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Lt. Tressa, Cmdr Nicholotti, Capt Jaxx - Happy Birthday!


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(( Jaxx & Tressa's Suite, Echivar Island Resort ))

:: Warmth. There was so much warm and comfort. It was normal of course... but

why? Tressa did not recognize the place she was... she was just there. I was

strange how this fact did not incite fear. She was not afraid of the unknown

location, or the unusual aura the area seemed to radiate. It was strangely

comforting; like she was always in this place. There was a warm security that

radiated from every... wall? ::

:: Wall? No... there were no walls. It was like a blanket... loosely draped

around her, but it was large... there was so much space here, and yet it was

so cozy. ::

Voice: ~Are you ready?~

:: Tressa turned to the voice that she... heard? No not heard... it was almost

like when Andrus had spoken to her through her mind... yet different. Her

eyes landed on a figure not far from her. It was small and large, young and

old. Whenever she tried to focus on it, it's form shifted suddenly... it

seemed... young. ::

Voice: ~No time to prepare, we have to be ready!~

:: She could not identify the voice either, it shifted so suddenly; the pitch

the tone... again she had the sensation of it belonging to a young

individual... but whether it was male or female she couldn't tell. ::

Tressa: oO Ready for what? Oo

:: There were no voices here... how strange... no sound except for a

steady rhythm in the background. ::

Voice: ~ I don't know, but it's important! ~ :: It sounded excited... ::

Tressa: oO How can you know how important it is, but not know *what* it is? Oo

Voice: ~We just know... ~

:: The first question Tressa had was 'we'? But a second presence soon made

itself known. ::

Tressa: :: Looking at it. :: oO Are you getting ready too? Do you know where

we're going? Oo

:: The figure, again indefinable in any way, remained silent. ::

Voice: ~ Can't talk. Not like me. Doesn't know like I do... ~

:: Tressa cast a sympathetic glance towards the second figure. ::

Tressa: oO Can't talk? Why? What do you know? Oo

Voice: ~I don't know *why* just can't talk... ~ :: The figure was quiet for a

moment, and Tressa felt excitement, anticipation, eagerness. :: ~I know *them*

They are there... they know... they are waiting... ~

Tressa: oO Them? Do you know who 'they' are? Oo

:: The voice appeared to turn towards her, it regarded her quietly a moment. ::

Voice: ~ They are you. Are you ready? ~

:: Before she could ask for clarification she was away from that place, and

floating... there were waves, so tranquil, so peaceful. There was a

boat...Tressa was sure... she was reclining in something... among the waves it

had to be a boat... yes a boat. ::

:: But then water... water in her boat? Was the boat sinking? That wasn't

right! She stirred annoyed at this sudden development, and slowly the young

Gideon began to awake from her dreams... there was not boat... but there was

the comforting feeling of the bed beneath her... and it *was* wet. ::

:: Wet? She jerked awake suddenly. Why was the bed wet? There wasn't any water

near or... water? Waters... a new realization hit Tressa and her arm flew out

to stir the man beside her. ::

Tressa: Andrus!

Jaxx: Hmm?

::Immediately opening his eyes he focused on Tressa. The wave of emotions hit

him so hard he did not need to guess the problem.::

Tressa: Andrus, Wake up! I think it's time!

Jaxx: ::sitting up:: Why?

Tressa: I think my waters just broke...

Jaxx: ::rolling his eyes in agitation:: You think, or you know? For love of

the Four Deities, you have a duel major in Zoology, and Exobiology and you

cannot tell me if you are sure or not!?

:: Through her nervousness she could hear a slight note of panic to Jaxx's

voice; regardless of this she was a bit snappy as she responded. ::

Tressa: Well, this isn't something that happens to me every day, you know.

::Rolling out of bed, he threw on some pants as he stumbled to find his

commbadge. As he pulled up his pants, he reached for the badge on the night

stand. As his hand touched it, he lost his balance and started to fall.

Catching himself on the night stand, he knocked the commbadge on the floor. As

he bent over to pick it up, the darkness in the room concealed the corner of

the night stand. He yelped as he smacked his head.::

:: Tressa turned alarmed at the sudden noise, and Jaxx's grunt. Were either of

them thinking clearly they may have turned on a light... ::

Jaxx: Dammit!

Tressa: :: Alarmed. :: Are you alright?

Jaxx: I am fine! ::tapping the commbadge:: =/\= Jaxx to Kali =/\=

((Kali’s Suite, Echevar Island Resort))

::Sleep seemed to come so much easier when you had the entire day to wear

yourself out. This was the second night that she had climbed into the silky

soft sheets and slept the sleep that only babies sleep.::

::Dreams hadn’t come to her in a long time, but that night it was different.

After the nightmares following her encounter with the Hirogen, she forced

herself not to dream. Of course she wasn’t sure how she had accomplished that,

but it had been a long time since she had been graced by any visions of the

night; bad or otherwise. Tonight, though, it seemed as if whatever she had done

had been undone.::

::There was nothing discernible in the abstract images that played through her

mind. She felt a strange sensation of being totally and utterly

confused. Yet somewhere in the back of her mind it all made sense without

actually doing so. And without recourse, she had no other choice but to follow

where they led.::

::Where they led, however, was to nothing.::

::The sudden absence of the dream seemed to drag her from the blissful state

of sleep she had been in. Total darkness encompassed her as she put together

where she was and what time of the day, or night as it might have been, that it

was. As if the universe let her take a breath before continuing, her badge

chirped mere seconds later.::

Nicholotti: =/\= Go ahead. =/\=

::Her voice was clear from the momentary grogginess that tended to accost you

when you first woke up. At least the universe had allowed her that.::

Jaxx: =/\= It is time...she thinks, but I know! =/\=

::Kali sat straight up in bed and was already in motion as she responded. There

was no need for an explanation.::

Nicholotti: =/\=Get her to the Victory. Tell them I’m on my way. =/\=

Jaxx: =/\= See you there. ::as the line closed, he spoke again. ::Jaxx to the

Victory, two to beam to Sickbay. =/\=

Miles: =/\= Aye, Captain...stand by...energizing.=/\=

((Sickbay, USS Victory))

::In the matter of seconds the blue lights engulfed them and rematerialized

them in Sickbay. Helping Tressa to the biobed nearest them was his first

move. He spotted a couple nurses heading over as Kali beamed into the room.

Smiling at her was what he attempted, but it was obviously forced. Glancing

down at Tressa, he could hardly keep his dinner in place. He could stare down

multiple Romulan Warbirds, take on a fleet of Cardassian Galor Class ships, he

could even help stop a war from breaking out in many systems at once. But

there was nothing that made him feel as intimidated as he did right now.::

:: Tressa watched the nervousness Jaxx tried to hide with mixed emotions. She

was slightly amused, yet mostly worried about him. Her attention was soon taken

by Kali as the woman moved over to them. ::

::Issuing the needed orders as she moved, Kali walked to where Jaxx had helped

Tressa to a bed. The nurses were in a flurry of action as she finally got close

to her friend.::

Tressa: Kali! :: Relief was flooded in her voice. ::

::The smile that Kali wore was soft and warm. She had been there all those

months ago to break the news of the pregnancy. Now she was here to bring those

children into the world.::

Nicholotti: How are you doing?

Tressa: I'm okay. Nervous.. Andrus hit his head. :: Her eyes flickered to him.


::Kali glanced up at the man she had known for a very long time. The man she

had once died for, the man who had always been the one solid thing in her life

when everything else was falling apart, looked downright scared at that precise

moment. He was trying to fake it, but she had never seen him quite like this.

In her mind she giggled; becoming a father would be, perhaps, the most life

changing event he would ever experience.::

Nicholotti: How are *you* doing?

Jaxx: ::attempting to reassure himself more than the women:: In command.

::After so long, Kali had learned to pick certain things up from him. Maybe

that was why they had been able to work so well together for so long. She

stepped to the other side of the bed and pulled up a chair. Positioning it

next to Tressa’s head, she put her hand on the taller man’s shoulder.::

Nicholotti: You should sit.

::The smile she gave him conveyed that it was more of an order than a request.::

Jaxx: I am perfectly fine right...::pausing for a moment as he realized he

wanted nothing to do with the next part:: over in this chair. ::pointing to

the seat next to Tressa::

::Placing one hand on each of her friend’s arms, Kali smiled and spoke in a calm

and reassuring tone.::

Nicholotti: Everything’s fine. ::Glancing up at the monitors.:: The babies are

doing good, but I need both of you ready for what’s going to happen.

::Jaxx did a double take. Was she serious? This was not the Bridge, and he

had no business in Sickbay unless he was a patient. He was there for moral,

and emotional support and that was all he could muster.::

Jaxx: Easy for you to say.

Tressa: :: Taking a long breath :: Okay.

:: She was nervous. Though so very glad that Kali was here. The woman had

saved her life, and nursed her back to health. More than being her close

friend, Kali knew Tressa inside and out. The doctor had worked with Gideon

physiology (her physiology to be precise) before, and that gave Tressa more

comfort than a dozen of Starfleet's best doctors. ::

::The nurses were setting things up around her as the raven haired

doctor-turned-command-officer laid out the plan and went over each step.::

Nicholotti: It’ll be faster than you think. Just those two main incisions and

you get to meet your children.

Jaxx: ::looking to Tressa:: Two slices...I bet you are glad you are Gideon.

:: He was joking again. It was his defense mechanism; it made Tressa smile never

the less. ::

Tressa: I will recover quickly.. especially with Kali here. :: She smiled at

her doctor and friend. ::

::Content that the parents were well aware of how things were going to go down,

Kali flashed them one more grin.::

Nicholotti: I’m going to get ready and then we’ll begin. Don’t push. ::She

looked directly at Tressa.:: Just breathe. And you. ::She looked towards

Jaxx then.:: Don’t let her.

::Turning, Kali moved to the prep area and began donning the surgical scrubs

and gloves required for the procedure. Her heart skipped more than one beat –

at least it did in her mind – as she suddenly realized what she was about to

do. Tressa and Jaxx had become her family. They were the two closest people to

her in the world. Now, she would bring their children into the universe. Brand

new life created by the bond of love that knew no bounds. Creating a future,

not with the toil of one’s own hands, but with genuine care, wise guidance, and

knowledge of what was and what could possibly be. This was the epitome of what

living was.::

::For a second Jaxx wanted someone to explain his paralysis. Instead, he

realized why he could not move. In his entire life he had never been so

scared and excited at the same time. He thought it would be much easier if

they could just beam the babies out and run them through the biofilters.::

:: Kali and the nurses moved in almost perfect synchronized movements. As

Tressa laid back on the biobed she held Jaxx's hand tightly. This was it. They

were going to meet their children... Tressa's heart pounded furiously in her

chest, her eyes flickered to Jaxx while Kali moved through Sickbay readying

herself for the procedure. ::

Tressa: :: Turning to Jaxx. :: Andrus? Please remember to breath. You look like

you're going to pass out.

Jaxx: You remember not to push!

::Jaxx took a deep breath.::

Tressa: They're coming... :: She smiled, nervously. ::

::Jaxx smiled and kissed her forehead. It was hard to project a feeling of

calmness when he was anything but. He usually had the ability to calm the

children when they were restless, or at the very least control the emotional

part of the situation. This was one of those times his telepathic abilities

were useless to him. It was all he could do to keep the terror at bay.::

:: Tressa closed her eyes and took comfort from the gentle kiss. Jaxx was

always in control, always calm and logical. Now he was in a situation that he

had no control over, and could not do much to help. She felt for him but

acknowledge it would not be long before it was over and they would have their

children here... at the same time it was amusing to see Andrus so anxious. As

Kali moved over towards the two, Tressa smiled at her dear friend as she

caught her eye. ::

Tressa: Kali, I don't want to be put to sleep.

::Being that she was still in motion when her friend spoke, Kali wasn’t sure she

had heard her right.::

Nicholotti: You don’t want to what?

::Stepping closer, Kali placed on hand on her shoulder and looked at her


Tressa: I want to be awake when they arrive.

::Now a smile spread across that same face.::

Nicholotti: Oh, of course. I’m just going to give you something that will block

your feeling from the waist down. It might be a bit unnerving to not be able to

feel your legs, but it’s better than the alternative.

::Even now she was trying to make the smaller woman smile. Kali didn’t have to

be Betazoid to see the fear and uncertainty in her eyes. Every move she made

was calculated and planned to give her friend the gift of reassurance. Anything

that could be done to make her comfortable Kali would go out of her way to


Tressa: Thank you Kali. I'm really glad you're here. :: She smiled another

nervous smile, though this one was full of gratitude. ::

Jaxx: So much for your vacation. ::poking fun at Kali's idea for the trip::

::The head of the nursing staff nodded towards Kali to signal her that

everything was ready. From her current position near Tressa’s head on the

other side of the biobed from Jaxx, Kali was unable to see anything. The

curtain would help keep an already queasy father from contaminating the room.::

Nicholotti: Not everyone gets to say they delivered babies on their vacation.

::She grinned at him.:: Ready to meet your kids?

::Kali glanced from one to the other and back again before practically jumping

up and setting herself into motion again. Reaching out, she took a

hypospray from a nurse. On either side of the bed there was a line of more

nurses; one team for each of the babies. The doctor had not let anyone sleep

that night. Noting that everything was in place, Kali moved back up to her head

and pressed the hypo against the Gideon woman’s neck.::

Nicholotti: Here we go.

Jaxx: Everything is going to be fine...I am right here.

Tressa: :: Nodding :: Okay.

:: The young Gideon was nervous now. So very nervous. She trusted Kali with

her life, and those of her children... but nothing in the past few months could

prepare her for this moment... ::

::With a wink, Kali moved to the other side of the curtain, took her place and

waited as the nursing staff got in place. From that moment on, her focus was

solely on the task at hand. It wasn’t a difficult surgery as far as surgical

procedures went, but the importance behind this one in particular weighed

heavily on her mind. Still, she kept her cheerful demeanor as she moved through

the process.::

:: There wasn't a lot that could be said about what happened next.... Tressa

didn't feel anything... she couldn't see anything either due to the screen. She

simply laid and waited while nerves chewed away at her. Kali would talk to the

nurses and occasionally say something directed at either herself or Andrus...

yet through the whole thing she remained cheerful and happy. ::

:: Yet that was Kali. Kind, caring, cheerful Kali. Kali, who always seemed to

know what to say, and how to ease her concerns. Tressa wasn't sure how she

would have survived without her. With the three of them together it felt like

one big Starfleet family... and soon there would be two more to add to that

number... ::

::Almost there. As she prepared to remove the first of the twins, Kali called up

to her friend.::

Nicholotti: How are we doing up there?

Tressa: Okay, considering...

Jaxx: Nauseated, but still here.

::Satisfied the answer wasn’t going to get any better, she simply laughed and

expertly pulled the first twin from its home within its mother. The

sheer shock, coupled with the bright lights after having been cozy and warm in

total darkness incited a loud and healthy cry. Kali released the child from his

binds and handed him to the closest nurse for the team that would be cleaning

the baby up and ultimately handing him to his parents.::

:: An infant's cry! Tressa's eyes brimmed with tears and she looked to Andrus,

as his eyes appeared to mist over. It was the most moving sound in

the world... simply knowing that was her child taking its first breaths in this

world. ::

Nicholotti: First baby is a healthy boy.

::Kali couldn’t keep the smile out of her voice now as she returned to the task

at hand.::

::Jaxx smiled big. The thought of his son emerging into the galaxy was enough

to bring a tear to his eyes. In this moment, his fear and uncertainty went

away and he was left with only joy. He turned to watch the nurses take the

baby and then focused on the next one about to emerge from darkness.::

::Once the process had started, getting the second child out of its darkness

and into the light had been easy. When the wail of a second cry broke

through the roar of motion, Kali found herself totally without any other

thoughts than the depth of her feelings at that single moment in time.::

Nicholotti: This one’s a little girl.

::Now, she released the child and walked to the second team’s station to help

with the second baby as the nurses and the other medical staff took

care of closing the incision. It only took a few minutes to have her cleaned

and wrapped tightly in a blanket. Kali cradled the new arrival in her arms and

moved towards the bed. When she arrived, she beamed at the two new parents.

Carefully, she handed the child to Jaxx.::

Nicholotti: Meet your daughter.

::Jaxx took his daughter into his arms. Immediately, she got quiet. With the

worst out of the way, Jaxx was calming down. His children were with them now

and the vessel of life was being repaired. Jaxx knew that things would be

different from here on out. The cargo that had given Tressa a round shape had

been delivered. It was the last day her feet were going to hurt, and with

regular trips to Sickbay...Jaxx would see to it. Holding the baby girl over so

Tressa could see her, Jaxx smiled at the love of his life. While he doubted

his own skills as a parent, he knew Tressa would be the best mother in the


Jaxx: Here she is...

:: And there she was.... Tressa had never seen anything so perfectly beautiful

in all her life. The child was calm and serene in the arms of her

father... and Tressa could feel more tears [...]ing at her eyes. Carefully she

reached out a hand to touch her beautiful baby girl. Her skin was soft,

and even as Tressa watched her new daughter, the Gideon/Betazoid slowly became

more aware of its surrounding ::

Tressa: ... she's so perfect...:: there were a few more tears. ::

:: Slowly the child squinted at the world around it, and Tressa raised her eyes

to Andrus. ::

Tressa: She looks like you... she has your eyes... :: She smiled, her eyes so

full of love as she looked between the man she loved and the beautiful

daughter they had together. ::

::Jaxx looked into the his daughter's deep black eyes. He could see himself

in her eyes, and he noticed the corner of her mouth slightly perk up. There

was no doubt, she was his angel.::

Jaxx: We did good.

::The moment had been magical in every way. With the scary part over, Kali

stepped back and let them enjoy it. It was a moment that would never come

again; something you could never do over…They had become four from two. It was

the perfect family in every way.::

Tressa :: Quietly:: should we introduce the Kali's now?

Jaxx: By all means. ::smiling::

:: She smiled and turned her gaze to Kali, beckoning the woman closer. ::

::It took a moment to register that Tressa was looking at her. Snapping out of

her thoughts, she smiled and stepped closer.::

Tressa: Kali... meet Little Kali... Little Kali, meet Aunty Kali. :: She smiled.


::Raising an eyebrow, Kali looked from Tressa to Jaxx and back again.::

Nicholotti: After me?

::It was an incredible honor from her closest friend. Most best friends got to

be maid of honor at the wedding. Kali got to be the namesake for their child.::

Jaxx: McKenzie Kalianna

Tressa: There's no other woman in all the universes I would rather name my

daughter after... Andrus and I already discussed it. :: She winked. ::

::Kali looked at the child. So much ran through her head in that moment; the

future, the past, the universe around them. She felt so small, yet

everything in that moment seemed perfect. There was no pain, no war, no

hurting…it was all just…perfect.::

::Nicholotti: ::Finally, she waved slightly.:: Hi Kali.

Jaxx: ::smiling at his friend:: Thank you. ::winks::

:: Tressa smiled at Kali and her eyes echoed Jaxx's thanks. This moment was

perfect with the three of them there her children healthy, and happy. She

rested back against the pillows not taking her eyes from the two children,

McKenzie, who Jaxx cradled, and her son who Kali had brought over as the nurses

finished closing. When the task was over, she was carefully adjusted her

position... and then her son was in her arms... ::

:: Love, elation, joy.... so many emotions as her tiny son was placed in her

arms. There were no words to describe that moment in time. As her arms took the

weight her tummy and back had once carted around for so long and she was able

to look into the eyes of her first born child. He was here and he was perfect.

Once again she noticed the dark betazoid eyes both her children had inherited

from their father and she smiled while more tear misted her eyes... no matter

how long Andrus was with her... every time she looked into her children's eyes

she would see their father. They would be the little piece of him that remained

after Andrus could no longer be with her. ::

:: As her son yawned and grew accustomed to the world around him, she gently

stroked his thin, almost invisible hair and welcomed him. ::

Tressa: Hello, Mykel... my boy.

::Jaxx watched as his son let out a grunt. It was adorable, and he looked to

Tressa and laughed.::

Jaxx: He has your spunk! ::laughing:: That is the same noise you make when you

hate my orders!

:: Tressa laughed. But pain quickly shot across her abdomen from the movement.

She winced slightly but took a few quick breaths to steady

herself, before looking between her son, and soon to be, Bonded One. ::

Tressa: We will keep your daddy on his toes then, won't we my boy?

::Jaxx wasn't thinking when he made his fiancé laugh. There was pain now, but

soon she would be back on her feet, and not long after that...back to work.

Jaxx started to wonder how they would handle things now that the kids were

here. Perhaps they would have to look into a nanny? Jaxx was not sure how

Tressa felt about it. He did not mind; he was practically raised by one.

Pushing those thoughts from his mind, he focused on his family.::

Jaxx: I am the luckiest man in the world.

:: Tressa smiled at him, and looked down at her daughter and then her son. How

had she been so lucky, herself? To have such a wonderful partner, and two of

the most beautiful children. The over whelming love and happiness she felt

were unparalleled; this moment was perfection. It was the start of two new

lives and the bonding of the people who would help shape those children's

futures. ::

:: It had not been a 'traditional' Gideon birth, and some of her anxieties had

been for that; but it could not have been more perfect. All she needed was in

that room. Her mate, her closest friend and her children. ::

:: Looking at those children now, she realized how much work there was to do,

and what there was to organize. There was education, were they would sleep at

the suit, who would watch the children while they were on duty? Tressa did not

trust holograms, so a holographic was not an option. Her mind was running so

fast she looked to Andrus to share some of what was rolling through her head.


Tressa: You know, Andrus. If their gestation is anything to judge by, we will

need to start looking at early learning programs. Gideon children grow very


::Kali moved towards the doorway and motioned for one of the nurses to request

beds for the children for that moment while the new parents marveled at their

gift to the universe.::

Jaxx: We know what we are heading for...and it will be fine.

Tressa: There are a few center's on the Starbase that have schooled Klingon

children. It is a good place to start. Klingon children grow quickly as

well. They may be more suited to the requirements our children will need.

Jaxx: We will look there first. ::nodding::

Tressa: :: Smiling as she looked down on her children. :: We're going to have

to inquire as to wither we can get some cots in our suite. We may also need a

walker for them. :: She winked. ::

Jaxx: Sweetheart, it will be fine.

::Kali smiled at Tressa. It seemed that she was running away with things now

that the children were there. Letting her get two or three 'to-do's in, the

doctor-for-the-moment moved two small bassinets towards the bed where Jaxx was


Nicholotti: There will time to worry about all of that later. You need rest now.

Jaxx: Yes, listen to the doctor, first we will start with walking. ::pausing::

You, not the babies.

:: She smiled. Yes there would be time later... but how much time? Gideon

children grew quickly, and while she acknowledged her children were only half;

even as she watched them she could see them growing more aware of their

surroundings. In a few months they might even be walking. Instead of increasing

her worry Tressa looked to the two individuals with her. :

Tressa: Okay. :: Raising a brow :: Do I have the okay to leave?

::Smiling, she nodded.::

Nicholotti: You can leave in a few hours. I want to monitor you for a little

bit and there's some routine tests that need to be done on the kids.

Tressa: :: Nodding. Then turning to Jaxx. :: You would be more comfortable in

the suite. I can let you k now when I am discharged tomorrow, if you like?

Jaxx: Nope, I am staying. I do not care if it takes the rest of our vacation.

::Kali laughed. Tressa's physiology allowed for some amazing things, but she

wasn't letting the woman go until she knew there were no complications with her

or the children.::

Nicholotti: It won't be long. Half a day. I and the nurses will help so that you

can rest. You may not get much after that.

:: Tressa kept her amusement to a giggle this time, and was mindful of the

slight aching around her abdomen. ::

::Jaxx smirked. He knew that the children would keep them busy. He also knew

they had a lot to look into, and quickly. Jaxx was thinking they may need a

private tutor for the children, someone that could teach at their pace. It

would be great to have a telepath as well, it would speed things up. Now his

mind began to race with all of the things they needed to figure out.::

::The doctor knew it wasn't true. She had Jaxx by her side and he wouldn't let

her take on the burden on her own. Grabbing another blanket and covering

Tressa, she gave them both a look that said she meant it before dimming the

lights and stepping outside the room leaving the new family to rest.::

:: Soon her little one was out of her arms and placed in his bassinet, his

sister snuggled into the one beside him. As Kali moved out of the room, and the

lights dimmed, she found she couldn't take her eyes off her children. She

stared for sometime at the two tiny babies, until Andrus' voice broke her

concentration. ::

Jaxx: Close your eyes, get some sleep. I will be right here when you wake up,

and the children will be right here with me.

:: She smiled at him, finally dragging her eyes away from their two angels.

Reaching out a hand she pulled him in for a kiss. ::

Tressa: I know, my imzadi.

::Jaxx smiled at Tressa. She was the most beautiful thing in the universe,

and now she had given birth to that very image. They were the most important

things in his life, and nothing would get in the way of his love. As Tressa

closed her eyes, he sat next to her rubbing her head as she drifted off to

sleep. The meds had taken effect and it was time for her body to heal. He

briefly thought of the last time he was by her side in Sickbay. They had come

a long way, but it was almost perfection.::

:: As she settled on the bed, it was startling how quickly she managed to

drift off. Her mind was still racing with thoughts of the twins and the many

days ahead. It was soothing having Andrus by her side, and the gentle stroking

of her head helped, calm her. This was not how she had planned her life, but

that was more because it was so perfect. Her life as it was in this moment was

just so perfect. Her career, her good friend, her fiance, and their two

beautiful children. There was nothing about her life she would change... and

that wonderful thought, was the last she had as she slipped into a deep sleep.



Lieutenant Tressa

Chief Science Officer

Starbase 118/USS Victory


Commander Kalianna Nicholotti

First Officer

Starbase 118/USS Victory


Captain Andrus Jaxx

Commanding Officer

Starbase 118/USS Victory

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