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Cmdr Parker and Lt Blake


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(( Deck 8,Parkers' Office ))

:: Even during shore leave, there were always things to do...it seems the paperwork never stops and you never catch up to it. After a two hour workout and a quick shower, Hannibal was now tackling the assortment of PADDS on his desk...Breen and Tholian intelligence reports, ships' supply status, fuel consumption reports...all awaiting his signature and approval. He decided to take care of ships' business first, then get to the intelligence reports. When his door chime rang, he was surprised...he had not seen Maya in two days, and he hoped it was her. With great eagerness he shouted at ther door...::

Parker: COME!

To Parker's surprise, it was Sky...and from what she was wearing, there was no longer any doubt about her condition...she was pregnant...and he was instantly furious....if he had known Sky was pregnant, he would have neveer allowed her to go down to that asteroid....he instantly began to growl at her for keeping this from him for so long. He got up from his desk and began to walk towards her..he wanted her to look him in the eyes and tell him who he was going to kill for this transgression.....::

Blake: Before you go and rip the child out of my womb, or choke the life out of Alix, you’ve got a few things that you need to know.


:: Parker turned abruptly away from Sky, realising how hard this must be for her. He growled again before turning back towards her. The coffee mug he was holding shattered in his hand, the remainder of his coffee now on the floor..::

Parker: Just how far along are you? Why didn't you tell anyone? Why didn't you tell me?

:: Parker would never admit it, but he cared deeply for Sky, and he would have protected her even more than he already had...and he would have killed that slimy [...] a lot sooner than he would have...::

Blake: I’m three months pregnant – fifteen, sixteen weeks. The reason I didn’t tell anyone is because I was afraid of what everyone might do. So far, you’re the only one that’s had a negative opinion.

Parker: I do not have a negative opinion of you being pregnant...I have a negative, brutally homocidal feeling towards the father of your child...I am going to make him suffer mightily before he dies...some of the things you have done since you were pregnant could have ...caused you to lose your child, Sky...I will kill him for putting you in this position, inpregnating you, sneaking out like a thief in the night...Where is the little pe'taq? I hope you have said your goodbyes to him...soon he will be breathing vacuum....I'm going to....

Blake: I’m not finished. ::She snapped.:: The child inside of me is very much alive. Take her father away from me, and I will find a way to make you pay.

:: Parker was little concerned about her threat..she was oh for two in the attempting to kill him department...::

Parker: Did you say....her?

Blake: Yes, *her*. ::She said lightly.:: The baby is a girl.

:: Parker had never had much exposure to babies, or children for that matter. He still felt an attraction to her, but not the overwhelming desire to immediately bed her. Parker wasn't jealous, but part of him wanted that baby to be his...a very small part of him. He had Maya. He had Kamela. And Sky had....this baby...and part of him. The baby would give her someone to love, who would never leave her in the middle of the night...and he would protect them both. Parker allowed himself mentally to open himself to her..to let her know he would be there to protect her and the baby. He walked up to her, and gently put his massive arms around her, then lightly kissed her. He looked into her eyes for a few more seconds, then they both broke the hold..the last thing that needed to happen right then was for Maya to walk in and see them that way...::

::There was another pause. Sky thought during it; a baby girl. A girl that was currently the size of a large apple, but would grow. A daughter that she would, naturally, love and treasure.

::Parker’s thoughts floated into hers, and then she looked up. Gently, he put his arms around her and kissed her lightly.

Parker: I am happy for you Sky..very happy....

::So he lead her over to a chair and sat her down, and turned to the replicator.::

Parker: Want something to drink?

Blake: Not at the moment. Why?

Parker: I'm getting something...I kinda destroyed my last drink....

::Kinda was an understatement. It was still on the floor in pieces.

Blake: Yeah. ::She paused.:: You certainly had a reaction, didn’t you.

::He growled again, and got somewhat of a horrible smelling drink, and sat down across from her.::

Blake: I want your word that you won’t hurt Alix.

Parker: You want what?

::Sky rolled her eyes.::

Blake: I want your word that you won’t touch Alix.

Parker: Dammit Sky...I do not trust him...I do not like him...never did...

Blake: If we were married and on the Ronin or Earth, you wouldn’t be saying that.

Parker:: growling:: You have my word. I will not kill him.. ~~Allright,maybe wound him just a little..~~

Blake: Parker . . .

Parker: Allright...he stays completely intact. I...won't harm a hair on him....

::He went over to his desk and opened a draw, pulling out a box. He walked back to Sky, and handed it to her.::

Parker: Do not allow Kitty to eat it.....

::Don’t allow . . . what? Instinctively, she cautiously opened, the box, still eyeing him as she wasn’t exactly sure what would come out. That “what” was white Brekkian chocolate. It didn’t look replicated, it didn’t smell replicated, and knowing Parker, it probably *wasn’t* replicated. She smiled and laughed.::

Blake: Where the hell did you find this stuff?

Parker: I got it on 375. It was supposed to be another gift for you taking over Security, but i nevr got a good time to give it to you. Until now....

Blake: Do you *know* how much of this stuff I’ve gone through since I found out I was pregnant?

Parker::smiling:: Most likely a bunch...

:: Sky laughed again, shook her head, then put hte lid back on the box..::

Blake: Look, I just . . . I just want your support.

Parker: Sky..I've been protecting you a while now..that will not change....I would kill to protect you and the baby. You know that....

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