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(PNPC) Percival - Master Diplomat Stops Mutiny


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((Deck 1 - Bridge))

::Percival had landed the dud job as he called it. All the senior officers were off the bridge at a briefing and they needed someone capable and talented to hold the fort while they were gone. Naturally, there could be no other choice; he was probably the most capable officer on the ship aside from, perhaps, the Captain. It was a dud job simply because the ship was docked and there wasn’t a thing going on. Despite the fact he was glad of the break from the extra counselling sessions, he had a hard time staying awake because he was bored stiff. He sat in the Captain’s chair, daydreaming about what it might be like to be the person in command, monitoring the systems from time to time. ::

:: Percival heard an unexpected, loud bang from behind him. Instinctively he leapt forward and over the console in front of him. He wasn’t a coward, he was being tactical… he needed cover to face whatever threat was noisily threatening him. He poked his head up over the “cover” to see what the nature of the threat was. One hand hovered over his combadge, ready to declare an emergency situation. He saw two Starfleet marines pointing weapons at him… was this a real mutiny?::

Kagran: It's ok Ensign, stand down.

::Percival wasn’t sure if this was some kind of trick designed to get him to let his guard down. He ducked behind the cover again to avoid being a direct target and tried to think how to talk these two down.::

Percival: Now see here…! ::He began::

Kagran: Are you ok Ensign?

:: Percival was surprised by the question but the suspicion remained. These guys had no business bursting onto the bridge like that as far as he could see.. ::

Percival: What are you doing on the bridge!? ::He demanded as boldly as possible, though less boldly than he’d admit.::

Kagran: It was only a training drill for us. Should you not be manning the OPS station?

:: He stood up and puffed out his chest, trying to look big, manly and not like the sissy that he was. He gave them a dashing smile and proudly exaggerated his importance. ::

Percival: As you can see it is I who is in charge of the bridge and thus the ship at this time! Naturally my place is… ::Looking a little dismayed about being cut off mid boast.::

Kagran: Forget it Ensign. Are all the staff in the meeting?

Percival: Yes. Shouldn’t you be there as well sir?

Kagran: Thank you Ensign. Griffon, take my weapon and helmet back to the armoury for me.

Griffon: Aye Sir.

:: In the next heartbeat the two marines were gone and Percival was once again on his own. He exhaled heavily in relief and sank back into the Captain’s chair. For the next few minutes he was just content to sit there simmering down from his fright. He was glad that he’d been alone on the bridge, some of the others might not have understood his brilliant tactical mind. Advanced strategies could be hard to process for some, but he was already looking forward to telling his friends about how he was solely responsible for stopping a real live mutiny! ::

Eerie : All quiet, Ensign? :: As Eerie watched the chair spin around in his direction. ::

::Percival jerked in surprise at the unexpected voice. Had he nodded off there for a second? He hadn’t heard the distinctive swoosh of the turbolift doors. The voice was unmistakable, so how was it he hadn’t heard the man mountain enter? He swivelled the chair round to look.::

Percival: Yes Lieutenant, Sir! ::He declared more loudly than necessary to compensate for the slipup.::

Eerie : LT. Commander :: showing him the small box:: Good... we will probably depart in 7 hours, Ensign.

Percival: Oh congratulations! ::Breaking into a genuine grin.:: Will you be taking over the bridge sir?

Eerie: No, I am just checking out a few things. I am sure you can handle things, correct? ::Eerie focused on the tactical board. He placed the small box on the board and his fingers started to dance over the control panel. He started to pull up tactical information on the sector they started in before going to the Eden planet.::

::That was unexpected and disappointing, he’d had his fun and wanted to get back to trying to clear his backlog of traumatised patients. He wanted to remain here as much as a vampire wanted the sun. On the other hand it looked like Eerie knew Percival’s merit.::

Percival: Aye sir. ::Proudly::

Eerie: I will be doing your security phaser review at some point. I have reviewed your scores from last time....I would suggest a little practice. ::Eerie turned to the Ensign and looked directly at him.::

oOSurely it can’t be due for review again already… when did I join the security department? This is ridiculous! Oo

Percival: Sir I am a counsellor not a gun toting bully, but I am sure I can improve my score if it will let you sleep better at night…sir.

Eerie: Good. I will be looking forward to it. Carry on, Mister.

::Percival nodded decisively, his ego inflated like a balloon as he turned back to the front, waiting on the other officers to arrive back to the bridge.::

(PNPC) Ensign Percival Maxwell


USS Avandar

Simmed by Blackwood


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