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PNPC Max the Cat - New Home, New Woman, New Man

Hugh Barnes

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(( Cargo Bay, USS Apollo ))

::What was this place he was in now? Max looked up and all around him at the worried and hurried humanoids stomping their massive feet in his direction. He sat on the floor, looking at the ceiling, the cargo bay doors, the machinery that was working tirelessly and the Officers in their uniforms taking a role call from the Nelson's manifest.::

::Agent 505 wasn't entirely sure how he'd managed to stumble on board the Nelson, nor was he quite sure how he managed to find himself on board the Apollo either. A ship was a ship. The last place he remembered being was on Deep Space 17 was the two-legged specimen known as Brice but since the Engineer had a head filled with sawdust, Max wasn't surprised that he'd been forgotten about.::

Max: oO Abandoned?! Abandoned to this cruel fate to which I have found myself falling ever further! Brice, you cad! Oo

::He crooned some more until his head started to itch. He scratched it. Ah, sweet relief. He puffed up his chest. He was free from Deep Space 17. As free as the wind, baby. He could go where he pleased, do what he wanted, leave milk out on the counter without a lid in direct sunshine and no one was going to tell him he couldn't.::

:: From across the room, his heart skidded to a halt. There, sitting on the lap of a humanoid-something sat the most pristine looking feminine feline he had ever had the joy to set his eyes upon. She was smooth, her hair glossy and thick, and her eyes shining with green and yellow flecks. His heart melted. Slickly, he licked the side of his paw and flattened the top of his head. His ears twitched at the wet sensation and finally he was impressed with his own appearance. She was going to be a lucky feline this day, a very lucky feline. He was feeling good.::

:: Moving around the Cargo Bay decking, he dodged many a foot heading in his direction, saw just as many kneecaps and looked upwards to see some fashion disasters of the century. Some made him shudder; even he had good taste, it wasn't hard to have.::

Max: o0 Move out of my way… Tom on the loose here… 0o

:: His vision was obscured as a humanoid walked across his path, catching him with the side of a very uncomfortable boot and knocking him sideways. Shaking off the momentary motion sickness, he looked up to find the feline was moving with her owner. He broke into a mild run. She must've spotted him because she dodged and darted behind a mass of storage containers.::

Max: o0 [...]! 0o

:: Skidding to a halt outside one very large container, he sat there wondering how she could've spotted him so quickly. Was he getting rusty in his old age? The end of his black tail started swishing from side to side as he couldn't hide the frustration. Instead, he started whining.::

Max: o0 Oh cruel fate! What has transpired that would separate me from my true love? I long to feel your whiskers… 0o

:: Of course, this didn't come across to the humans in Shakespeare prose. Almost as quickly, a pair of hands wrapped themselves around his midriff and his paws left the floor. He panicked, wide eyed, pupils dilated, looking into the face of a young male in a gold Security uniform.::

Max: o0 Unhand me, Villain! I have a lady who I must… 0o

:: One of those hands started tickling him underneath his chin and his purr came tumbling out. He was shocked at himself and looked at the Officer with almost humanoid embarrassment.::

Max: o0 I do apologise; that's… that's never happened to me before. 0o

:: The Security Officer just smiled at him and continued scratching under his chin.::

Security Officer: Come on, little fella. Let's see who you belong to.


PNPC Max the Cat

Feline Extraordinaire

USS Apollo… for now.

Simmed by

Lt.Cmdr Ethan Brice

Assistant Chief Engineer

USS Apollo

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