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August 2012 Writing Challenge

Tony, aka VAiru

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Greetings and various apropos felicitations, Writing Challenge enthusiasts, and welcome to this special August Challenge! Read this introduction carefully, as any entries that don't follow the guidelines will be disqualified.

A collaboration between last month's winner Dave, aka Alleran Tan, and I had resulted in this special August theme: "A Moment In The Life Of..." Every entry must be under 1000 words for this round, which means that flash fiction and short-short stories would be ideal. However, I'd also like to open the Challenge up to some forms we haven't seen before. For example, how about some Trek-based freeform poetry, or a Trek cinquain? Perhaps you could dazzle the judges with a series of haiku? Whatever you choose to do, make sure your entry is 1000 words or less -- but be creative as well! This is a special round, so give it everything you have!

To participate in this Challenge, please create a new thread. From the "Topic Prefix" selection list, choose "Jul/Aug" -- don't forget to do this, because without it your story won't be considered for this round! You may denote your story as a "Work in Progress," but please do so at the beginning of the story (not in the thread topic), and remember to finish it before the deadline, as any story noted as a work in progress will not be considered.

The deadline for this challenge is August 22nd! That gives you exactly three weeks to get your entries in, so begin thinking now! All entries in this Challenge will be judged by a panel of UFoP judges, as usual, and you can expect a Challenge winner and entry feedback by the end of the month. The next Challenge (September & October) will be a more traditional two-month themed topic.

Some standard rules and guidelines apply:

*Your work must be completely original.

*You must be the sole author of the work.

*Your story must take place in the Star Trek universe, but may not center upon canon characters.

*Sign your final draft as you would a post on your ship.

*Remember, nothing over 1000 words!

As of today, Wednesday, August 1st, this Challenge is open! The very last day to enter is Wednesday, August 22nd, so submit your entry soon! For any questions regarding our Challenge, remember that you can always visit the Writing Challenge website.

Good luck!

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Thank you to everyone who entered this challenge! I haven't seen such a fantastic turnout for a while! This contest is now officially closed, and we should have results for you in about a week. Thanks again for participating!

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