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April 5th, First Conact Day

Saria Rex

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Just celebrate Humanity's first contact with an extraterrestrial race (in this case, the Vulcans). I'm sure folks around the Federation have parties. I'm sure some overzealous Humans try to get their Vulcan friends to dance with less-than-enthusiastic responses.


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Today there are events in the world of STO, one is that you will be able to have a chat session with the Executive Producer of the game to find out what is being done to improve it and find out if the ideas that the fans will be or have been integrated into the game. There is a new mission for the Klingons that is being introduced.

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@Nathan, that sounds fun.(Not a Vulcan that's snobby.) I'd be one that would actually join in and dance. It's a part of the the culture. It'd be quite rude to not accept a request to dance. Where is the "juke box" and I'll..uhh.. time to " Get down and bogey". :-)

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LOL whatever an Obby Dooby is.:) I wouldn't doubt other was heard via regular radio signals. Earth is a very noisey world,so they'd hear a LOT of it from all the nations,and the TV shows.

"Obby Dobby " is a fun one to dance to. I'm surprised Queen didn't make an appearance. :-)

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They'd probably just play rock and roll everywhere (Oobie Doobie, as mentioned, but als Magic Carpet Ride I bet) and sell cheese pierogies (Cochrane's favorite food) in all snackbars. :)

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