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(msPNPC) Idue: Desperately searching for scraps

Alleran Tan

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Submitter's note: The mites refer to the crew of the USS Avandar, stranded on the planet with some restless natives. Additionally, this sim was written by Evanna Blackwood.

((Near the Mites expanding swarming grounds))

::Idue was now heavily pregnant. She had suspected it before and had been unsure about whether to return to her people or not. She had been disgusted with them for showing such kindness to these evil mites. After they had killed some of their own with the red light and somehow put the others to sleep. It was some strange sorcery. The beast that had carried them here lay dead since the day it had arrived and completed it's bidding for Nonod, the goddess of death. ::

::Idue had known these mites were nothing but a plague, an infestation of their lands. They had failed in their great unifying hunt to kill the mites and cleanse their sacred burial grounds. The mites were too resilient but she had caught one. Her Circhev had helped her take down the mite whilst Tyrha had covered them. They should have taken the opportunity to study the beast and work out how to kill it. Instead they invited it into her home. The home her parents and Yathe's had spent much time and effort building for them as a gift so that they could complete their bond together and start their own family. ::

::Yathe had shown great disrespect to her and their parents by his actions. Treating a foul demon as a guest, healing it's wounds and trying to talk to it, even giving it their precious water. Idue missed Yathe a great deal but was not sure she could forgive him for his actions. He had favored it over her and spoken against her publicly several times. It was a great humiliation. So now here she was out in the open, roaming around the woods trying to support herself with no clan and no home. Without a clan she would have no support and would be completely vulnerable during childbirth. If she and her youngling survived that trial she would still struggle to feed and protect them both. ::

:: She had observed the mites sending out hunting parties of their own. They were not nearly as quick or efficient in the hunt. It had taken a lot of time spent observing them but she had realised what it was that was odd. They seemed mainly to use their sense of sight when hunting, they did appear to react to audio cues but it wasn't that often. She had on occassion lost prey to them too. She would manage to take out a beast but before she could come down from her hunting perch to retrieve it they were too close. They would take her prize before she could claim it. Dirty, smelly, thieving mites.::

::She had noticed recently an elder from another clan come down to the mites camp. The elder was always escorted and they always left some overlooking the camp. She had been close enough once that one of them had smelled her and called out to her. He could probably have smalled the change in her too, but she did not care. She retreated further into the jungle and left them to it but sometimes late at night when she was sitting high up in the branches or a tree resting she wondered if the hunter had said anything to one of her clan about it. More than was likely he'd have forgotten about it long before they even turned to go back to the camp but all the same Idue did find herself wondering about it on occassion. ::

::With the mites harvesting the local prey and the land so heavily it was slim pickings, they had no concept of living withing the balance of nature. They would have this entire region stripped in but a few seasons. Idue was hungry, she had seem some mites, one blue and the other with a fiery mane, stealing their food and putting it within the bounds of their swarming grounds. Several bushes and vegetable plants had been stolen. Idue decided she was going to go take them back. ::

::First she had to get passed the mites with the shells. She still remembered the way they took off a portion of their shells to eat, and how one of them had a dark colour. That was the one who had tortured the packmule. If she saw that one she would crack open it's shell with her poisoned dagger if she could. She had spend a few hungry days watching the mites activity. The shelled mites appeared to moving thing around a lot recently. She waiting until it was getting dark and sneaked in to the camp as best she could. ::

::She made her way directly to the place where they had hoarded their food supplies. There were a few mites going into some square hut and she waited in the shadows until they were gone. She checked her surroundings very carefully and then moved over to the bushes. She smalled the sweet flowers from their fruit bushes, it wasn't the season for them to bear fruit but the petals were good in a salve. They could help cuts, bruises, burns and a number of flesh wounds heal more quickly. ::

:: She picked up the orange-brown root vegetable and brushed off the dirt. These were quite tough but if you sliced them and then heated the slices over the fire for a few minutes it softened it up and more them much easier to eat and digest. This wouldn't fill her belly just now. She sniffed around to see what they had, it was hard to tell as the smell of mite was overpowering, but she found something suitable. There was a bush at the back with a purple fruit. It was spherical and had a knobbly purple skin, but if you used your hunting knife to remove the skin the fruit inside was delicious. The skin could be dried, ground into a pulp and used for light pain relief. She peeled the fuit and put the skin in her pocket for later. ::

::As she raised the fruit to her mouth she looked up and saw a mite. It hadn't spotted her yet and she stayed very still, hoping not to draw it's attention.::

((Opened the door if anyone wants to try chat with a native. If not I will have her leave again soon(ish). Remember natives don't understand federation standard. tongue.png good luck. ))

(msPNPC) Idue

Native Hunter

Simmer by Blackwood

Edited by FltAdml. Wolf
Adding Round 3 prefix.
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