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Round 6 Ensign Jacob Moore - Personal Log


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((Personal Quarters – Starbase 118))

OOC: Earlier in the day, before arriving on Victory

::Laying in bed Jacob contemplated the upcoming events for the day. Knowing

full well it was going to be a busy day, just like the day before it, he

savoured the relaxing in moments in bed for a few more minutes before getting


::Jacob from a young age has always kept a Personal Log that he uses to document

his days and as a powerful tool for self reflection. Not being overly religious

about it, he's only done a few since coming aboard the Starbase. Given the

events of the last few days, he figured it a good of a time as any to catch


Moore: =/\= Computer, begin new entry in personal log =/\=

::Making the customary sound of acknowledgment, Jacob knew he could start.::

Moore: Its been some time between entries, so I'll try and capture some of the

exciting stuff that's been happening. Shore leave on the Victory was fun and a

good chance to get away from the hectic life on the station. Unfortunately I

failed to capitalise on the social aspect of the trip, tending to spend most of

the time there in my own solitary endeavours. Something I want to really change

in the future.

::Jacob really did like to socialise, he just really didn't like meeting new

people. Its almost contradictory but fully justifiable by him if queried.::

Moore: Upon returning to the Station, the Victory was hit with a wave that was

designed to take offline certain sub processors that had been purposely

manufactured in such way to exhibit this reaction to the wave. It was unclear

to me the motives or the people behind, although I hear that perhaps the

Romulans were involved. Its not something that interests me; the who done it,

but what I am interested in is what is the plan now that they have done it. Can

we expect something else in the future? If they are capable of achieving this

kind of success what next?

::Diplomacy and conspiracy theory ranked pretty high on the list of things that

Jacob found really boring. A talkfest of what if's and trying to query who had

involvement without offending anyone seemed like a massive waste of time.

Nevertheless he was grateful that some found it there passion, as it meant that

he could focus on his, and repair the station as fast as he could.::

Moore: Victory managed to get away unscathed..mostly due to a few quick

workarounds, and some of the sub processors being replaced recently. Lucky for

us as we were able to limp back to the station who was far more affected than

the victory. We were also luck the Victory was around as we were able to use it

to assist the repairs.

::Jacob grabbed some of the cereal mix he had stored in his room and began to

chew it dry as he was going through his log entry. He also managed to shower

and dress also. Multitasking was something he prided himself on doing, and this

was a small example of that for him.::

Moore: I spent most of my day yesterday getting the replicators back online, so

we could churn out as much repaired sub processors as we could. I ended up

working really closely with Crewman Sarah Novak. She is an extremely capable

worker, and someone I think I would like to get to know out of work also….

oO Why am I blushing ? Oo

::Taking a few moments, Jacob challenged his thoughts. Was he really interested

in getting to know Novak on a personal level, and that is enough to make him

blush? Or was it simply that he was feeling for the first time in a long time

that some personal attraction was necessary, just as doing your job really well


oO Wait…I don't HAVE to like someone, I didn't even know that I DID think of her

like that…Oo

::Jacob was right, he spent all day with her yesterday without an honest single

thought of anything other than how to get the job done as best as possible. It

was only now that he was feeling anything additional. ::

Moore: Ahhhh…so the both of us managed to work well and get the replicators

online. I had called It quits for the night when I received a phone call at

just after midnight with an emergency. A virus was working its way towards the

computer core and a virus I hadn't seen before. Commander Breeman was

instrumental in coming up with a harmonic equalising solution that stopped the

spread in its tracks. Quite clever really, and its a bit of a shame that he's

moved on to bigger and better things in command.

::The Commander had made Jacob feel quite at home in Engineering and it had

left a void in that spot when her left, and no one had replaced him. The

leadership vacuum was huge in the current situation given the chaotic nature of

engineering during a crisis.::

Moore: Today work-wise, is all about getting communications back online. We

are an important part of the sectors communications, and when we are down, we

are essentially in a bit of a black spot. Internally the communications are

shot also, so its important today to get that online, and also get Main Power

back to all the decks. Once we can accomplish that, the rest of the work gets

easier and easier. I hope I'm prioritising the jobs correctly…..there is

currently no one in charge in Engineering so I'm trying to fill the spaces, but

I've got about zero experience in doing so. Anyway, we'll see what today


Computer end personal log and encrypt.

::As the computer beeped acknowledgement, Jacob Tidied himself up, grabbed his

Engineering Kit that he brought home with him, tucked it firmly under his arm

and headed out. As the light of the corridor his his face, he was ready to

brave another full day.::

Ensign Jacob Moore

Engineering Officer

Starbase 118

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