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Round 6 LtCmdr Solok - Active Duty


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((Main Operations, USS Drake))

::The first place Solok had had to go was the brig. Apparently, his feats of transporter excellence earlier had not been as wholly excellent as they had first seemed. From the reports, the brig visual recording, the internal sensor record, and the large stain on the wall, Solok was able fairly quickly to assess the nature of the damage done by the transporter accident.::

::The greater difficulty had appeared in determining whether the accident was the result of null space physics, chance, something the Udukiin had done to interfere with the Drake's transporter -- or a problem with the transporter, which would transfer the investigation from his desk to Pandora's. Or operator error, which would likewise transfer the investigation, but not to Engineering: to Security.::

::Solok had settled for leaving it to the Chief Engineer's capable work crews to determine whether further inquiry -- into the transporters, or into Solok's performance as transporter operator -- was warranted. He was confident, naturally, as Vulcans often are, that he had done no wrong.::

::Having finished assessing the transporter systems, Solok traveled directly to Cargo Bay 1, just down the corridor from his office. A series of tricorder scans -- as well as a rather significant pile of animal waste -- confirmed his findings in the transporter log: someone had made an unauthorized transport from the planet in null space, just before they were thrust back into normal space, then attempted to hide the record of the transport in the log. The transporter signature indicated whatever had been living here was only recently transported off the Drake. Further scans revealed bioevidence of two humanoids in the Cargo Bay. DNA scans seemed to indicate they were Weston and Reed.::

Solok: Fascinating.

::He summarized his findings, and forwarded the report from his PADD to the Security office. He also left a brief note for Rogers, telling him what he had found. Leaving the Cargo Bay, he took the few steps necessary to get to Main Operations, then strode through the doors and headed directly for his office::

::Although the rest of the vessel -- with the very likely exception of Engineering -- was rather inactive, owing to the beginning of shore leave, Operations was abuzz with activity. As was often said of Medical, in Engineering and Ops, the work often began when the mission had ended for everyone else. Solok had not been seated at his desk longer than 15.003 minutes when Traukarrt, his Gorn yeoman, deposited a report from Shuttlecraft Control on his desk. The Vulcan read it through once quickly, then began filing the necessary reports.::

::As he did so, he activated the second and third computer monitors he had requested for his own use in Operations. On one, he called up the roster of crew being assigned to or reassigned from the Drake. Quarters would need to be assigned, pending security clearances and medical examinations. Should Rogers promote any of the junior officers to Lieutenant or Lieutenant Commander, they'd need to be resituated among the senior officers, as well. He saw open quarters for Brice and Shryker, and assigned them immediately. The other assignments would have to wait on the customary awards and promotions ceremony/party.::

::Except for one. The Gorn smuggler, Krogg, was apparently remaining aboard. Rogers' orders to find their guest accommodations were, Solok figured, open to some interpretation. Solok identified an empty double compartment among the enlisted crew's quarters. Assuming no one would accept assignment as Krogg's roommate, Solok set aside the entire suite for the Gorn. He then sent yet another note to Security -- to Whale or whoever was now in charge of that department -- requesting the quarters be fitted for covert surveillance. Until they knew something more about this man, it would serve them well to keep an eye on him.::

::On the third monitor, Solok called up the data from the computerized in-room "nanny," a feature that allowed parents -- and sickbay, and the Captain -- to monitor unattended children. Apparently, his quarters were empty.::

Solok: Computer, what is the location of civilian Sabek che'Solok?

Computer: Sabek che'Solok is not aboard the Drake at the present time.

oO Curious. Oo

Solok: What is the location of Ensign Sakorra Jefferson Reed?

Computer: Ensign Reed is not aboard the Drake at the present time.

oO Curiouser. Oo

::A quick check of the transporter logs confirmed Solok's deduction, that his wife and son had beamed to the colony, no doubt in pursuit of "entertainment." He could feel something he might have called resentment -- if he understood emotions more fully -- through his telepathic bond with Sakorra. She seemed to want him to join her on leave. But there was work to be done, and Solok was the best Vulcan for the job.::

::He rose, heading for the exit into the corridor outside Ops.::

Solok: Computer, what is the location of Ensign Arthok?

Computer: Ensign Arthok is in sickbay.

::He headed for the turbolift. He would check on Arthok's condition -- he had not seen the Tamarian since Traukarrt escorted her from the bridge -- and then he had a personal matter to which to attend on the holodeck. Then, and only then, would he consider joining his family for what Starfleet called "rest and relaxation." Ironically, but not unvulcanly, Solok seldom found shore leave to be either.::

TBC ...


Lieutenant Commander Solok

Chief Operations Officer

USS Drake

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