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JP: MCCALL/WALTAS: When Pigs Achieve Warp Capability

Telice Shagan

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((Ready Room, USS Discovery))

::His arm still hurt from being mauled, even though Dr. Morning-Song had assured him it was fully healed. There were wounds that ran deeper, and to distract himself on the way back to DS-285, the Ba’ku Captain had ensconced himself in his ready-room, burying himself in reports and catching up on the new crew that had arrived during the mission. The ending was, to say the least, unexpected-to find Zero as an ally and Starfleet personnel as the enemy. He tapped away on the console, filling out the forms he could have easily left to Blueheart. Instead he’d left his XO on the bridge, babysitting the Sovereign as she arrived at the starbase. Outside the door Captain McCall stood with a padd, he had actually been outside for a few minutes but was yet to press the chime. He read and reread what was on the padd, eventually before eventually pressing the door chime.::

WALTAS::Head barely rising:: Enter.

::The doors hissed open and Tyr continued to type.::

MCCALL: I see that even as we arrive back at the station you are still trying to keep up with the paperwork.

WALTAS::Continuing to type:: Hey Steve. Glad to hear you’re alright. I assume you’ve read the reports.

MCCALL: I have and there is something that sticks out.

WALTAS::Switching to another PADD:: What is it?

MCCALL: The person, the people behind this have not been found and we are not going to find them from here. What they did is unacceptable. Too many people have died who need to get justice for what has happened and I think that I am the person to do it.

::The hands stopped typing. Raising his deep blue eyes to meet those of his friend, mentor and former CO, the Ba’ku pulled his graying hair back and blinked.::

WALTAS: Say again?

MCCALL: ::handing over a padd.:: This is my formal request for transfer to Starfleet Intelligence Sol system so that I have a better chance to hunt down those that are responsible for this

::A storm of emotions struck him, all at the same time. He’d been with McCall since he was an Ensign. He’d learned everything there was to know about being a Commanding Officer from him. Now…the words that came from him were almost inconceivable.::

WALTAS::Putting down the PADD:: Steve…you can’t be serious.

MCCALL: I am afraid that I am.

WALTAS::Waving dismissively:: We’ll track the perpetrators down. And Starfleet Security already has half the sector on lockdown. We’ll find them. There’s no need for you to get directly involved. ::He paused, gazing at his long-time friend with a measured look:: There’s something else driving this.

MCCALL: We have some of them but not those really behind this. More importantly, I have a wife and a son that I have not seen in ages. I think I am missing some of the better years.

WALTAS::Sighing:: Well, that at least makes more sense. Although I pity those behind the bio-weapon with you on their trail.

::Rising from his chair, he stood at the window, gazing out at the stars. His voice was quiet when he spoke again::

WALTAS: We’ve served together since the very beginning.

MCCALL: All things change Tyr.

WALTAS::Turning:: Discovery won’t be the same without you, Steve.

MCCALL: True, you will just have one less person to order about

::Nodding, he stepped toward his friend.::

WALTAS: I can’t change your mind?

MCCALL: Not this time I am afraid

::The storm subsided, just for a moment. The Ba’ku extended his hand.::

WALTAS: Fair weather, Captain.

MCCALL: Same to you and the crew

::When McCall grasped his hand Tyr pulled him into an embrace, knowing the businesslike Captain would never do so himself. He clapped his friend on the back and then let go.::

WALTAS::Blinking away tears:: I’ll let the crew know.

MCCALL: No fanfare if you please.

WALTAS::Innocently:: Of course not. No ceremonies. You can go quietly on your way.

MCCALL: Thank you Skipper.

::Smiling, Tyr watched his friend leave, then sat back down, immediately sending a message to the crew to assemble on the docking area in 15 minutes in dress uniforms.::

WALTAS::Quietly:: And pigs will have warp capability..

((15 minutes later, Docking Ring, DS-285))

::The dress whites were a little more snug than they used to be, and definitely more snug than when he was an Ensign. He stood at the end of a long line of officers, resplendent in their dress whites and all standing at parade rest. Tyr kept his eyes fixed on the door that linked Discovery with the station. When they opened and McCall appeared with his things, Tyr snapped to strict attention and spoke in a loud voice.::

WALTAS: Honors, HUP! Officer departing. Attention!

::The entire hallway filled with the crew of the USS Discovery, and, Tyr knew, the ghosts of the past as well, stood in quiet attention and respect as McCall made his way toward him.::

::Tyr smiled as McCall reached him.::

MCCALL: You just could not help yourself could you?

WALTAS: This? Oh, we just all happened to be in our dress whites as we left the ship. New procedure. You know Starfleet. There’s one every day. ::Growing serious:: I couldn’t let you leave without giving you the respect you deserve, Steve. This ship is losing one of its best.

MCCALL: Sure you will get by without me.

WALTAS::Snapping to attention:: Yes sir.

:: Steve McCall turned to the assembled officers, some like Rode Mitchell he had known for years and years, others sure as Meng Tian who he had really only just got to know. Others had arrived during the current mission and he had never really even me them.::

MCCALL: I have always been a man of a few words and this is not going to be an exception. I have served with some of you for a long time, others of you for practically no time at all. In one form or another I have served on a ship called Discovery for a long time. During all of this time officers come and go, one person does not make a crew, you will get on fine without one person whoever they are. Whether you realize it or not you as a crew are a family. When times are tough you will need to be there for each other. I suppose in many ways this last mission is a good example of that. Goodbye and good luck crew of the USS Discovery.

:: McCall turned away from the crew, gave Tyr a quick nod and headed through the docking hatch to go to Earth and his wife and son.::

Captain Tyr Waltas

Commanding Officer

USS Discovery


Captain Steve McCall

Director of Intel

Starfleet Command

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Hi -- thank you for the submission. Please read the rules regarding subject titles. There's no need to include "JP" in there smile.png

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