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LtCmdr. Darius Clack: Faint Voices

FltCapt. Sidney Riley

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((Jeffrey Tube 2, Main Engineering level 2, Deck 8, USS Tiger-A))

::Darius Clack peacefully took in the hollow sounds of the dark horizontal tunnels the made up Jeffrey Tube number two. In a seated position on the floor, his back rested comfortably against the wall. His feet were firmly planted on the floor and his bent knees served as a resting place for his arms. His chin rested against his chest as he listened to the churning sounds of the Tiger. All ships spoke in a coded language. The trick was having the ear to understand their words. The Tiger had a strange accent, similiar to the one that the Ursa Major possessed. Strange that everything in the universe communicated in its own language.... Many conversations, few listeners...::

(Time jump, past)

((Outskirts of Wheeler Colony))

Clack: I envy you Mr Hahn. ::turning toward the robust man dressed in tan overalls::

Hahn: That's something coming from a Starfleet officer. There is not much to do but to wait out the storm. You're welcome to join us at the Cantina when you are off duty. You can always find me there, if

not, the Colony-wide comms will the best next alternative.

::The two stood alone on top of the ridge overlooking the valley toward Capital City.::

Clack: By membership only?

Hahn: Anyone's always welcome there, just leave your weapons at the door. That might be the only house rule...oh, yes and the new guy buys the first round.

Clack: You have a wonder talent Mr Hahn. Only a man of superior abilities could have keep the power grid operating as long as it has given the circumstances and equipment. Perhaps, you should reconsider

and request a transfer. It would be a shame to waste that talent.

Hahn: Oh yeah, I have been meaning to. I think that they have a vacancy over at the western sprawl- the guy just never make it home one night. Pah! Talent nothing, you keep that Starship going- now that kind of engineering work...it will take a many liters of ale to get me through fixing that. I am sorry, I am just bitter and sour, I would like nothing more than to die here- it is home to me, for better or for worst. I do this because that is all I know. Sure, it has its downside, but I enjoy it, it is a puzzle to me. And I have a wife who, for whatever reasons, have not run away with some other person.

::He took out his PADD to make a note on the cable box. ::

Hahn: What about you, Lieutenant?

Clack: Myself? ::pausing as he chose his words carefully.:: I just remember awaking one day to this reality. It is a good life. I don't regret it for one-second. ::kneeling on one knee.:: However, I was thinking recently that I haven't been home in ten years. You see your home everyday. Ten years. ::closing his eyes.:: There are times I wonder what have I accomplished in all that time. What difference your being there at any time made to anything. Hardly made any difference at all, really, in the grand scheme of the universe, particularly when compared to other men's occupations.

::He paused as he looked across the desolate valley.::

Clack: Looks like your party has left you behind.

Hahn: Can't get good help these days, Lt.

Clack: I will definitely catch up with you later, Kevin. I have to get settled in and report back to the ship.

::Clack watched Hahn walk away to join the others as if he didn't have a care in the world. It was funny that some people could live like that. The sound of thunder echoed off into the distance as he rested. The melody of the storm began to echo in his head. It was a different tune than that of the Ursa Major but a beautiful one to say the least. Darius paused and looked across the green meadow. The flat terrain stretched as far as the eye could see. Two hundred miles precisely it stretched to the North according to his tricorder. The setting sun was now hidden by a blanket of black mid-level clouds. Closing his eyes, he deeply inhaled the cold southerly wind that flowed along the prairie like a lonely specter in search of comfort. Darius could feel the air burning his heavily scarred lungs yet somehow the oxygenated air brought a renewal of life to the diseased cells....::


Lightfoot: Darius?

::He opened his eyes to find Cocheta Lightfoot standing over him. Her facial expression was stern as she waited for his response.::

Clack: Is Kesi here?

Lightfoot: Kesi?

Clack: Yes.

::Cocheta stood speechless before answering the question.::

Lightfoot: We said good-bye to her at the Gateway. ::break:: Don't you remember?

::Slowly, Darius rose to his feet. As he stood, he had to momentarily steady himself with his hand against the wall as his legs were not up to the challenge just yet.::

Clack: Yes, ::looking away as he remembered::, yes of course we did. ::speaking softly::


(( Robotics Lab ))

::The dark shadow entered the Robotics Lab to find Atimen, Firestarter, and T'Mihn present.::

Atimen: I'm sorry about the delay, have you started yet?

Firestarter: ::Looking at the contraption.:: I would have to say more than started. Care to tell us what you have gotten done so far?

::At first it seemed the group was not aware of his presence.::

T'Mihn/Atimen/Firestarter: Response

Clack: Excuse me, ::in a low voice:: do you have anything to report?

T'Mihn/Atimen/Firestarter: Response


Lt Cmdr Darius Clack





PO 3rd Class Shoodi Cocheta Lightfoot


USS Tiger-A

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