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Capt. Della Vetri & LtCmdr T'Lea - A less-than-formal report

Alleran Tan

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((USS Avandar – Ready Room))

T’Lea: Captain, a moment please?

:: At Della's somewhat wry nod, T’Lea waited for everyone to exit, and

for the door to close before breaking her stiff Vulcan stance. The

entire meeting she’d been teasing the Trill telepathically, so it came

as no surprise to her lucky victim when she sauntered over a mere foot


T’Lea: Hmm…

:: She eyed the gap between them as a problem, and quickly rectified

it by hooking an arm around the Trill and pulling her flush in a very

un-officerly snuggle, cheerfully ignoring the somewhat indignant

squawk that provoked.::

T’Lea: That’s better. How’s your shoulder?

:: With a little sound of frustration, Della managed to put a tiny bit

of distance between them, and was privately impressed with *that*

much, given how much stronger the Romu-vulc was.::

:: There was also no reason to comment on the fact that she had taken

a bit of time to summon up the will to make the move.::

Vetri: It's fine. Though some other parts of someone might get

damaged in the near future... ::smiling softly:: What's brought this


T’Lea: Well, since we manage to frak up our relationship so often

with these frelling work related boundaries, I thought we’d try mixing

business with pleasure. See if that works better.

:: Neuropressure point initiated to help smooth over the idea.::

Vetri: Hmmm.... I might appreciate some more of that... ::a little

firmer:: Later.

T’Lea: I can do later. Now then, I spoke with Lt. shShar. She’ll

be undergoing a sobriety program-

:: Close and cuddly shifted into a curious lean-back when Della’s hand

discovered something hard under T’Lea’s jacket. The Romu-vulc simply


Vetri: What the frell is that? Are you hiding a bomb in there or


T’Lea: Unzip me and find out.

:: Playfully spoken, T’Lea’s hands came to a rest on the Trill’s low

back, refusing to let the Trill go, but she also gave the other woman

enough room to unfasten the jacket and reach inside her breast


:: Inside was the confiscated flask from shShar’s quarters, which

earned the Romu-vulc a medium-withering glare as Della held it up by

the neck.::

Vetri: Keeping this one for later, are we?

:: Embrace broken, exactly as T’Lea thought might happen. Getting

the Trill a little riled up was perfect, so said her smile.::

T’Lea: No, actually, it’s for you. I took a couple of security

guards to Mikali’s quarters and we removed all of her jolly juice.

:: Scooping the Trill back into her arms she got cozy again, nuzzling

at her neck.::

T’Lea: That one I couldn’t toss. Romulan Ale. Put it with the rest

of my stuff, and maybe one day when I’ve been an *exceptionally* good

girl you’ll share it with me?

Vetri: Maybe. But I wouldnnnmmmmm.... ::banging the flask down on the

desk:: *Stop* that! So sh'Shar's dry now, huh? Good, but I doubt you

stopped there.

T’Lea: She’s pulling extra duty shifts, and *surprise*, I found out

she has a daughter, which turns out may be a related issue to the


Vetri: She's...? Hang on, I think I remember that from her

file... ::frowning:: Didn't see anything about the little one's

current status, though.

T’Lea: She’s somewhere. Not sure where exactly, but the dumb

Andorian has it in her head that the child is better off without her


:: A thoughtful expression on her face, Della gave up trying to get

free of T'Lea's hold and settled instead for tapping her fingers on

one arm as she considered what she'd just been told.::

Vetri: Sometimes true, but mostly a cop-out. And I'm more than a

little sure you agree. So what did you threaten her with?

:: Quite deliberately phrased, that one. She *did* know her mate,

after all.::

T’Lea: I left the ball in her fort. ::knit brow:: Court? Whatever.

If she wants to bring her aboard, I offered to help make it

happen. ::getting a little serious:: I don’t understand how she can

just walk away from her own flesh and blood. I’d destroy all creation

to keep T’Sara with me. ::frowning at herself:: That’s not really

logical, is it? If I destroy the universe, then we’d have nowhere to

live. ::shaking her head:: You get what I mean.

Vetri: ::chuckling:: Just about. And I'm right there with you.

:: After her apparent surrender to T'Lea's hold, she gave another

quick try to get free - which got about as far as every other one.

The weak struggling just made T’Lea enjoy the closeness that much


Vetri: ::muttering:: Dammit... ::louder:: You got more to pile on her,

or are you lulling her into a sense of paranoid anticipation?

T’Lea: No, that’s pretty much it. For now. Oh, and York took the

last shuttle out. Extended leave. What do you think?

Vetri: ::shrugging:: About time. She needs it.

T’Lea: ::nuzzle, nuzzle:: Not that, what do you think of my

brilliant idea about mixing business with pleasure?

:: This time, Della managed to summon up a reaction in less than ten

seconds, planting a finger right in the middle of T'Lea's chest and

pushing hard.::

Vetri: Your timing sucks. Put me down and go make someone else's life

difficult for a while.

:: Her stern tone was totally at odds with the smile on her lips. The

*timing* could have been better, but the sentiment was definitely


:: Backing off, but leaving her hands on the Trill’s hips, T’Lea

struck an officer’s stance.::

T’Lea: Yes, Ma’am. But first you need to zip me back up. ::off her

look:: You’re the one who *un*-zipped me. So zip me. Unless you

want me to exit onto the bridge looking like you had your way with

me. Which… I think we might have time for--

Vetri: Stop right there. If at *all* possible, now would be a good

time to find a different track for your mind to run along, you

lecherous loon.

:: T'Lea's sum total response was to nod down at her open uniform


T’Lea: Zip. Zip.

:: Rolling her eyes, Della did as she was told, if only to get back on

track as fast as possible. The process of refastening the jacket was

done with little regard at all for any sort of delicacy, but the way

her hands smoothed the fabric down when she finished was an very

different story – a story that T’Lea wouldn’t mind being told over and

over again….::

Vetri: There. Now go away.

:: Lifting an eyebrow she dipped her head slightly, ready to tempt

the Trill some more.::

T'Lea: Are you certain you’re done with the pleasure part of our

business, because I can-

Vetri: Lilyali, if I can still see you in three seconds, I will

cheerfully toss you out. Your uniform, however, will be staying here.

T'Lea: I think you got that backwards.

Vetri: ::laughing:: You wish.

:: Picking up the flask from the desk and examining it, she turned

thoughtful again. All this talk of family and mothers and such had

sparked an idea, and it seemed... appropriate, especially given the

heritage shared by half of her girls.::

Vetri: I think I'll do some viinerine tonight.

:: T’Lea stopped at the door before she triggered it open, and turned

with a feeling of warmth… more innocent than previously felt.::

T’Lea: ::heartfelt:: I’d like that very much.

:: Heading for the door with a sly grin.::

T’Lea: Especially if you don’t burn it.

Vetri: ::laughing as she pointed to the door:: Go. Away.



Captain Della Vetri

Commanding Officer

USS Avandar


"Understanding is a three edged sword - your side, their side, and the



Lt. Cmdr. T’Lea

First Officer

USS Avandar

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