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Lt Cmdr Solok - Old Times


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((Holodeck 1, USS Drake))

::Solok stood in the center of the yellow-black grid, as if waiting. As if hesitant to begin, really, although he was a Vulcan, and Vulcans did not hesitate.::

Solok: Resume program Solok-alpha-one.

::A fairly ordinary holographic replica of fairly ordinary officer's quarters aboard a Federation starship, appointed in a relatively outmoded design, filtered into existence all around him. From the marked absence of personal effects, the low lighting, the higher-than-Starfleet-standard temperature, and the lower-than-Starfleet-standard humidity, a casual observer could likely surmise that these were a Vulcan's quarters. Had one accessed an exterior view of the stsrship, one would know that this Vulcan's quarters were situated aboard the USS Kodiak. Beyond that, however, only two people stationed on the Drake would be able to recognize the room for what it was -- and one of them had written the program.::

::He began typing rapidly into the PADD he was carrying, revising the program or adding elements that were missing. He did it all from memory, of course, but had no reason to believe his memory was inaccurate.::

::He was doing it, in the end, for himself as much as for her. A familiar place, where they once met for lessons in the Vulcan meditative techniques and mental disciplines, where their life together had begun. He did not see the sentimental value of the place, or of his decision to re-create it here, but he expected she would see something sentimental in his actions. He valued the holodeck version of his quarters on the Kodiak -- of their quarters there -- as a quiet, comfortable place for meditation and inquiry. He did also value, however, what harmony existed, or could be salvaged, in their marriage. They had had something like harmony there -- here -- on the Kodiak.::

::Much had changed since then, and logic dictated that one leave unchanged that which does not admit of the possibility of being changed. Perhaps, his marriage to Sakorra could never be what it once was. Perhaps -- ::

Reed: =/\= Ensign Reed to Commander Solok. =/\=

Solok: =/\= This is Solok. Go ahead. =/\=

Reed: =/\= I require your presence on Alpha Centauri VII, 2000 hours, Pier 32. =/\=

Solok: =/\= Understood, Ensign. I will be there. Solok out. =/\=

::There was little left to do. He turned toward the doorway, his thoughts a million miles and many years away from this little holographic room on a starship no longer in service.::

Solok: Computer, end program.

::Leaving that place behind, he headed for the transporter room -- by way of his office, of course.::


Lieutenant Commander Solok

Chief Operations Officer

USS Drake

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