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New Cadets: Here is One Of the Most Interesting and Useful Links...

Jalen Vesole (RS)


From the FAQ Page...

Q. Where can I find out more about the ships in your fleet?

A. An "active fleet" page is maintained. From there you can find stats on each ship, and links to their websites, crewlists, and sim archives.

Active fleet page will take you to a comprehensive list of all the vessels in the SB118 family. Hisotries of crew, missions, etc are all easily found.

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Every individual link under the Cadets page option on the main page.

Every. Single. One. Srsly.

There is a TON of information here that you can just sit and read to help prep you for the world you will be writing in. I figured I would start reading it before going through and starting my character information and immediately regretted it. WAY too much to do in one sitting when you are itching to do something else. I'm hoping to sit down on Saturday and read a good chunk of it.

I also found this link helpful: Stafleet Academy Curriculum.

It gives you a great place to start planning your character and fill in some back story that may prove useful/interesting later on. The section on majors and minors I found particularly interesting.

Hope this helps Vangulka!

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