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Ensign J. MacLaren/2nd Lt. J. Dubeau: Star Crossed Lovers


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((Starbase 118/Outside MacLaren's door)

::Joseph stood outside Johanna's door wondering if he should just go to medical and get fixed up there. He knew she was a sensitive person and he didn't want her see him bruised and bleeding.:: oO She'll see the report anyways, she's a doctor here. She might be upset you didn't come to see her.Oo

::Joseph took stock of what damage he took during the altercation. He had a cut cheek, a bruised forearm and severely swollen, possibly broken hand. He felt a mixture of pain and excitement. He couldn't help but want more, which was a part of him that always scared him; he always tried to keep those feelings buried. Joseph went between wanting to hit the chime button on the door panel and turning about and marching himself to medical. He finally realized that it was less medical attention he wanted and more her attention.::

oO But she'll freak if she sees me this way...what do I do?... I want to see her again... I need to see her again.Oo

:: Joseph tried desperately to fight against the urges moving his finger towards her door panel.:: oO Oh Johanna I need to see you again. Oo

:: He pushed the door chime and waited.:: oO What's taking so long?Oo

::Johanna hung up the clothing she'd worn to the party and stood in just her underwear trying to decide whether to shower this evening or in the morning. She'd just turned on the water when Hope barked and ran toward the sitting room. She turned off the water and listened.

::He pushed the door chime again and waited. He began to wonder if she was waiting behind the door for him to leave. ::

MacLaren: Hope, hush! Oo Who could that be?...Only Lt. James and Joseph ken Eh'm here...He's come back! Maybe he'll ask me to go somewhere with him tomorrow. Laird, Eh'm not dressed!oO ::She quickly reached for a silk robe and knotted the belt around her waist pulling the top closed to some level of decency and ran to the door.::

::Joseph was about to push a third time, but at that instant the door sprung open and there she was, in a house coat that clung to the curves of her body. She had such a shocked look on her face he began to wonder if he had made the right decision.::

::In that instant her elation at seeing him transformed to clinical concern; her doctor's eyes took in all the injuries. The cut on his cheek was bleeding freely making streaks down to his collar. A contusion was already forming around the wound promising to leave an angry bruise.Oo Possible fracture to the cheek, check for neck injury or head wound. Did he fall when he was hit? Arm is being cradled, possible break?oO :: Joseph! Oh my Laird! What happened to ye? Let me help you! Come in!

::Joseph was surprised at the change in her eyes; they had gone from the warm caring eyes he knew from earlier that evening to the analytical doctor eyes that seemed to view him as just another patient.::

:: She put a surprisingly strong arm around him and guided him into the room before he could even reply.:: Sit down here; put your feet up, and let me get a towel. ::She disappeared, and the next thing Joseph heard was the sound of water running. The little dog put a tentative paw on his leg as if to give some comfort.::

oO I knew this was a bad idea, I've gone a from kind man to a trauma ward patient, and now the dog feels sorry for Mister Scary Shoes, great.Oo

::MacLaren was back with a wet cloth and a small black bag hanging from a strap on her shoulder. It pulled her dressing gown open a little, but she pulled it quickly back in place as she knelt by his side.:: Eh'll try not to hurt you.

::Joseph seriously doubted that she could do anything to hurt him; he was concerned with the image now in front of the beautiful flower in front of him.::

:: Gently she put the towel that had been soaked in cold water against the throbbing cheek wound.:: Tell me what happened.

Dubeau: Well... ummm... I was involved in an altercation; a Nausicaan tried to rob me.

:: As he spoke, she held the towel against his cheek with one hand and deftly opened her case with the other. She pulled out a small flash light and directed the beam to his eyes and then away a couple of times. She put it down and ran her fingers around his head searching the back for some swelling that might indicate he'd fallen during the fight and taken a blow to the head.:: A Nausecan? Was he apprehended? Did ye call security? Did no one help you?

Dubeau: I don't know if they got him, it all happened very quickly, I did advise security.

MacLaren: Your poor hand! Let me see it. :: She took out a tricorder and her brows furrowed as she looked at the readings as she held it over the hand and the arm.:: Your hand is broken in two places. It must hurt like the Devil.

::Looking down at her, Joseph was heart broken to see the look of concern in her beautiful eyes; all Joseph wanted to do was hold her close, that would make the little bit of pain go away.::

Dubeau: Don't worry about me Johanna, it doesn't hurt that much.

MacLaren knew the pain must be severe. She could not help but admire his courage. She wanted to say that, but she feared he would mask other wounds:: Marines never admit to pain. Let me make it better. We'll need to go to Sick Bay to set this properly.

::She reached for a protoplaser to mend the cheek wound. This was a small, basic unit for an emergency kit, so it would take longer. She administered a hypospray of painkiller first and then turned back to his hand. Hands were delicate. She held it and carefully felt the bones. In those moments, she could feel the whirlwind of his emotions.::

::Joseph felt total excitement at the feel of her hand, thinking of the excitement from the fight and the excitement being near her again rushed through his body. Then all of a sudden she stared at his eyes as if in shock.::

::Her eyes locked on his, the long lashes no longer shading their color in this direct gaze. Then she looked down at the hand she was holding and then back at his eyes. She could feel the excitement running through him as if it were an electrical current:: You are excited! You enjoyed this fight...ye might have been killed!

::The look of fear in her eyes cut him straight to the core.::

Dubeau: I'm sorry Johanna...it's a natural reaction...my training takes over. I am a soldier.

::His heart dropped at the moment he saw her concern for him go away; she took her hand away and began going through her med kit.:: oO She can't even bare to look at me. Why would a wonderful being like that want to be with a trained killer?Oo

MacLaren:Oo He's a soldier, brave and steeled to danger. He'll always be taking risks that could endanger him. He probably never even thought to call for help against a Nausican! Eh should be detached; Eh'm his doctor now, and he needs care, not my emotions.oO

:: Johanna got up quickly without saying a word, she grabbed her black bag and fixed her house coat and started out of the room.:: Oo Eh have to take him to Sick Bay. If there is much more swelling, it will be impossible to set that hand properly. Eh willna let his hand be ruined. He has such beautiful hands.oO

Dubeau: Whe...where...?

oO She can't even stand to be in the same room as me now, nice one man.Oo ::Joseph got up feeling an urge to follow, but he knew she wouldn't feel comfortable with him intruding. Just then Hope came to Joseph's feet and put her paws on Joseph's shoe, he looked down to find the dog starring up at him.::

Oo Mr. Scary Shoes is hurt; mom is worried. Good dog will help; keep him calm while help comes. That's my job. Not so scary; just shoes, nice human. Pick me up, pet me, feel better...he can't understand me!oO She tried to put more weight on his shoe, but Joseph only looked away.

::In the bedroom, Johanna quickly retrieved her uniform from the closet. Oo Act like a doctor, Johanna. Ye have too many feelings for him; ye've just met. Think of what they'd say about this kind of thing on Vulcan, even StarFleet Medical. Ye shouldna treat people when there is an emotional involvement. How did this marine get into your heart and mind this way in a few hours anyway! He doesna need a dance partner now; he needs a doctor. He came here for medical help. Ye canna get involved with him; ye canna get involved with anyone.oO

::A little while later Johanna came out dressed in uniform, Joseph watched as she moved frantically about her apartment.::

::MacLaren's mind and body were working together now with the swift disciplined process she'd learned in trauma situations. There had been a Borg attack on the colony where she'd interned. There was no time for feelings then, only triage and immediate aid. Moving rapidly, she gathered a fresh towel and folded it as a cushion for his hand and another for ice, her tricorder to have the record of its readings on his wounds, the record of the medicine she'd given him, the protoplaser that had his cheek looking better, and finally a shoe that had somehow gotten under a chair, no doubt with Hope's help.::

MacLaren: How are ye feeling? Has the pain lessened? I can call for an internal beam-out. Oo I canna bear for you to be in any more pain.oO

Dubeau: oO I don't go anywhere; I need to explain those sensations you felt.Oo Just wait a second.

MacLaren: Replicator. Make ice. I'll wrap some of that in a towel for your hand, then we'll go.

::He tried desperately to get her from running around getting things together for their trip to sickbay.::

MacLaren: Joseph, we need to get you to Sick Bay to treat that hand before it swells anymore. Hope, you stay. I'll be back soon. ::Using her doctor's voice, she tapped her combadge:: Dr. MacLaren requesting Internal beam out to Sick Bay from Deck 1202 Apartment 234D Block 84. Prepare for orthopaedic scan and treatment.

EMH: Confirmed.

In a flash the tingling sensation of a transporter beam grabbed the two of them. As they materialized, an EMH approached and greeted them. ::Lietuenant Dubeau has been injured. Eh will need to scan his hand. Eh want a cranial analysis as weel. Oo Eh'll not have him suffer some bleed in the brain because Eh failed to check properly for injury. A blow to the head by a Nausican can do a good deal of damage. He's looking pale. Oh! ... a poison scan.oO

::Avoiding Dubeau's eyes to prevent their distraction:: MacLaren: Eh'm also going to do a toxicity scan. Medieval Terran archers used to urinate on their arrows in hopes of causing sickness in those they wounded. Nausicans have been known to treat the studs on their clothing with poisons.

oO She's avoiding eye contact. Great, you ruined something wonderful between you and her, man just great... she's so beautiful.Oo

Dubeau: Jo...ummm...doctor I don't think that's necesary, I...

MacLaren: I'm being thorough. ::She took his hand gently forcing down the sensations that touching him and caring for him caused. Oo Eh want to ken exactly what he is thinking and feeling. It is all Eh can do to keep from looking into his mind although it is the worst ethical violation, the verra reason people fear telepaths.oO

::As they moved to the biobed, she busied herself with the readings. She took his hand and looking only at it, said:: These bones will heal weel. Eh will mend them now, but dinna do anything too stressful with the hand for a few days. No Vulcan Martial Arts until they've been checked again. Oo No brain injury. Arm is only bruised. No injury to the cheek bone. Vulcan Martian Arts! He kens how to protect himself; he's a skilled soldier, a brave man, a man who deserves better than someone who may never be able to touch him without violating the privacy of his mind.oO

Dubeau: ::Joseph looked at her longingly,:: Doctor...::a weight pushed his heart into the depths of his core. He wanted to say so much, but knew she didn't want to hear it. She turned from a caring, loving being to a sterile, unemotional...doctor. He decided to be professional knowing that he would have to work with her sometime, but it would break his heart every time he would see her or be close to her.::

:: In moments, the protoplaser and dermal regenerator had done their work. There was no further reason to hold his hand or touch his cheek. She allowed herself to look up and managed a very professional tone,:: There now, ye should be feeling much better. Eh'll ask ye to rest tonight. If ye have any discomfort, call ....there is someone on call all night.Oo Someone Eh should have notified and called on instead of treating him myself when Eh canna seem to keep my emotions under control when Eh touch him.oO

Dubeau: ::Joseph gave a heavy, shacking sigh. He chocked the words out.:: Thank you. ::Looking at those beautiful eyes he realized that his newest and probably first love was now gone.::

MacLaren felt the shields in her mind weakening. She could not, would not betray him in this way. It was clear that he was more than kind; he was attracted to her as she was to him, but he deserved someone who was not what her father had called disabled, what a Vulcan had once called a telepathic mutant. During her studies and internship, she had isolated herself, denied herself most human companionship. She had proven she could block out the thousands of minds that surrounded her, but now within a few hours of her first real posting, Lt. Joseph Dubeau was wreaking havoc with her defenses. She wanted nothing more than to let him put his arms around her and hold her, but she was terrified of losing the hard won silence in her mind, of the deluge of thousands of minds rushing in like a mad cacophony that would not stop.::

MacLaren: Eh must go. Good night, Jos...Good night Lt. Dubeau. ::She tried to make a stately, professional exit, but she was almost at a run by the time she'd reached the exit. As soon as the doors closed behind her, she did run as fast as she could from the marine who had so successfully and swiftly stormed the beaches of her heart, the one who deserved so much better a person than she.

EMH: Is there anything more Lt?

Dubeau: ::Analyzing and burning the last moment he saw Johanna in his memory delayed his answering.:: Nothing.

::At that Joseph got up and returned to his quarters, feeling as though his heart had been torn out.:: oO Goodbye Johanna.Oo

Ensign Johanna MacLaren



2nd Lt. Joseph Dubeau

Marine pilot

Starbase 118/USS Victory

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