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Nobody sits around and plays Farmville on DS9

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Warning -- some foul language here :)http://www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2012/02/shitsiskosays.html

My favorite parts:

Like many, I've been slowly rewatching Deep Space Nine ever since it popped up on Netflix. It's been fascinating. On the one hand: Oh 90s! YOU WERE THE BEST! With your adorable WE ARE SO DARK plots that seem like Strawberry Shortcake Goes to Space by today's standards.


Nobody sits around and plays Farmville. Nobody gets embroiled in a flame war concerning the portrayal of Klingons in human vids or just sits and watches vids with their feet up. Nope. The brave men and women of the future read (super old) books, talk to each other face to face, and even in their VR fantasies practice for things they will have to do in real life or, admittedly quite realistically, have space holosex. There is no WoW. There are no video games at all unless they are evil ones from Risa that will suck out your brains.
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It did always amuse me that, according to Trek, precisely zero things of cultural significance happened on Earth between the 21st and 24th centuries. :P

Any time anyone read a book, or (slightly more forgivably) listened to a piece of music, it was always something that people in 1970 considered a classic work. Any piece of music heard or discussed on the show was created pre-1900, or was alien in origin.

Of course, given the youth of today, one might say that's probably accurate. ¬_¬

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It always aggravated me when Data would call the 20th century "ancient history." We don't consider the 1600s "ancient" history, so I don't know why they would act that way.

But yeah, they did seem to have quite a fetish for the classics.

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The funny thing about all this is that when you think about it, everyone probably has a lot more time on their hands than we do now. Advanced computer AI would eliminate jobs by the millions, and even on a starship you'd probably end up sitting around a lot as it moves from place-to-place, so what exactly does everyone do all day?

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:-D. The infrared wouldn't damage things. Star Trek I would hope has a very weak version of a maser to use in situations when training against a forceful boarding attempt. A maser could have a stunning or small kinetic non leathal kick.

Launching water balloons at each other is really out. Messy. Food fight, oh no way. Hide and seek without cheating with tri-corders. Teaching and honing tracking ability.

Non-lethal pranks. Not a Klingon vessel.

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