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Round 5 - Voting


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  1. 1. In your opinion, which of the following sims is the best written and deserving of a chance to compete for this year's "Top Sim" ?

    • Hammer of Justice - written by PO3 Janick Gertz
    • Cameo - written by Ensign Didrick Stennes
    • Redemption, Retribution, and Judgment - written by Ensign Jack Mancuso and MPNPC Koltar Umas (T'Lea)

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Only a few hours to go before submissions close for Round 5 and voting begins. Entries are still being accepted -- why not take a moment to get your entry in now.


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Voting for Round 5 closes at Midnight on 15 April 2012.

Voting for Round 5 of the Top Sims Contests qualifies one sim to move onto the next round of judging.

As always, remember that this is NOT a popularity contest and you are expected to vote based on MERIT -- and not simply because the writer is your crew mate. Any crew discovered to be stuffing the ballots or ratings will result in the permanent disqualification of the entire crew from the contest.

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The organizational part of me wants to find a better way to display them but for now, they're all in the main forum.

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Just givin' this a bump; if peeps see it from the main forum page we might get more than four votes. Currently they see the Winner's List from the main page so might not notice there's a vote on. Just a theory. Perhaps a bit optimistic. :D

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The poll is now closed.

Congratulations to the Round 5 Winner, Ensign Didrick Stennes for "Cameo".

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