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Lt.(jg) Mancuso & Lt Cmdr Sorani - The big fix (Part 1 & 2)


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(( Corridor near the Lounge ))

::His head throbbed quite painfully as he glanced down at the PaDD. Requests to repair showers were unusual, and Jack was certainly intrigued. He felt justified in checking this out himself. Alas, watching a PaDD more than where he was going was bound to lead to some complication. He almost slammed right into the woman, and just managed to avoid a collision with the unfamiliar face.::

Mancuso: Oops. My fault. I was on my way to fix a shower. Wasn’t exactly paying attention. Not everyday I get told the shower is too loud you know?

::Sorani was flustered after the events in the lounge and perhaps she wasn’t paying as much attention to her surroundings as she usually would because she nearly collided with an approaching engineer. She sucked in a breath quickly and tried to regain her composure rather than take her frustration out on him. As it happened he spoke first and it happened to be about the shower she reported, that was a curious coincidence.::

Sorani: Interesting. I think you will find that’s my shower.

Mancuso: ::He blinked twice.:: Well...umm....then that is rather embarrassing. I’m Jack. Well the Chief Engineer. Oh you know what I mean. Right?

Sorani: ::Straightening her uniform and pushing up her glasses for no apparent reason:: I’m Lt Cmdr Sorani, the new Chief Science Officer. ::Reaching out with her right hand to touch his left shoulder in the customary greeting.::

Mancuso: Pleasure to meet you. So...let’s talk about this shower problem then shall we?

Sorani: As stated in my report, it is unbearably noisy.

Mancuso: Oh. I see....kind of.

Sorani: ::It took her a moment to realise he was not familiar with Al-Leyans:: Apologies. What I mean is... Al-Leyans such as myself can hear a greater range of sounds than most other humanoids, which is why I can hear the noise it emits.

Mancuso: ::Rubbing his chin.:: Well....we could modify it to use water if you would rather. Up to you really.

::Sorani did not like the idea of having to use a water based shower. They were considered dangerous due to the risk of slipping and injuring yourself. She hated water showers a little less than the sonic shower in it’s current state but didn’t want either.::

Sorani: No. ::Not at all pleased.:: If that is all you can offer me then please, just uninstall it entirely.

Mancuso: Oh not at all. I can offer more options than that. ::He tapped at the PaDD and handed it to her.:: As you can see there are other options. I can adjust the pulse output ratio...with you present of course, until we reach a bearable frequency. Or...

::Sorani wasn’t overly happy about the idea of being subjected to more of that noise, but if it led to a solution she supposed she could tolerate it. She expected it would give her the worst migraine imaginable though. She was curious about what the other possibilities might be.::

Sorani: Or?

Mancuso: ::Gesturing at the PaDD.:: There is a variant of what some Sick Bays use. Sort of a

sterilization and decontamination phase emitter. We simply adjust it for less decontamination and more personal hygene. Besides, I’ve been dying to play around with one of those.

::Sorani was skeptical and the idea of him playing around with equipment wasn’t too comforting either. What did he think he was doing playing with toys or something?::

Sorani: I’m not sure about that.

Mancuso: Now....I do have one other, but I’m not exactly sure it’s what you might be looking for. I’m just unsure how it may sound to you...literally.

Sorani: ::Looking puzzled:: What?

Mancuso: Well, you work in science. I’m sure you’ve heard of these new sterilizing solutions. They evaporate immediately upon use. Mostly used for cleaning equipment, but I have to imagine there is an option in there that would be safe for a biological entity. It pulses the solution upon everything, so if your hearing is very sensitive....I’m just not sure about it.

Sorani: That doesn’t fill me with confidence i’m afraid.

:: Jack looked at her for a moment, contemplating just how difficult this was going to be, when it dawned on him. She was actually here to replace.....He winced at that thought.::

Mancuso: I’m sure we can work something out.

Sorani: I’m sure we can. Sorry to cause a stir over such a small matter.

((Corridors- Turbolift ))

:: Jack looked at her for a moment, contemplating just how difficult this was going to be, when it dawned on him. She was actually here to replace.....He winced at that thought.::

Mancuso: I’m sure we can work something out.

Sorani: I’m sure we can. Sorry to cause a stir over such a small matter.

Mancuso: Sorry. I don’t mean to sound aggravated. I just dislike not being able to find a solution. Well that and....

Sorani: And what?

Mancuso: You’re replacing someone that I...::Now how exactly did he think he was going to explain that?:: we were friends.

Sorani: ::Folding her arms and adopting more defencing body language:: I see.

Mancuso: Just really set in that things are moving on. If that makes any sense?

Sorani: ::Feeling awkward.:: I’m sorry for your loss.

Mancuso: ::He shrugged.:: Not that there is anything wrong with you. I’m sure we’ll get along just fine and all. I guess I’m being kind of silly about it all.

Sorani: Well no. Not really. She has departed the cycle but I am not here to replace anyone. I am merely adopting the same duty she once held. She will be reborn into the cycle eventually.

Mancuso: ::He changed the subject quickly.:: So...the shower can be modified. We just have to find what works best for you. And believe me, I’m good at improvising solutions.

Sorani: I think the simplest solution is usually the best one to try first. No point in making it harder and more complicated than it needs to be.

Mancuso: Say...could you help me input the frequencies that bother you most into a tricorder? Then I could find a nice level to work with, and not have to drag you in to be a guinea pig every time.

Sorani: I suggest a frequency beyond my range of hearing. We can run through the medical databases to make sure it is also out of range of the other humanoids.

Mancuso: Well..like you said, ‘simplest solution’. Let me see if the shower you have can actually be put at a bearable range first. The Medical database. That’s pretty clever.

Sorani: Logic and reasoning are like the xylem and phloem that sustains the branch.

Mancuso: Well...I wish I’d thought of it. ::He laughed a little.::

Sorani: ::Smiling:: I find our branches are often complementary and require many similar traits.

Mancuso: If you don’t mind me saying, you talk a bit like a Vulcan. Minus the heavy lack of emotion, mind you.

Sorani: We have been compared to Vulcans before, but usually based on more aesthetic reasons. ::Indicating her ears which were pointed, but more softly than a Vulcans.::

Mancuso: Oh I like Vulcans ok. I just think it’s a little odd keeping emotions in check all the time.

Sorani: We have no reason to repress our emotions, they are a natural part of life and existence.

Mancuso: So...you actually do fun things then? Like...oh, drink, and play chess, and …::He grinned.:: Do you like old movies? Old Earth movies I mean?

Sorani:Why would I watch Earth movies? We have our own culture. ::Smiling:: I am rather fond of molecular gastronomy, but I wasn’t able to bring any equipment for it. We do spontaneous things too like dancing... it’s an approved outlet for creative expression. ::Feeling a little calmer.::

Mancuso: Just curious. I like the old movies myself. Sounds like you won’t be as ….uptight, no offense intended there, as you first seemed.

Sorani: Well I must admit you did catch me at a bad moment. I know it’s hard on the crew, my being here. It’s a little hard for me too.

Mancuso: Oh? Anybody I know give you the unfriendly welcome?

Sorani: Well I’ve had some very good welcomes... Lt Tan and one of my own, an Ensign Ben’thal. Others have been reserved, I wouldn’t say hostile but then one in particular was just... outrageous.

Mancuso: Well just wait. Penny took it hard, but she seems really bubbly. I don’t really know her all that well actually. And Tan is a good enough fellow. So...who was the outrageous one? I just love good ship gossip.

Sorani: I’m not sure I want to talk about it, but then I guess since everyone in the lounge just witnessed it... If you had been just 5 minutes quicker you would have too.

Mancuso: Oh wow. In front of everybody eh?

Sorani: Yes. An old acquaintance who should know better than anyone else aboard! ::Getting annoyed again.::

Mancuso: Hmmm...uptight...should know better...maybe it was our Intel guy. He rubs people kind of funny. Strange guy if you ask me. Or maybe it was Kagran. Marines are always kind of strange...and being a Klingon...well....::He chuckled.:: I don’t mean to laugh. It’s just I can certainly picture one of those two. They aren’t exactly big on social graces.

Sorani: This was not the work of any Klingon. Don’t even mention the Klingons. ::Thinking for a minute.:: Say... can you delete holo programs off the system, like permanently?

Mancuso: Holo programs? Sure. Depending on the source codes complexity it might be quick and easy or it may be a little challenge. But it’s pretty simple. I’ve hidden more than one holo program from my parents in my youth.

Sorani: Well there is one. It’s got a pug-ugly ferengi in it. Rik I think. I’m not sure... Uhhh Rik Fabric or something like that. I don’t know what the actual program is called though - it could be anything. I guess that doesn’t really help much.

Mancuso: So...you want the code altered? I can just remove him instead of changing the whole program if you prefer?

Sorani: Let me say it like this. I never want to see that wretched creation again!

Mancuso: Oh I can find out which program it is easy enough. ::He smiled and shook his head.:: Full deletion it is then.

Sorani: Look at me, I am not even here for a day and already I am burdening you with chores! How bad of me...

Mancuso: ::Laughing.:: Now that is a first. Someone who actually is sympathetic to the plight of the engineer. ::He glanced around.:: That makes you the first one. ::He waved a dismissive hand.:: But don’t fret about it. If you weren’t lining up work for me, somebody else would.

Sorani: Well, I don’t know about that.

Mancuso: Anyway...I’ll get this shower sorted out for you, and then I’ll handle your little holographic friend. Fair enough?

Sorani: Of course! ::Tipping her head slightly and smiling::

Mancuso: And in return, you just ignore anything anybody says about me being a womanizing weirdo. Deal?

Sorani: Uhhm, are you serious?

Mancuso: Well...no not really. Ok...maybe the weirdo part.

Sorani: Weirdo.... ?

Mancuso: I’m sort of the village outcast. And that IS a truly long story that I’d rather not get into.

Sorani: ::Scratching the back of her neck and wondering why he brought up the topic if he didn’t want to discuss it. Was it really a prompt for her to probe further? She decided to play it safe as usual and take it as face value.:: As you wish. Another time perhaps...

Lt.(jg) Jack Mancuso

Chief Engineer

USS Avandar


Lt Cmdr Sorani

Chief Science Officer

USS Avandar

Jason B.

"It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything."


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