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2012 Top Sims Contest Discussion

FltAdml. Wolf

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Can a sim be entered from a ship that has been decommissioned ?

Updated the rules with some stuff from the old Top Sims Contest page on our site that no longer exists -- one of the rules is that sims must not be older than a month. So, when a ship has been decommissioned in the last month, then yes, you can submit the sim. However, you can't go digging through the archives smile.png

Considering this response.

I really do think that the date is dependent on when the sim is submitted to the contest, not when it arrives in your email box (or group list).

I completely agree with you. But it is not easy to remove poll option, especially if it's double poll like this one and it has votes.

That there was an option to post it in round 14 I would chose it, but that option is still missing. I want to post Vik's "The Truth Hurts" but can post it in Rounds 1-13.

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Additional prefix codes added.

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Indeed. It was very hard to chose between the three. I expect the unseen long list must have been hard to whittle down to just these three as well.

You can see the list by going into the Hall of Fame forum ;) Each round (two weeks long) people submit the sims, and we choose a winner. then those go to a run-off round where the staff votes. The winners of those three run-off rounds are who we're voting on now!

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