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Crewman DeBarres & CWO Valaine - When in France


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((Holodeck One -Starbase 23))

:: Skirting past the bar, and the green tinged Beornan, Chase let

Charlotte lead the way from Starbase 23’s Comet Club, through the

corridors, and to the holodecks. Inputting the program code, Chase

took Charlotte’s arm in a more friendly fashion, leading her through

the door and onto the Parisian street. ::

:: The holodeck doors shut behind them, the arc disappearing into the

program. The sun sank low, trending to set in the near future out

atop the glistening water. The warm air was sweet with an

unburdensome humidity, and filled with the scents of the evening. The

curved, metal lamp posts were beginning to flicker on one by one down

the street, illuminating the old shops and stone streets. The smell

of bread and pastries drifted out of a single unimpressive glass door,

swung open, and from the outdoor seating where a few holographic

couples already sat. ::

:: The quiet conversation became part of the background noise as Chase

led Charlotte into the cafe, sitting among the few other guests at one

of the small, circular tables. as a tall, lean, suited Frenchman came

to provide them instantly with spring water and freshly baked rolls

with jam. The man left them, and Chase broke one of the rolls,

sharing half with Charlotte before setting his own half on the small

plate. ::

Valaine: What do you think?

:: His casual smile remained constant, and his blue eyes glinted in

the lowering sunlight as he looked at her, hoping she was impressed by

the scenery and atmosphere. He wondered if she would notice the other

women in the cafe? They had been preprogrammed to throw a few subtle,

but clearly jealous looking glances her way, as if they were catty for

the more gorgeous woman who had shown up... and shown them up. ::

DeBarres::Looking around taking in the surroundings:: She loved the

place and felt right at home, with the smell of the warm fresh

bread:: This place is great....::Taking a bit of the warm bread.::

Valaine: Order anything you like. You can’t go wrong here.

DeBarres: How about some cheese? Any recommendations ? :: Feeling no

pain, but not yet tipsy at all.::

Valaine: Absolutely. ::he waved down the Frenchman waiting the

tables:: Bring us your samplers, and your Chateau d’Esclans, please.

:: He didn’t say which ones, because he meant all of them. This ended

up being three different platters, one of cheeses, and two others,

small meat treats, and a plate of bite-sized treats, drizzled

chocolates and sweet cakes. He took a piece of the cheese and smiled

as he ate the bite sized offering, watching as Charlotte took her

own. A tall, gold labeled wine bottle partnered with the treats. ::

DeBarres: All this for little old me? :gesting at herself::

Valaine: Champaign? ::he poured the drink, which was bubbly and

bright pink:: It’s sweet, not dry at all.

DeBarres: Why thank you kind sir. ::taking a glass feeling like a bit

of the princess in a fairy tale::

:: Pouring them both a full, tall glass, he lifted his own glass to

meet hers ever so lightly. ::

Valaine: To first times.

DeBarres: To first times, : taking a sip of the wine. Which was good.

Charolette wasn’t sure if she was doing this right. High society stuff

wasn’t something that she had ever done. But it was nice ::

::Taking another sip, and feeling the bubbles go down. Putting the

glass down. ::

oO(DeBarrres) He doesn’t seem like a bad sort...interesting tattoo

there on the side of his face. …..Beornan Oo ::Mentally tossing the

thought out of her head::

DeBarres : So, tell me about yourself.....that or I will have to look

it up in the security database.

::Not that she have ever done that, but she had looked up a number of

men to see their service records.::

Valiane: Oh, but mine is an interesting read. You should see my list

of reprimands.

DeBarres ::giggling :: Really? Come on....you are pulling my leg...

Valiane: Nothing terrible. Just a bunch of “superiors” telling me to

stop doing this, don’t do that. ::he waved it off:: Then they get

all fussy when I do them anyway, even if it doesn’t impact my

work. ::he paused, wanting to get off the subject:: What are your

plans for the future? What would you like to do?

DeBarres: Well, I have designed a anti energy torpedo. One of these

days I will get old rock head to get a test firing of it. :smiling:

Valiane: Mmm, Mr. Eerie. He’s a rather stuffy one, in my short


DeBarres: He kinds of grows on you like moss, on a rock ::laughing::

But really he is OK. We have a great doctor on board...in fact, I

like, like pretty much everyone on board.

Valaine: I’m sure I’ll come to like them all just as well. Even our

gloriously sturdy Security Chief has to crack a smile eventually.

:: A light laugh escaped him at the mental image of Eeries rocky face

literally cracking on an attempt to smile. What a gloriously solid

hide, that one had. ::

DeBarres::Giggling::You have no idea.

Valaine: I wonder what it’s like, to be made of such stony stuff...

and what kind of woman would he pursue? Klingons come to mind.

:: Of course, this was said playfully. He wasn’t insulting the chief

at all, and his expression made that clear. ::

Valaine: But I’d rather not talk about them all night. I’d rather...

not talk all that much at all.

:: Blue eyes on Charlotte, he hoped the hint wasn’t too extremely

shocking to her. ::

DeBarres: Your’re right.

Valaine: I could have sat at any table in the Comet Cafe. Did you

ask yourself why I sat at yours?

DeBarres: No, I just thought you decided to come on over and see the

Doctor.: surprised::

Valaine: ... because your eyes were so sad. And I couldn’t bare to

see that, when you should be smiling... at all times.

DeBarres::Slightly blushing trying to regain her color.::It’s just a

personnel problem....:: turning away from his gaze a bit:: someone

that I care for.

Valaine: I get the feeling someone like you is sad far too often.

You deserve better.

:: For once, the thing he said was not tinged with the dirt that often

filled his intentions. The simple honesty of his statement and

expression were what made the comment powerful. ::

oO(DeBarres) Is there someone better?...Oo ::Feeling abit sad all over

again. She fought the feeling and concentrated on the the Valaine, who

was mading a good effort to chase the blues away.::

DeBarres: I guess...let’s stop about him, and eat this wonderful

food. ::forcing a smile, looking back at him.::

:: They ate small meals, snacked on the samplers of cheeses and

treats, and Chase helped himself to three glasses of the sparkling

pink wine as they talked and ate. He’d been hoping for a crescendo

for the evening, but Charlotte appeared a bit non-committal as to

“after dinner,” and he wasn’t one to force the issue. He’d just enjoy

her company here, and hope she could say the same about his after the

fact. ::

Valaine: I hope we can do this again. Next time I’ll take you to

Tokyo. If you tell me you love sushi, I’ll be a happy man

DeBarres: Sushi,....never had it but ….I am willing to try..., but I

have had a nice evening. ::Giving him a legit smile ::

:: Charlotte left the holodeck, the archway appearing at her beckoning

and disappearing behind her. Chase made to shut down the program, the

crude bumblebee pattern replacing the delights of France. He’d hoped

for more than a pleasant good-night... but then, he *always* hoped for

more than that. Still, he’d enjoyed it too. ::

:: Feeling lightly buzzed from the wine, he made his way out of the

holodeck. It was getting late, but it wasn’t extremely so... and a

bit disappointed at the early evening, Chase made his way to 10-

Forward. One last drink was called for. ::

((PNPC)) Crewman Charolette DeBarres

Tactical/Security Specialist

USS Avandar

Simmed by Eerie


Chase Valaine

Chief Warrant Officer, 2nd Class


USS Avandar

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