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Ensign Jack Mancuso - Slipping over the edge


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Ensign Jack Mancuso


USS Avandar

(( Somewhere aboard the wreckage of the Avandar))

::He sat in the darkness of the ruined bridge, alone and quiet, sitting

very still in the Captains chair.

His eyes didn't open, or move. His hands twitched slightly. The only sound

the slow heaving of his breath.

To any ho had observed the scene, they would probably believe he had sat

down and fallen asleep.::

Jack: How long are you going to sit there and ignore me?

Mancuso: As long as it takes. ::He opened his eyes and looked at...himself.

The uniform still flawless.

The bright shining Ensign.:: You aren't real.

Jack: Ouch. That really hurts me Jack. I'm as real as you are.

Mancuso: Oh? And what are you then? Am I going mad?

Jack: ::Smiling:: Yes. Yes you are. But regardless....I am you. Conscience.

Guilt. Whatever you wish to call it.

Mancuso: ::Laughing:: I always envisioned this taking place with an angel

on one shoulder and a devil

on the other.

Jack: Really? Well...I'd think that madness is unexpected.

Mancuso: To hell with you. I'm not crazy.

Jack: OH!? Are you so sure? Because you're prepared to do whatever it takes

to get off this planet.

Prepared to go against your friends, the Captain....all for a chance to

escape. Where I come from that's

called mutiny Jack.

Mancuso: SHUT UP!! I'm just trying to save us. All of us. It's for their

own good. Only Commander Umas sees it

like I do.

Jack::: Stepping around to look him in the face:: Are you really trying to

justify yourself to me? I am you. I know what you know.

Mancuso: Stop.

Jack: You're just a scared little boy.

Mancuso: Stop!

Jack: You're scared and now you want to run away.

Mancuso: STOP IT!!

Jack: :: He threw his hands in the air.:: I give up. Your heart is becoming

black. Hollow. Cold. There's no room in it for anyone

but Jack Mancuso and his distorted sense of right and wrong. LOOK AT YOU!

You're becoming a desperate, cold and remorseless man.

YOU are the worst of what you truly are Jack.

Mancuso: ::He sighed:: And what are you? Some mental defense that my mind

has thrown u to save itself?

Jack: That might be one way to say it. Another would be to say that you are

on the edge, looking out over an abyss.

I mean hell Jack, you're the one sitting in a dark ruined bridge talking to

yourself. If that doesn't scream out for you to seek help and pull yourself

together I don't know what does.

Mancuso: ::He lept to his feet now:: I am not crazy. I'm not. I'm an

engineer. I have ideas that can help us.

That can save us. And I'm going to save us. All of us. Push comes to shove,

whether they want it or not. And heaven help anyone

that stands in my way.

Jack: ::Nodding slowly:: And so fear, desperation, and bitterness push you

over the edge. Dad would just love

seeing you fold under the pressure like this.

Mancuso: Oh....nice try. You're so smug and self righteous.

Jack: You'd rather I show up all ethereal and transparent? Rattling chains

and shouting 'Turn back now before it's too late'?

Fine...we'll do it the hard way.

Mancuso: ::He spun around:: What's that supposed to mean?

::He froze, realizing the other Jack was gone, if he had ever really been

there. Regardless, he had made his choice. He

had picked his side. And there was no turning back now. He was a great

engineer. And now he would prove it. He felt something slide down his cheek

and he reached up. He looked at it on his fingertips for a moment. Why had

he been crying? Shaking his head, he turned to walk out of the bridge. He

was just tired. He needed sleep. His imagination was just running away with


Ensign Jack Mancuso


USS Avandar

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