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Round 13 Lt. Jg T'Mhin: Moments

Alexander Matthews

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Note: This was written before this officer was promoted.

((Tiger-A Deck 4-Junoir officer crew quarters ) )

:: The ensign looked at the PADD in her hand, it held the schematics of the new Prometheus vessel she was to serve on. According to the data it was the most advanced vessel Starfleet had, and certainly the most advanced she had ever seen. First order of business was to find her quarters, stow what items she had before checking in to the commanding officers. ::

oO There it is. Oo

:: Touching the door panel she walked into a single occupancy room, that to her seemed large for one person. Her own quarters on Shield were this size and they housed her husband, child and herself. illumination activated once a living being entered the room. No need to fumble for the controls when tired. Convenient. Logical. A glance around showed a bed, deck consol, dresser and a closet for clothing, the refresher was in another room. A glance in there to familiarize herself, T’Mynn noticed another even smaller room in the ‘fresher, curious she put her head in to suddenly jerk back in gasping in surprise. Reached a hand to her head finding it and her body was all wet.

oO Water out of the walls? Oo

:: Starfleet Academy did mention these things, but experiencing them was another course in and of itself. Looking down, contemplating changing, she saw the droplets being quickly absorbed by her skin. Vulcan epidermis was made to be a bit more osmotic than a human’s. If needed, a V’tosh could ‘drink’ in mists that occasionally rose off the small oceans of Ti’Valk’ian absorbing water that way. The last time the woman had seen that world seemed to be many lifetimes ago. She decided to let the water absorb and put her toiletries in the fresher in the meantime. Medium sized blown glass bottles made by her uncle holding scented oils made from plants grown in her mother’s gardens were placed on the sink. She replicated a bowl of very fine sand, that too found it’s place. ::

:: A quick uniform change while the computer updated her data, then chirped to indicaite an open subspace com channel was active. ::

oO Punctual as usual Oo

:: T’Mynn though with a smile as the faces of her parents appeared on screen. ::

Farin: Hello, little one.

T’Mynn: Hello Father. How are you and Mother and brothers doing?

Farin: We are all doing well.

::A head poked itself into frame, T’Mynn’s brother Sorin, eyebrow went up.::

Sorin: Why are you wet? Did someone throw you into another body of water again? You should try to avoid that.

T’Mynn:: head up a finger in an effort to explain when another head poked into frame, this time Sarek.::

Sarek: Maybe it’s a Starfleet thing. Ensign tossing. Although Lil’sister is small, so maybe it’s dwarf tossing. :: He grins. ::

T’Mynn: Nope, No dwarf tossing. Just an encounter with the shower. They have water coming out of the walls on this ship.

:: All three men’s eyes widen a little at that. ::

Sarek: Water from the walls? :: Incredulously.:: Try the sonic shower next time, less messy. :grins: Did you find a nice mate yet. You can't play doubles Mahdhzong with only seven. Hurry up. :grins:

T’Mynn: I..uh.. well..:: raising an eyebrow:: I wasn’t looking, I needed to study not go looking for males. ::Looking mildly uncomfortable even though the man was gently teasing hoping for a smile.::

::Sorin shoves him out of frame. Only to be shoved out of frame by Farin. The brothers conversation though quiet wasn’t missed by keen V’Tosh hearing. In the background she caught Sorin saying “What’s the matter with you, that’s a touchy subject. :: Sounds of a hand gently swatting someone.:: "Give her time.” ::

Farin: Hiist out,both of you. Go work on the Disciplines, you both can chat with her later. :Shaking head.:: Boys.

:: T’Mynn tried to keep the grin of her face. She could hear the duo shouting back comments and joking with each other. The two brothers could be at times incurable but she loved them nonetheless. They added a lot of life to the family. Many days of laughter especially during the long trip through the vast wastes of space. They truly cared for her, they wanted her to be whole again by finding someone to complete her.::

oO It’s not that easy my dear brothers. A soul mate isn’t found on trees. Oo

Farin ::Looking apologetic:: Sorin tends to speak before thinking.

T’Mynn: I understand his sentiment, and I greatly appreciate his concern..What’s new?

Farin: Ah. There will be a new addition to the family. ::T’Mynn raised a questioning eyebrow:: T’Ami, is with child.

::Farin was calm but his eyes showed how joyful he was. ::

T’Mynn: That’s wonderful? When?

Farin: Anytime now, she’s anxious for them to see the world.

T’Mynn: Them? Twins? Again?

:: Twinning was rare among their species, but occasionally some families tended to have more of them than others. Pregnancy was hard on a V’tosh because of their anatomy the baby was carried low which proved to be a bit uncomfortable. Twins made it a bit more uncomfortable. T’Mynn knew that if T’Ami was with twins, she would’ve been bedridden for three quarters of the term.::

:: Farin nodded, the scenery seemed to be moving around as if he were carrying the computer through the house. She saw familiar things, mother’s plants all over the home. . ::

Farin: ::Whispering. :: She is sleeping, but I figured you wanted to see her. :;He had angled the screen to capture her, t’Ogien’s primary was shining through the large open windows, a breeze ruffling the woman’s hair. Her father quietly sat down on the edge of the bed next to T’Ami, gently stroking her forehead with his fingers. T’Ami smiled in her sleep at his touch, shifted to a better position her belly swollen the lives she carried. ::

T‘Mynn: I can see why she’s wants her tenets out. I would too.. Please give her, the babies and those troublesome brothers my love.

Farin: :: Speaking quietly still.::I will.

T’Mynn: I’d like to talk all night but I have to meet my commanding officers. Starfleet has more protocal, than I can imagine, sometimes how much is even logical.

:: She missed them all, she missed her mate and her child. Her bond with them no longer existing because both passed beyond the veil that separates this life from the next. ::

Farin: ::nodding:: it’s necessary unfortunately, politicians need jobs. Things haven’t changed much.

T’Mynn: Terrans have a saying.”The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Farin: There is wisdom there. Get going Little one, we love you and stay safe.

T’Mynn: :: Putting a hand on the screen.: So do I.

:: The connection closed, but not before a file packet showed up from her family. She put it in the desk drawer to view later after all the meet and greeting was finished. A tap or two on the environmental controls set the ambient temperature to forty degrees Celsius, gravity to 1.4 standard Gs and air density to fit that of her birth world. She finished unpacking her back pack that held a PADD, holo-cam, a small case that held paint brushes, ink well, a roll of fabric like paper, and an isolinear chip. These were carefully arranged on the desktop. A quick communicae’ to the transporter chief, the contents of the chip arrived, the rest of her items. Pots of plant-life shimmered into existence. Ti’Valk’ain plant-life that she and T’Ami had grown, and later she’d taken care of them during her tenure at the Academy. Holos of family sat at the desk, plants on the desk, floor, and shelving. A lyre stood next to the desk as well. The bed would have to stay until she could move it. It was going to feel odd sleeping on it; she was used to a floor pallet and generally preferred it. ::

:: Standing in the middle of the room, it would be home for a while. A Terran saying drifting through her memory "Home is where you hang your hat." and "Home is where your heart is." ::

oO My heart will always be with Ti'Valk'Ain until I find someone to share it with, this place is where I'll 'hang my hat." Oo

:: A small form wound itself around her ankles.::

T’Mynn: Sneaky creature following me, how did you escape notice? Hmm :: Scratching an ear on the purring feline. She secured food and water for the feline and headed out the door to start her duties on Tiger. ::

Ensign T’Mihn Ah’mygahn

Science Officer

USS-Tiger 52199-A

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