intimidated, exactly, but more than a little wide-eyed. He knew that the Brikar were only rocklike creatures in the same way that he was a fleshlike creature, but he could barely restrain the impulse to be the ensign he once was and whip out the tricorder that, even now, he kept at his side. But he forced his impulse down, swallowed heavily, and looked out over the grass at the new arrivals. ::

::Looking out out over the landscape that appeared as the doors to the Victory’s holodeck parted, Kalianna Nicholotti gave herself a moment to take it all in before moving forward. Tugging at the jacket of the dress white uniform, a uniform she found herself in far more often than she would have liked, she stepped forward and made her way towards the one who had invited her. Though she admittedly did not know the officer as well as she might have liked, she knew that he was a good officer who deserved the happiness this day would bestow upon him.::

::Locating Matthews, near a few other people including one rather familiar face, Kali made her way down towards the arch where the magic would happen. As she got closer, she looked towards Kells and nodded in greeting before turning to Matthews.::

Nicholotti: Commander Matthews, this is all very beautiful.

::She gestured around her at the view.::

Matthews: ::Turning to look at the woman.:: Captain Nicholotti, I’m so glad you could make it. Thank you this is my home on Earth, I’m glad you like it.. By the way. ::Motioning to Eerie.:: this is Lt. Commander Eerie of the Avander.

Nicholotti: It looks perfect. ::She turned her face towards the officer he indicated.:: Nice to meet you, Commander.

Eerie : Thank you Sir, it is a pleasure.

Nicholotti: And good to see you again, Captain. How’s life on the Mercury?

:: Aron caught the shadow of a wink, and could’ve sworn he returned it with one of his own. Certainly the few weeks he’d spent as Nicholotti’s XO stood out in his memory, if only because of the crises in which he’d suddenly appeared. ::

Kells: Well, no more storms of daggers, my friend. No, my first mission out, we had to run into the Borg. (laugh) I would’ve taken the political machinations of the Alliance again in a heartbeat.

::Entering at this point, Eyas could see that there were a number of familiar and not so familiar faces already present. Dressed in Star Fleet whites, he felt quite dapper. Full Pythron ceremonial with his golden cuirass and long flowing blue cloak would have been a tad excessive, even for a wedding. The giant man went forward and nodded to the assembled officers.::

Wulfantine: Salutations.

Matthews: ::Looking back to see Eyas walking over to the group.:: Welcome Eyas, you know Eerie. ::Motioning to Kalianna.:: Lt. Commander Eyas Wulfantine, Captain Kalianna Nicholotti of 118 operations, and the USS Victory.

Nicholotti: ::Nodding slightly.:: Commander.

Wulfantine: Pleasure to meet you, Sirs.

Eerie ::Nodding:: Good to meet everyone.::Trying to quickly to stick names with faces::

Wulfantine: Alex, my good friend, you don’t look too nervous… yet.

Matthews: ::Looking at Eyas, and smiling.:: You just had to say that. ::Looking over to see Frances and Jefferson walking towards the group.:: Mom, Dad, here are some people that I would really like you to meet. ::Looking over to the holodeck entrance.:: I’m not sure who is coming in. ::Looking to Commander Kells and Captain Nicholotti.:: Ma’am, sir do you know this officer ?

::As the turbolift doors to the holodeck opened on the USS Apollo, Jaxx stepped through in his dress whites. He found himself attending these things more and more. It was a brilliant way to include people over great distances. He would rather attend in person, but it was the life they had all chosen. He had to give a minute for the sensors on the Apollo to adjust the visual data. Their position left communications and sensors a bit of a problem, but so far the relays were working correctly. Once the processors caught up, the holodeck was replaced with a beautiful view of a valley. He assumed that the location meant something to the bride or groom. He spotted two of his colleagues and found himself gravitating in that direction.::

Jaxx: Captain Nicholotti, what a small universe. ::smirking at the Terran woman, he gave her a small hug and kiss on the cheek. Turning to Aron, he smirked:: Captain Kells, how have you been? ::extending his hand::

Nicholotti: Indeed it is.

::Kali smiled and thought about how long it seemed since she had seen her dear friend, though quickly put it out of her mind and simply enjoyed his company then. After all, this moment was all we ever really had.::

:: Aron again kept a fine lid on his wide eyes: Because he had not seen Jaxx for many months now, and not in the way the officer standing in front of him would’ve remembered. No, the last time he’d seen a man named Andrus Jaxx, it had been in 2396, and that had been aboard a different starship, in a different time. True, Aron had met this man before, but the other meeting was much fresher in his mind, and much less focused on the man before him. ::

Kells: ::taking the hand:: If I complained too strenuously, I’m afraid the balance of the universe would fall away. (beat, slight wink) I’m fine. Thank you.

Jaxx: ::extending his hand:: Commander Matthews, I have heard a lot about you. It is an honor to meet you.

Matthews: ::taking the hand of the Captain.:: Thank you sir, you have heard about me ? I’m honored also sir. Thank you for coming. ::Looking to Eerie and Eyas.:: Sir, Lt. Cmdr. Eerie of the Avandar and Lt. Cmdr. Eyas Wulfantine, Captain Andurs Jaxx of the Apollo. ::He looked over to see his mother and father walk over and another officer walked into the holodeck.:: Everyone, My mother and father. ::Turning to Rogers.:: Pleasure to meet you Commander Rogers, it is my honor to meet you. Jade has told me about you.

Wulfantine: A honour to meet you Ma’am, Sir

Rogers:: Having just arrived Will smiled at the assembled group.:: A pleasure to

meet you Cmdr Matthews. So I get to meet the man who stole my ACOS.:: Will smiled to show he was only teasing the man.::

Jaxx: ::nodding to the other officers, then glancing to his parents:: Mister and Misses Matthews, I am pleased to meet you. ::with his trademark smirk::

Eerie: Mister and Misses Matthews a pleasure.

::Frances and Jefferson Matthews did not know any of the guests just yet. They only knew of what Alexander had told them of the crews that he has served with.They walk over and introduce themselves.::

Frances: Hello everyone, I’m Frances Matthews, and this is my husband Jefferson. It such a pleasure to meet you all. Alexander has told us about you all.

Kells: Oh, has he? ::with a glance at Matthews:: I shudder to think what monstrous figures we cut.

Rogers: A pleasure to meet you both. I had the good fortune to have Jade serve as an officer on my ship until your son spirited her away.

Jefferson: ::Looking at Frances.:: Dear, Alex has not served with all of them.

Frances: I know that dear... ::Looking at him with a glare.:: Jeff.

Jefferson: Yes my dear ?

Frances: Shut up. ::Looking back to the guests with a smile.:: Thank you for coming, we are so happy to have you here, excuse us while we get a few things ready. ::Looking to Jefferson.:: Come on, you have to get ready to escort Jade. ::Looking to Rodgers.:: Unless you would like to Commander Rodgers ?

Rogers: ::bearing the mispronunciation of his name with good grace Will smiled.:: I would be honored.

Matthews: ::Smiling.:: Thank you sir, they are just as nervous as I am.

::Alexander just laughed as he watched them walk back to the main house, he knew that they were just as nervous as he was. He looked up to see Sen Alaxa walk into the holodeck. Following behind her was Askade D’ciq, sparring partner and best friend to Alexander. On this day that will change, she will take a step back as Jade becomes his best friend. She will be there to watch over and protect them both. He then saw someone else from the holo conference that he held on from the Mercury.::

:: T’Mihn walked into the holodeck wearing a solid colored, flowing cranberry silk dress of Vulcan design, a midnight blue hooded over robe with a copper lining. Her family sigals in a very old flowing calligraphic style were embroidered on the robe. The weather was chilly for her, the sight of the verdant valley was amazing. Earth never ceased to amaze her, she would need the rest of her life to explore the planet. She saw the faces of Eyas,being glad the Phytron had not only survived his ordeal but was happy. She had trained with Jade on Centris, during the cadet cruise. and a short while on Tiger. She looked forward to seeing her again, and a few friends. ::

Matthews: ::Looking to T’Mhin.:: I’m very glad that you could make it Lt.

T’Mhin: I’m glad I could too. Congratulations to the both of you.

Matthews: Thank you very much.The connection from the Tiger must be pulling a large amount of power.

T’Mihn: ::Smile:: A little jury rig here and there fixed that problem.

Matthews: You know Jade ? She will be glad that you came.

T’Mihn: I do, she was on my cadet cruise and I look forward to seeing her again..::Tilting her head to the side with a smile .:: I think she’ll be busy for a while.

Matthews: Do you know anyone else here besides Jade ?

::The Vulcan CSO scanned the crowd.::

T’Mihn: I know Velana, Lt. Eyas, Commander Nicholotti via a conference.

Matthews: That’s good, but there have been a few changes. Eyas has been promoted, and so has Captain Nicholotti. So you were in a training class with Jade ?

T’Mihn: :: Noding:: It’s the nature of the job. Actually she was with me on USS Centris during the cadet cruise.

Matthews: Very nice. How are things going for you on the Tiger?

T’Mihn: All is well on Tiger, it’s challenging as Chief Science Officer though. What about you on Mercury?

Matthews: The same, we just finished a mission. It was a long one. ::Looking around.:: I’m not sure where Jade is, but I know the doctor is with her. I would imagine they are in the main house. In fact, Lt. Sen Alaxa is here somewhere. ::Getting anxious.:: Just not sure where she is right now.

::Understanding his anxiety, since she felt the same way nearly five decades ago. Giving the nervous groom a comforting look.::

T’Mihn: It will be alright. Jade is in safe hands with Velana. Take a deep breath, you’ll have the rest of your lives together. A few moments more is only a short time.

Matthews: Thank you very much for the encouragement. I do have to get ready upfront. I am so glad that you could make it.

T’Mihn: ::Bowing head.:: You are welcome and I thank you for inviting me. When it comes time for me, I’d like to extend the same to you and your family. I think you might find the gardens pleasant.

Matthews: It would be my honor to attend. Please enjoy yourself. ::Nodding to her as he turned to head for the flower arch.::

::Alaxa entered the Holodeck and looked around, seeking out a familiar face. She’d never been a fan of the dress uniform, so she’d opted to wear a short, backless emerald green dress that hugged her curves. Her long, blonde hair was pulled into a high ponytail.::

::She didn't exactly know Jade Shryker, but she knew that Velana was good friends with the bride; Alaxa had never heard the entire story of what had happened to them in the mirror universe, but it had apparently been a bonding experience, so much so that Velana had been asked to be Jade Shryker's maid of honor.::

::Alaxa did, however, know the groom. She and Commander Matthews had worked together on the puzzle of the abandoned station and its mysterious distress call. He was a decent guy and she was glad to be able to wish him well on his wedding day.::

::Her scan of the growing crowd proved fruitful when her gaze landed on Commander Wulfantine. Her lips curled up into a smile. Standing a few inches over almost everyone, he was hard to miss. Squaring her shoulders, Alaxa came up behind his massive body.::

Alaxa: I've always thought that the Starfleet dress uniform does way more for men than it does for women.

::Eyas smiled at the blonde Bajoran. She made a fetching sight.::

Wulfantine: Hello Lieutenant. I think you are too hard on your half of the crew. But I see you’ve gone for something even more becoming.

Alaxa: Flattery will you get you everywhere. ::She paused.:: It's good to see you, Commander.

Wulfantine: You too.

Alaxa: Are you sitting with someone? The only person I really know here is in the bridal party. Maybe we can sit together?

::Eyas sensed an opportunity not to be missed.::

Wulfantine: I think that would be most conducive.

::When he offered his arm, Alaxa slipped her hand into it without hesitation.::

Alaxa: And they say chivalry is dead...

Wulfantine: There aren’t many of us gentlemen left. We’re an endangered species, don’t you know?

Alaxa: Oh, believe me...I’m aware.

:: Alleran Tan always cried at weddings. The Trill was determined, though, that this time would be different. He knew both the bride and the groom through his service in Starfleet and, although they no longer served on the same ships, Tan was determined to make this the first one. Yep. For sure. ::

:: Alleran stepped into the holodeck. He’d been without his cane lately, but walking with the limp was still a little painful for him, so he bought it. ::

:: He gave a warm smile to the large gathering of people who’d managed to make it. Particular attention was paid to Eyas, whom he had served with previously, and he stepped up behind Eyas. ::

Tan: Mister Wulfantine! I bet you thought you’d escaped, mm?

Wulfantine: What?! oO Tan? Oo

:: Alleran reached out with his non-cane hand, grinning and clapping his friend on the shoulder. ::

Tan: Yeah, it’d take more than being across the galaxy to miss Jade’s wedding.

::Eyas turned around and a broad smile shot across his face. It had been months since he’d chatted to Alleran, even seen Alleran.::

Wulfantine: Salutations my friend! How are thee?::Eyas gave Alleran a hearty hand-shake and the two men exchanged their news.::::Meanwhile, inside the house, away from the music and the chatter of the arriving guests, Lt. Cmdr. Velana had traded her medical tricorder for a mascara wand and was currently putting the finishing touches on the bride's makeup. Stepping back, she admired her handiwork.::

Velana: Perfect. ::She smiled.:: You look beautiful, Jade.

::Jade smiled at her friend. Her companion on so many missions. The two women had shared terrors and joys. Jade was so happy Velana was with her on this most important day.::

Shryker: Thanx Velana. ::Jade smiled.::

Velana: Commander Matthews won't be able to breathe when he sees you. ::She winked.:: I'll have to resuscitate him.

Shryker: Leave that to me! ::she laughed.::

::Jade looked into the distance for a moment. The Fleet was her family. Velana her sister, Alex her man. Jade had never expected this to happen to her – changing ships and all the hurts she’d been through. Things were getting better now, much better. She never expected her own father to attend. She not heard from him for nearly twenty years. She barely remembered him. Her Mom was missing, presumed dead. Her brother Ryan who she had protected and helped raise now never returned her calls. Jade did not know what she had done to so anger him, but it seemed their bond was broken. She sighed, but was not letting old hurts intrude onto her special day anymore.::

::As Jade stood up from the dressing table, Velana made sure that her veil was straight and that not a single hair was out of place.::

Velana: Can I just say again how incredibly honored I am to be your maid of honor? This is a first for me, you know.

Shryker: I couldn’t think of anyone I would rather have here with me at this time. :laugh.gif: It is a first for me too.

Velana: ::Shaking her head.:: I never imagined that something good would come out of being tortured in the mirror universe, but then I got you as a friend. I'm so very glad for that. ::She hugged Jade, still careful not to mess up her hair or veil.:: And I am so happy for you!

::So much so that Velana had given herself a hypo of inaprovaline before coming into the Holodeck, just to make sure she handled the emotional day without any trouble.::

Shryker: Thanx Velana. I hope someday to return the favor.

::Pulling back, Velana untucked the loose waves of her hair from behind her pointed ears, letting her dark locks swing freely around her bare shoulders. Knowing how much Velana loved clothes, Jade had given her carte blanche on her bridesmaid's dress. She'd chosen a strapless mauve chiffon number with a fitted waist and a full skirt that ended just at her knees. Her shoes were open-toed silver heels that made her legs look even longer.::

Velana: Are you ready for this? ::Jade swallowed nervously. The huge moment dawning open to her.::

Shryker: Yes__ Yes I am. ::nervous smile.::

::Nodding, Velana reached for her bouquet of moon blossoms and Bajoran lilacs.::

Velana: Then, I think it's time.

Shryker: Let’s go.

::Frances Matthews was escorted to her seat by Chief Rockwell Donalson. She looked back to the musicians for them to start playing the music. The friends of the bride were seated to the left behind the pictures of her family in the front seats. The friends and crew of the groom on the right. Jefferson waited at the end of the aisle to escort Jade, but the commanding officer from the Drake came by and Jefferson smiled and stood aside as Commander William Rogers walked with Jade. Jefferson walked the other side of the chairs and sat next to Frances. Askade stood over to the side in a white sundress then sat down behind Frances and Jefferson. She knew that Jade and Alexander would end up being together. She smiled at him standing there nervous, she laughed to herself at the first time she took him to meet her on the holodeck. He was so nervous that he could barely stand wearing his dress whites on their first date. Just then The music started for the bride to walk down the aisle. ::

:: Aron, meanwhile, stood vigil at the aisle’s beginning. He didn’t have the full text of his speech in his hand, but he’d written points as bullets in ink -- how quaint -- on the palm of his left hand; and if his mind left him in its entirety, he had entered the speech fully onto his tricorder, so he could simply remove it, throw in some shtick about being a science officer, and read from there. But he grinned: It wouldn’t come to that. ::

((OOC:The Bride’s Walk down the aisle.))


Rogers:: Walking down the aisle with Jade, Will was filled with an almost parental pride. He had grown to admire Jade in the short time she had been on the Drake and he rather thought Cmdr Matthews was one very lucky man. He could feel her excitement as they proceeded down the aisle. Leaning closer he whispered encouragingly:: Almost there.

Shryker: Thanx for everything. I am so glad you are here to walk with me.

Rogers: ::smiling:: It is a day I will remember and cherish.

::Jade glided next to her Commanding Officer, her long white satin dress fitting her better than she hoped. Today was a day not to feel over self-conscious. She squeezed the Commander’s arm. Close behind her Velana walked slowly, holding her train.::

::Eerie stood next to Alex and the procession came down the aisle. He was amazed at the pageantry of it all. He had the two rings carefully secured in his only small pocket in the dress uniform. The only thing he wished he didn’t want to where was his anti gravity unit. on his belt. ::

::Alexander heard the music start as he turned to see his lovely bride walking down the aisle, like the goddess she is when he first saw her in the holodeck, but this time she was not a hologram. She was really there, he could touch her and hold her close in his arms. He saw her as she walked like she was gliding across the ground without her feet touching it. To him she had that natural beauty and walked with the grace that only she could carry. He marveled at her beauty in the white satin wedding dress, He smiled openly to her as he held his hand out to her taking it and standing before Commander Kells, next to the woman he loves.::

::Jade looked up at Alex, through her veil. Her green eyes full of love. He was so handsome, strong and would protect her forever. She smiled and whispered.::

Shryker: I love you.

Matthews: ::Whispering back to her with a smile.:: I love you too. ::Looking at her with the love in his heart.::

::More than ever, Velana was glad for inaprovaline. Just seeing the utter joy and love on their faces...it was almost too much emotion to bear. If not for the medication stabilizing her synaptic pathways, she might have cried. As it was, she could feel her chin trembling as she moved into her place beside Jade.::

Rogers:: Stepping back Will gave Aron a cheeky grin of encouragement then took his seat.::

:: Aron met Will’s grin with a wink, and looked out over the assemblage, above the heads of the bride and groom. He knew the folks assembled there, many of them for a long time now -- and many of them for longer than they were aware, though they weren’t necessarily the same people sitting before him. He took a deep breath, smiled at the two directly before him, and began. ::

Kells: A Starfleet crew is unlike any other group of people. To say that you must trust your life to the people around you is an understatement. You'll do more than trust them with your life -- you'll trust them with your deepest secrets, your worst fears, yourself when you've been twisted by those into the darkest creature you've ever been. But you'll also find that the experiences you have, the intimacies you foster, will create, quickly and irrevocably, the firmest, finest friendships you will ever experience. The hardest circumstance, then, is the knowledge that these relationships may be torn apart -- by reassignment, by promotion, by death -- and though we hope -- I hope -- that when all is well, when the Architect smiles because her plan has come to fruition, that life may continue on, riding high, sometimes it comes to an end. But as the best may end, so may it begin, and that is why we are gathered here today, and why I have the unique pleasure of joining these two people together in the bonds of matrimony. Though they didn't meet whilst both members of my crew, I can now count among my most benevolent fortunes the strong link between these two people, there at the heart of my crew. (beat) And so it is my honor to unite you, Jade Elizabeth Shryker, and you, Alexander James Matthews, together in matrimony. (beat, grin) Now, why don't you kiss, and make this group of people very happy?

::Alexander nodded as he took the rings from Eerie and placed one on the ring finger of Jade’s left hand. She took his left hand into hers and placed his ring on the ring finger of his left hand. He lifted her veil back over her head as he looked deeply into her green eyes.::

Matthews: I Alexander James Matthews swear upon my honor to love and cherish the woman of my heart, Jade Elizabeth Matthews with my life to protect you from harms way.... I love you.

Shryker: I Jade Elizabeth Shryker swear upon my life and my love that I will always be your wife and your best friend, for as long as I live. (beat) I love you too.

::Alexander took her into his arms as he touched her face gently, then kissed her lips with the passion that he held for her during the time they were separated by the vastness of space, but no longer he felt the softness of her skin and the smell of her perfume engulfed him. Her lips felt soft like fresh rose petals, her skin was softer than he could imagine. Each kiss was as the first. He remembered the first kiss on the holodeck, even though they were just images to each other then, it was still the first kiss. He felt his heart flutter and he held her close as he moved his head back and smiled at her as he looked into her eyes. Jade was lost in the moment. All the years of hurt and loneliness were over, this was the happiest day, the happiest moment of her life.::

Shryker: Alex, my man, my mate. ::She kissed him for what seemed forever, and still it was not long enough.::

Matthews: Jade, my woman, my heart. ::He held her hand as they turned towards their friends and family. They were now as one, one heart, one soul, one life. They were now Mr. and Mrs. Alexander James Matthews of Starfleet.::

((Matthews Family Home-Music Room))

::The morning mist had burned away from the valley as Alexander walked with Jade to the center of the dance floor in the music room of the main house. He looked her in her green eyes with the love in his heart.::

A. Matthews: May I have this dance Mrs. Matthews ? ::Smiling at her,taking her hand in his.::

J. Matthews: I am Jade Matthews and I have never been happier..

::Alexander placed his arm around her waist, held her left hand and placed it on the heart that belonged to her. He looked into her enchanting green eyes as the slow rhythm of the music engulfed them into the moment of happiness for them both. He held her close feeling the joy from her body flowing through his as the dance took them from the floor into the air of joy and happiness. The only thing on his mind was Jade, the beauty of her and only her.::

((OOC Bride and Groom first dance music.))


::Jade gazed into his eyes. So long she had searched for this man, this moment, and now she was here – living it. She would have waited for a thousand years for this moment, and now she wanted it to last for another thousand.::

J. Matthews: Alex__ thank you for saving me.

A. Matthews Jade...we saved each other.

((OCC: Dance Music for the guests.))

::Eerie found a drink and tried to find a wall someplace out of the way. He wasn’t sure on what else had to do. There was the toast of course, and he was pretty sure on what he was going to say. But Eerie dancing was another matter completely. It wasn’t going to happen without a direct order.::

::Jade and Alexander continued to dance, the music changed and the rest of the guests joined in with them as the day continued on for hours::

::Eyas moved forward, smiled and congratulated the happy couple. He then turned and smiled at Alaxa. With an outstretched hand, he beckoned her to join him on the dancefloor.::

Wulfantine: Shall we?

Alaxa: ::taking his hand:: I thought you’d never ask, sir.

::As the lieutenant commander with the massive shoulders and kind eyes led Alaxa onto the dance floor, she happened to catch sight of Velana out of the corner of her eye.::

::Her best friend was sitting at the bridal party’s table, dragging the tines of her fork through the leftover wedding cake icing on her plate. To Alaxa’s knowledge, she hadn’t joined in any of the dancing and that was just a [...] shame. Velana had been alone too long.::

::Alexander looked over to see Velana sitting in the chair, to him it looked she had not danced. Alexander asked Jade if she would mind if he danced with her maid of honor, she nodded with a smile. He walked over to the CMO of the Mercury and held out his hand to her and asked if she would like to dance with him.::

A.Matthews: Doctor, may I have the honor of this dance ?

Velana: ::smiling:: How could I say no to that?

::Alexander took her hand into his as he walked her out to the dance floor.::

Velana: You’ve made Jade so happy. I see it when I look at her. Thank you for that.

A. Matthews: ::Smiling.:: I could have not asked for a better friend and mate. You're very welcome doctor.

Velana: It was a beautiful day, from start to end. I hope... ::She stopped herself in time.::

A. Matthews: ::Looking at her with a puzzled expression.:: Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. What do you mean Doctor ?

Velana: This is just...well...it’s a dream come true, isn’t it? Something everyone wishes for, but that few ever experience. ::She shook her head.:: I’m sorry, sir. This isn’t a day for melancholy.

A. Matthews: ::Giving her hand a squeeze for comfort.:: May I call you Velana, no ranks right now. I thought I would never find anyone. If it had not been for Askade, Jade and I would have never met. As for your question....::He looked over to Jade.:: Yes it is.

Velana: Thank you. ::She smiled.:: And of course you may call me Velana.

A. Matthews: It is my honor, and your welcome. ::He smiled.::

::Alexander and Velana continued to dance to the music, the day continued on as he understood how Velana felt. She was Jade’s friend and as of this moment he had become hers as well. When the music changed her escorted her to her seat and bowed to her with honor. He then went on to find Jade and take her to meet his friend Eerie.::

::Jade met Eerie.::J. Matthews: Hey Sir, so glad you were there to stop Alex fainting.

Eerie: Alex, never faints, he just had a biobed on Avandar with his name on it. ::It came out dry and formal. Eerie still had little understanding the nuances of inflection on grammer.::

J. Matthews: Thanx. ::She hugged Eerie’s massive body::

::Eerie was caught off guard, and he would have blushed if was possible. Luckily there was little brikar blood or what was called blood, near his extremely dense hid to change any colors.::

Eerie: Thank...you....I hope you two all the happiness in the world.::Recovering quickly.::

::Jade then spotted her friend from the Independence, now on the Avandar, LtCmdr Tan.::J. Matthews: Hey Alleran, how are you?

:: Tan gave Jade a broad grin, proud of himself. He’d barely cried a bit! ::

Tan: Jade! Hah, I’m getting there, you know? Serving on the Avandar now -- it’s a quieter posting, just perfect for a shot-up old pilot, huh?::Jade hugged the trill. Last time she seen him defending the ship. Tan wrapped his arms around Jade, squeezing his friend tightly. ::J. Matthews: so glad you could come.Tan: I promise, I wouldn’t miss it for the universe. You’re a beautiful bride and this was an absolutely perfect day.

:: Tan grinned at her, gently patting Jade’s shoulder.She smiled at him, her eyes misting ::

J. Matthews: Thank you.

:: He leaned in, conspiratorially. ::

Tan: Go Jade, go Jade... ::Jade remembered her favorite phrase when she first joined the fleet.::

J. Matthews: Heehee, yeh! Go Jade!

:: The Trill laughed. ::

Tan: Okay, you. I have to duck out to say hi to someone...

J. Matthews: See ya soon Sir.

:: Taking cane in hand again, Tan slipped over to Velana, a wide smile on his face. ::

Tan: Well well well, guess I missed the honour of dancing with the maid of honour, huh?

::She recognized his voice before she turned around to see his face. Her melancholy disappeared as if someone had snapped their fingers and wished it away.::

Velana: Lieutenant! ::She took in the extra pip on the white collar of his dress uniform:: I mean, Commander. ::It suddenly felt very silly to be so formal. Besides that, as she looked her old friend up and down, she zeroed in on his physical condition.:: You look so much better than the last time I saw you, but I still have to ask...are you...

::He laughed and her shoulders relaxed. The last time they’d spoken had been during a mind meld, as she desperately tried to keep the Tan symbiont from rejecting his broken body. It seemed to have worked; he was the same sweet, smiling man she remembered from the Independence.::

Tan: Heh, oh, no. Slowly getting back into the swing of things. I’m actually scheduled for surgery soon -- going to hopefully get the ole’ body straightened out again, then I might even requalify for my wings, you know?

Velana: That’s wonderful. ::She wanted to reach out and embrace him, but something stopped her. It might have been the crowd all around them...or it might have been the touch of sadness in his eyes that she only recognized the longer she looked at him.::

:: He smiled warmly. ::

Tan: It was great seeing you again, Velana. If there’s enough time, maybe I could steal you for a quick dance?

::Maybe she’d been wrong. Maybe she was projecting her own feelings onto her friend.::

Velana: ::nodding:: I would like that. A lot. ::She caught her lower lip between her teeth before it could tremble.:: I’ve missed you.

:: Alleran extended his hand, taking hers in his, then moved slowly towards the open area with her. ::

Tan: I’ve missed you, as well. I’ve been missing the old crew a lot, although it’s good to see that despite it all... despite being scattered over the universe... we can still come together for something like this, you know?

Velana: Absolutely.

:: The music played, and Alleran found the tune to be easy to follow. ::

Velana: So, tell me...how have you been?

Tan: Things have been good. We were... well, the crew was trapped in a thing. It was like a dream, we were all playing different roles, but there was a bit of us too... it lasted ten years. In a way, it’s been a lot longer since I saw everyone, but... at the same time, it wasn’t real, so there’s that, too.

Velana: Ten years... ::She shook her head in amazement.:: What did you do in all that time?

Tan: Oh, you know. The usual... what you’d expect. Hooked up with someone on the crew, started a family. Four kids, would you believe.

:: The song changed, so he paused a moment to let the music switch back. ::

Velana: A wife and children?

Tan: Mmm, yep. That’s all... gone, though, I guess. But Kira and I are still close, despite her transfer. ::A chuckle:: What about you, mmm? How’s things going for you?

Velana: Nothing nearly as interesting, I’m afraid to say.

:: The music started again and Alleran resumed the slow dance. ::

Tan: Congrats on your extra pip, by the way. It looks good on you.

Velana: I keep forgetting that I was promoted, yes. ::She could feel herself blushing.:: Chief Medical Officer on the Mercury.

:: Entirely unsurprised, Alleran just grinned. ::

Tan: You’ll do well at that post. I hear good things about the Mercury.

:: The music ended and he let her go. ::

Tan: Anyway, let’s go say goodbye to Jade and Alexander. It’s getting late, and if I don’t hop off the holodeck and get back to work, I’ll turn into a pumpkin.

Velana: All right. Just...don’t be a stranger, all right?

Tan: You know I won’t.

::Alexander walked over to his friend Eerie and thanked him for standing with him on this day of happiness. He introduced Jade to him, he looked as his mother and father and enjoyed his friends and shipmates having fun in his home, but it’s now Jade’s home too. He found peace within himself at last. He looked to Jade and smiled as the afternoon sun entered the windows of the music room. Alexander has spoken the vows of honor to his bride, now his wife forever. Jade kissed him on the lips.::

::While Eerie was stoic as usual, he was very happy for his very good friend Alex. He still wished they were crewmates. But one never knew what adventures the Federation had in store for both of them. Meeting his bride and the people that meant the most to him, was an honor for him and he was sure to spread the good news to the rest of the crew of the Avandar.::

J. Matthews: ::whispering:: Us forever.

A. Matthews: ::Smiling.:: Our hearts together forever.


Lt.Cmdr. Alexander James Matthews

Chief Of Operations

USS Mercury NCC-99812


Lt. Jade Elizabeth Matthews

Chief Of Security

USS Mercury NCC-99812


Lt. Cmdr. Eerie

Chief Tactical/Security

USS Avandar


Commander Aron Kells

Commanding Officer

USS Mercury


Cmdr William Rogers


USS Drake


Lt.Cmdr Velana

Chief Medical Officer

USS Mercury


Lt.Cmdr Eyas Wulfantine

Chief Tactical Officer

USS Mercury


Captain Kalianna Nicholotti

Commanding Officer

Starbase 118/USS Victory


Captain Andrus Jaxx

Commanding Officer

USS Apollo


Lt. jg T’Mihn Ah’mygahn

Chief Science Officer

USS-Tiger-A 52199


Lt. Cmdr. Alleran Tan


USS Avandar

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