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Dream Fragments

Tal Tel-ar

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((USS Apollo, Sickbay, Now))

The room was packed with wall to wall casualties intermixed with medics rushing to save as many as they could. The sound was unbelievable. A wild mix of yells, shouted orders cries and moans of pain. A truly chaotic mess with no end in sight. One where everyone was stressed, struggling with the enormity of the situation.

So it was no wonder that some of the worse cases had been shuffled to the back out of the way. Ones that nothing more could be done for. Like the young female Andorian Lt. jg. that had been recovered from the USS Nelson. She was alive, her vital statistics were close to stable but she was completely 100% brain dead. Just another of those hopeless cases that could be forgotten about until the more immediate needs of the other patients had been dealt with.

Right next to her was another Andorian. This one was different. He was tall, so tall that his feet hung out past the end of the bed but that was not the only difference. Where her face had relaxed into a calm relaxed pose that resembled sleep his face was a rigid mask that could have been carved from stone. Between that and his massive physical structure he still possessed a faint air of grim determination.

Like the female he was unconscious with no visible injuries or damage. Unlike the female he still had brain activity, unfortunately his was erratic. Something about the strange alien creature they had encountered was affecting him in ways they could not understand. So for now he rested alone near the back. Hooked up to various monitors, ones that normally would be heard and responded to, but that were ignored due to the cries, moans and yells of frantic patients, doctors and nurses pushed to the brink. Fighting to live, save another life or prolong the inevitable as long as possible.

Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar was completely oblivious to all of this. To the conditions around him, the female beside him. Even to the fact that he was here, shuffled out of the way. His mind adrift in a sea of confusion, lost amid the shattered memories that had once been his life.

((Ten-nok VII, 23 years ago))

Tal reached up and wiped the blood from his face. His steel gray eyes watching carefully, waiting for the next attack. There were 3 of them. All older students here in the military training barracks. They eyed him with disgust, mocking expressions on their faces as they prepared to finish what they had started. Short clubs made of carved hard wood, baked under the harsh desert sun until they were as hard as metal clenched in their hands.

When they moved, they moved as one. Their training showing in the tactics that they used to ensure he had no way to escape. Unfortunately for them Tal had no intention of running.

He curled into a lose ball, seemingly scared as if he hoped to protect his vital regions by doing so. It was a ruse, one that worked. At least long enough that he was able to kick out with all his strength. His heel connected with the soft tissue associated with most species male reproductive organs. Tal never stopped moving. He followed it up by rolling to his left and using a leg sweep to take the feet out from under that attacker. Even then he never stopped moving, he continued to roll and only stopped when he slammed into the fallen body of the lad he had knocked down.

They grappled with his opponent seeking to use his club while Tal merely reached out and grabbed his head. One swift twist followed by a sudden snap and a last final gasp and Tal let go, pushing himself off and over the now suddenly thrashing body. He was just in time as the edge of one of the clubs just missed his head. It did however slam into the skull of the still thrashing boy shattering his skull.

Tal crouched, watching as his last standing opponent started to circle looking for an opening. Behind him in a pool of his own vomit lay the one he had kicked. His body was wracked by twitches and spasms as he continued to moan and gasp. Suddenly his entire body convulsed and he retched throwing up some more.

Tal started to shift his body weight when someone kicked him from behind. His opponent took advantage of this and rushed forward club raised ready for use….

((Ten-nok VII, 26 years ago))

Tal lay on the cool stone of the cave entrance. Outside the blazing sun was slowly starting to set. Hazy heat waves still confused his vision but soon that would change. The temperature would drop and he needed to find some food quickly. He had not eaten in almost 4 days and he could feel his stomach protesting as a result. Fortunately that was his only worry. Deep inside the cave was a small pool of clear water so he never lacked for that.

Suddenly he spotted a small shadow low on the horizon. As he watched it slowly came closer. There was something unusual about it. He had never seen anything like it. As he continued to watch he saw that it was really more than one thing approaching. It was a small group of strange looking creatures. They moved in single file, one behind the other. What made them unusual was that they looked faintly like him but instead of blue skin these had dark crimson skin tones and wore strange things on their bodies. He wondered if there was a reason for the strange items even as he continued to watch and wonder what they were….

((Ten-nok VII, 23 years ago))

Tal slammed the boys head into the stone pillar one last time then let him fall. Even as he did it he moved to put the wall behind him ready for the next attack. His steel gray eyes scanning the other students even as he spotted a small group of their instructors standing off to one side watching.

Just then one of them stepped forward. He moved to the center of the room, stepped over one body and then turned to address the crowd. His stern face giving no indication of what he was thinking as he started to explain what Tal had done right and what he had done wrong to win the fight.

For Tal it was enough that he had survived, he no longer sought or cared what his instructors thought when it came to him. All that mattered was learning all he could and being prepared for the next sneak attack…..

((Earth, Starfleet Academy, 15 years ago))

Tal walked along the corridor. As he did he scanned the numbers on the doors looking for the one they had told him was his. He found it, about half way down the hall and immediately opened the door and walked in. As he did he heard a strange high pitched shriek. It made his antenna twitch and he turned towards the sound.

There on the bed lay 2 people. One was obviously a male. Most likely human as he resembled so many of that unusual species. The other was female with long lavender hair, exotic purple eyes and she seemed to be upset about something as she grabbed for the sheets and quickly covered up her naked body.

Tal turned away, his eyes scanning the room. One half was decorated and obviously occupied while the other was bare with only the bed, desk and a closet. He stepped over and dropped his stuff on the bed as he heard movement from behind him.

Turning back he was surprised to be confronted by what seemed to be an enraged male almost as tall as himself. The man had long shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and a well developed athletes body, one that had seen a lot of sun if the bronze skin tones were any indication. When he spoke he had an unusual accent that seemed to suit him.

“Hey, what do you think your doing.”

“I was told by student registration that these would be my quarters. I assume that since you are using that bed, that this one is mine.” Tal replied calmly.

“That’s not what I meant. Didn’t you see the do not disturb sign on the door.”

“No. Did you require privacy?”

“Yeah. What the hell did you think I was doing when you barged in?”

“I have no idea. Regardless I will not intrude on your activities. You may proceed.” With that Tal turned and reached for the single, small duffle bag that held every thing he owned.

Suddenly he was grabbed by the shoulder and Tal spun back faster than expected. He easily blocked the punch and was about to return it when he forced himself not to. He had no idea why this man was so angry but as much as he wanted to pound him, he may have had reason to do as he did. Not for the first time Tal felt totally out of place.

As Tal just stood there he noticed the facial expression on the other guy change. He had no idea what that meant, but he did understand the sudden relaxation of his tensed muscles. He was no longer willing to continue their physical disagreement.

“You really do not know do you?”

“I am not sure I understand the question.” Tal replied.

“Ha, ha, you are one weird dude. I think this is going to be one hell of a year.”

As he said it Tal let him go and stepped back.

“My names Jason Stone, from the sunny beaches of Australia here on Earth and that lovely young lass over there behind me is Risa Tial from Bandora IV.”

Tal looked at first one then the other before he responded. Jason had a huge smile on his face while the girl merely gave him a small grin and nodded in response.

“I am Tal Tel-ar, I am Andorian from Ten-nok VII.”

“Never heard of the place, anyway now that we have been properly introduced could I ask you to go take a very long walk and get acquainted with the grounds.” Jason asked with a grin. “Me and Risa were just discussing various aspects of interspecies bonding and it is probably going to take a while.”

Tal looked at first him then the girl before he replied. “As you wish.” Then he gave a slight nod of his head and headed towards the exit…..

((USS Apollo, Sickbay, Now))

A young female nurse paused to examine the data readouts on the monitors and automatically did a reset and diagnostic. When the readouts remained the same she quickly turned and waved her arm to get someone’s attention. It worked and a few seconds later she got a response.

“What is it?”

“His neural activity is getting more erratic. Dropping close to coma levels with occasional spikes that could indicate synopsis failure.”

“Increase the setting on the neural stimulators to 21.86 and give him 85 cc’s of dopamine and 120 cc’s of phloraphine.”

“Understood Doctor, anything else?”

“Just keep an eye on him and pray.” With that he turned away and hurried over to his next patient….

((USS Eagle, Tal’s personnel quarters, 6 years ago))

Tal stood in the center of his room. His tall athletic body slowly twisting and turning through a complex series of ancient movements that did not over tax his current physical capabilities. At least he could stand now. For a while he feared he might never walk on his own again. As the thought drifted through his mind he glanced over to where the hover chair he had been confined to for the last year sat waiting in case he might need it again.

Doing so momentarily messed up his concentration and he over extended causing a sudden sharp jolt of pain to slam into his spine which nearly caused him to fall over. He caught himself and slowly straightened up. As he did Tal clenched his fists. It was the only outward sign that he was [...]ed. Otherwise he was as he always was, apparently calm and unconcerned.

Just then his door chime sounded. For a moment he almost did not recognise the sound. No one ever visited him in his quarters. In fact no one ever spent any time around him off duty and very few spent any time around him on duty.

Without a second thought Tal walked over towards the door as he spoke. “Enter.” The door responded to his voice and automatically opened to reveal Ensign Elina Kincaide. She stood there holding his back brace in her hands. She had shoulder length black hair, clear pale skin and for some reason her face suddenly turned beet red.

Tal stood there waiting for a moment before he repeated his statement. “You may enter Ensign.”

“Ahh…. Thank you sir… “ For some reason she seemed uneasy. She kept looking anywhere but at him and each time her eyes strayed in his direction she seemed to get a little redder.

“Is there a problem Ensign?”

“Your naked…..”

((Cart’hen III, City of Mith, Police detention cell, 7 years ago))

Tal hung from the ceiling, his feet about a foot off the floor. His clothes lay in a pile near by and he felt a slight chill from the cold damp air. He must be pretty far underground for him to feel like that. Either that or he was in worse condition than he thought. He knew that up above on the surface that it would be 45 to 50 degrees in the shade. A mild day according to the locals.

He heard a sound and managed to lift his head. He could only see out of one eye and as he expected it was the same man that had been questioning him for the last few hours. Evidently it was time for some new questions.

“You must be feeling a little tired by now. Tell you what. Admit that you’re a hired assassin and I’ll cut you down.”

Tal tried to speak, managed to swallow and finally croaked out a reply. “Lt. Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar. Federation Officer, USS Eagle.”

He was rewarded with a sudden massive blow to his lower back that sent jolts of pain flashing up and down his body.

“Lets try that again @#$%^&*. Admit that you’re a Federation assassin.”

Tal fought the waves of pain that threatened to wash over him and spoke again. “I am Lt. Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar. Federation Officer, USS Eagle.”

Again he was struck with the yard long steel rod. This time he failed to ride the waves of pain….

((USS Eagle, Engineering, 6 years ago))

Tal looked up at the current Chief Engineer as he spoke, something that he was slowly getting use to ever since he had been confined to this @#$%^& hover chair.

“Lt. Chalmers, I understand that your staff are busy. I only require 1 of them to make the necessary repairs and recalibrate my back brace.”

“Look sir. I understand your wanting to be able to get up and walk but the ship took one hell of a pounding. We’re lucky to still have power and we’re trying to keep it that way.”

“Lt. I would appreciate it if you could assign someone to repair this device today.” As he said it Tal held up the damaged back brace that he was holding.

Lt. Chalmers ran one hand through his hair while looking around. He looked tired and slightly worn out as his eyes searched the room looking for something.

“All right. Ensign Kincaide over there is probably the best suited to the job. Tell her I said she needs to fix it. Now if you’ll excuse me sir, I have work to do.” With that he turned and walked off.

Tal activated the controls on his hover chair and floated over to where she was crouched down in front of an access panel. Her tool box was open beside her and she was busy working on something and muttering under her breath while doing it.

“Ensign. May I have a word with you.” Tal asked.

“Look I’m busy. Go fix it yourself.” She replied with out turning around.

“If I could I would Ensign. However this device requires more skilled hands that I have.”

She muttered a groan as she pulled her arms out of the opening in front of her and stood up while turning around.“Look can’t you see I’m busy…. Ohhh….”Suddenly her expression of exasperation changed to one of surprise and contrition. “Sorry sir…. I didn’t realize… I mean….”

((Cart’ hen III, City of Mith, Subterranean tunnel, 7 years ago))

They hurried along the narrow passage way ignoring the stench and occasional clump of noxious material. Between the 2 largest members of the rescue team hung the naked form of their Chief of Security, Lt. Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar. He looked like hell warmed over and then stomped by a herd of wild bison. Suddenly they slowed to a stop.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m not sure but I think he’s coming to. Besides I gotta rest a moment Lt. Cmdr.” Was the panted reply. “The chief ain’t some lightweight you know.”

“All right take 10. Palmer check him out. Let me know his status.”

“Sure thing.” He replied as he moved forward and started to conduct an examination.

Tal opened his one eye and looked around. Things were a little blurry but he recognised the people around him. Evidently they had sprung him from his situation. He tried to reach out and grab the man next to him. Instead it was he who reached out and took his hand.

“Cmdr. Tel-ar. Listen to me. We have to get you to the ship. You have massive internal injuries and extensive damage to your spine. Do you understand?”

Tal tried to speak as his eyes rolled back into his head. The last thing he heard was, “We’re losing him sir. We got to ……”

((USS Apollo, Sickbay, Now))

“DOCTOR!!!” yelled the nurse from where she stood next to the bed holding the impressive figure of an Andorian Cmdr. “Neural activity is dropping.”

Suddenly she was pushed aside as the doctor rushed up to see for himself just what was going on. His fingers moved to the neural simulators and increased the charge, more than doubling their output.

“Sir isn’t that setting dangerously high?”

“It is but we need to try and stimulate activity. Last thing I want is to tell the Captain we have 2 brain dead Andorians down here.”


“Get me 50 cc’s of adrenalin, 200 cc’s of Zormadine, 35 cc’s of Korvindamine and another 60 cc’s of phloraphine.”

“I thought you couldn’t use Korvindamine on Andorians. It was considered too risky.” She asked as she prepared the meds requested.

“It is but I’m hoping the phloraphine will lessen the bad side affects and give us a positive response.” The doctor replied as he took the first hypo spray and administered the medication. As soon as he was done he reached for the next one.

((Earth, Scotland, Kincaide Manor, 4 years ago))

Tal turned to watch as Elina and her father walked slowly towards him. She looked radiant dressed all in white and he had to wonder again how he had ended up here.

It had been a strange, surreal experience for him. One in which he was never really sure how and why they were together. Not that he regretted it. No in fact for some peculiar reason he really did not understand he not only enjoyed being with her but looked forward to every moment spent with her.

((USS Apollo, Sickbay, Now))

The nurse suddenly reached over and stopped the doctor from applying the hypo spray in his hand.

“Nurse. What do you think your doing?”

“Look at the monitor. His adrenal levels just jumped.”

“What?” Exclaimed the doctor as he turned to examine the data displayed for himself. “But that’s impossible.”

((USS Challenger-A, 3 years ago))

“Well Doctor how is she?” Tal asked as soon as the doctor had entered the room.

“Honestly she is doing better than expected. As you know there was some concern since most mothers of hybrid species babies suffer some complications.”

“You explained all this to me all ready Doctor. My concern right now is for my wife.”

“Well in that case Cmdr. I can tell you she is in great condition and so are your 4 babies. You may go in and join her if you like.”

“Thank you Doctor.” Tal replied as he turned and headed towards the room he knew Elina was in.

((USS Apollo, Sickbay, Now))

“What is it?” asked the nurse.

The doctor turned towards her with a confused look on his face as he replied. “I’m not sure. Somehow his body is fighting what ever is happening to him.”

“Could this be a normal physiological reaction due to his species?”

“I doubt it. Patients about to drop into a coma never suddenly start to produce adrenaline, cortisone, endorphines, seratonin, or dopamine. Let alone at such levels. It’s like his body is trying to kick start his neural activity on its own.”

((USS Challenger-A, 2 years ago))

Tal stood on the bridge. His gaze fixed to the forward view screen ahead of him. This was it. His first real command, this was the chance of a lifetime. One he planned not to waste.

After all he had been through, growing up as a primitive barbarian on a pre-industrial world, then to be found and educated but tossed away by his own species, forever bared from returning to Andor by an act of the Science Council. Finding himself suddenly among strangers all over again, lost in a world he never really understood even though he enjoyed the challenges of the Academy.

Even his career with Starfleet, spending most of his time as an Ensign in one brig or another every time he got shore leave. Returning to the Academy for more training, then making the rounds as he served on first one ship then another. Follow that by meeting and falling in love with a human female who due to severe complications during her second pregnancy had left Starfleet and him to return to Earth.

Now this….

((USS Apollo, Sickbay, Now))

“He’s starting to convulse. It’s too much for his system.” Exclaimed the Doctor as he threw his upper body on top of the suddenly convulsing Andorian on the bed in front of him.

“What can I do?” asked the nurse.

“Reduce the neural stimulators output by 50% first then give him 75 cc’s of Covalinamine.”The doctor ordered as he was almost tossed off. The convulsions were getting worse.

The nurse did as ordered then added her body weight to that of the doctors. Even then he easily bounced the 2 of them around. Suddenly his entire body arched, held that pose for a couple seconds then he collapsed to lie still. They both waited a few moments before they stood up, glancing at each other to make sure they were both all right.

Then the doctor checked the data on the monitors did a couple quick scans and finally turned to face the nurse with a small smile on his tired features. “He should be ok now. Just let him sleep.” Then he turned to go help the next patient that needed help.

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I'm afraid I can't consider this entry because it's not in the first person. If you'd like to rewrite it so it is and resubmit it by tonight, I'd be happy to consider it :-)

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