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A Moment in the life of a miracle worker

Rinev Shryn

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Warp core is breaching

Just panic on the whole deck

Will we contain it

Polorise the hull?

My console just exploded

Get a medic now

A tear in subspace

A transporter just gone wrong

My Hypo-spanner!

"Evacuate now

Let me contain the core breach"

"Sir, the doors are jammed"

"The Geffories Tubes

It is the only way out

Go, go, go, go, go"

My hand is bleeding

Engineering is empty

I am now alone

Silence on the deck

"Captain to engineering

What is going on"

"Warp core is breaching

Transporters are offline

And a subspace tear"

"How long till the breach"

"I am guessing ten minutes"

"Can you contain it"

"In five minutes sir"

"I will expect it in two"

"Ok I will have..."

"OK Make it so"

Warp core breach in 7 minutes

"Yes sir, aye aye sir"

Wrestle with the controls

I will fight until the end

Got to stop the breach

I am the tamer

My console a fierce lion

I have to tame it

Lives on my shoulders

The fate of the entire ship

I'll eject the core

I have done it

The warp core floating in space

I'm an engineer



Lt JG Jorus Cogud


USS Discovery-C

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