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JP: Oumriel and DeBarres: Law of Attraction

S'Acul Aveunallliv

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((Camp Avandar))

::DeBarres really wanted to see Beornan after the attack of the natives and knew that he would probably be shipping out soon after the capture of Commander T’Lea. ::

::DeBarres walked out near to the perimeter and looked around. She knew that he should be back soon or at least that was the plan. The sun was starting to set, making the sky a funky blue. There was a pair of marines walking the tree line and she decided to hang back a bit from their position.::

:: DeBarres was wearing her best clothes, ones that were rescued from Avandar, and she’d spent some time making herself as presentable as possible under the current circumstances.::

:: She finally saw two marines emerge from the woods. She waved at the two of them and Pritzker parted heading off in another direction at a brisk pace.::

::She walked over to Beornan who looked confused at best, making sure to stay barely inside the Perimeter.::

DeBarres: Hey there stranger! ::Smiling as she moved to about a foot in front of him, her manner was straight forward and she tried to give herself an aura of dominance. ::

:: After getting over his initial surprise Beornan clasped his hands behind his back and gave her a warm smile, she always seemed to confident and he liked that. Tipping his head to the side slightly he guessed she was talking about the fact she hadn’t seen much of him recently. He hadn’t been avoiding her, at least not exclusively. He’d been taking every opportunity to get away from anyone and everyone. The more alone he could be the better, he’d jumped at it. ::

Oumriel: Hello Charlotte, how are you, what’ve you been up to?

DeBarres: I’ve been fine...busy of course, but I haven’t seen you in a while. :: There was a bit of sadness towards the end of the comment.::

Oumriel: I was glad to hear that Peiy is on the mend.

DeBarres: It’s a big relief, I hope to get some time with her tomorrow. If I can get an hour or two before my shift, I’ll go see her..

Oumriel: What are you doing out here anyway? It’s probably best you stay away from the perimeter. Even the hunting parties avoid straying too far from the turrets effective range.

DeBarres: Well, I can take care of my self, thanks.....but there is another reason I’m out here. ::A small smile curled up her mouth.::

Oumriel: ::Smiling sheepishly:: I know you can take care of yourself. We’re not allowed out here without full tactical armor equipped and you’re wearing...

DeBarres: Beornan, I am hunting a different type of prey tonight. ::Smiling and leveling a pointed finger at him::

Ourmriel: ::Folding his arms across his chest, chewing his lip as though deep in thought:: I’m flattered but perhaps... I should... go. ::He started to walk but she intercepted him.::

DeBarres: You’re coming with me tonight. ::Twitching her little finger in a motion for him the come with her.:: and I will not take no for an answer. I have a small feast at my ‘private quarters’ and you are going to relax. That’s an order…...Soldier! ::Grinning.::

Ourmriel: ::Puffing out his chest he stood at attention and saluted her before giving her a playful wink.:: Yes ma’am!

::DeBarres waved him to follow her, and he fell in step with her as she started off. ::

DeBarres: Hut one, two, three, four........::Trying hard not to giggle, she was only partly successful.::

:: Grinning like a buffoon he did an exaggerated march for her entertainment. ::

DeBarres: Come on soldier, or do we have to make this double time! ::But there was no seriousness in her voice, at all ::

Ourmriel: You know wh-

DeBarres: Who told you that you could talk!......::Giggling, as they approached the shelter that DeBarres called home. It looked a lot like the rest of the private shelters, it probably measured only 3 meters by 3 meters, and to save on materials it was linked to a lot of others sharing some walls with each other.::

::She pulled back a section of paneling and waved him in side. ::

DeBarres: Come on, Beornan....and off with those boots. Didn’t you learn any manners? ::Still smiling at him, pulling off her work boots and stepping inside.::

Ourmiel: Alright, Alright!. oOWow what a fiery one!Oo ::He took off his boots, placed them next to hers as he followed her inside.::

::The floor was just another large piece of paneling but the walls looked fairly sturdy, and the roof was part of the same material. There was a a few belongings by the side wall. and there was a couple of bed rolls and starfleet blankets.::

DeBarres: Sit down and relax, welcome to my humble abode. ::Getting some starfleet rations and getting two mugs of water. ::

DeBarres: ::Sitting down close to him with two mugs of water and rations.:: Dinner is served. ::Handing him a mug and a ration, keeping one for herself. She did a slight toast in the air to no one in particular.::

Oumriel: Thank you. ::Following her action, then taking a sip of the warm liquid.::

::He took his bar and ate it very slowly, chewing and chewing and chewing. It wasn’t that he was savouring the taste, it was more like delaying the inevitable moment where you had to try gulp it down. The chewy, flavourless bars always wanted to catch in your throat. He sat, staring out the open door thinking about times he could now barely remember back on Halii. The food was exquisite, he could see it in his mind but could no longer recall the taste. ::

::The open door let the what ever strange light that was left, into the darkened shelter, they ate in silence for the most part, for both of them were very hungry.::

::Finishing her meal, she put down the mug, and slid closer to him. Taking her hands she reached around him, and gave him a big squeeze. Not letting go, she could feel him breathing, but as she held him she felt his breathing relax and she started to drift.::

:: Beornan began to feel the tensions of the day melt away, he hadn’t realised how tense he had even been. They'd all been on edge after the natives attack, but it was nice to cuddle up to Charlotte. ::

Ourmriel: Well, thank you for the bite to eat and the company. ::He went to move but she was still firmly attached.::

DeBarres ::Refocusing a bit, but not letting go.:: You are mine tonight soldier, and you will sleep here tonight........ and I mean sleep. ::Whispering in his ear then giving him the tiniest of kisses, as it was almost dark.::

:: A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth and he felt himself go tingly all over ::

Ourmriel: Well, the lady gets what the lady wants. oOAnd she is ballsy enough to take it.Oo

DeBarres: ::Letting go, for a minute.:: Good. ::Smiling :: Get out of some of that gear and get comfy. ::She got up and went to a neat stack of clothes in the corner, then went to the door and pulled it shut with a small squeaking noise. The room fell into total darkness. There was a rustle of clothes being changed:: No peeking. ::Came her voice in the darkness.::

oO(Beornan) Yes Sir! ...What a taskmaster... ::Long pause.:: ...Peeking...Oo

:: He giggled at the thought of trying to peek, the darkness was like a black cloak. His eyes hadn’t adjusted to the darkness yet. He quietly took off his clothes and folded them neatly into a pile nearby - it was a habit drilled into him from his time at the Marine Academy. ::

::There was a shuffle on the floor as DeBarres came over to were he was the last time she had seen him. She reached out her arms, and started to feel for the Marine.::

Oumriel: Hey, watch it lady. oOCheeky.Oo

:: He ran his fingers along her arms until he found her hands and took them in his. He had that nervous, jittery feeling and it was a way of controlling the level of contact. ::

::DeBarres felt his strong hands in her, and she could feel it again, she trembled just a bit, letting her body get used to the feeling. They just stood there for a minute or two.::

DeBarres ::Whispering, not wishing to be overheard by the neighbors, but they must of been unoccupied, for the moment :: Come on, lie down an just hold me tonight. ::

Oumriel: I swear if you give me one more order tonight... ::Grinning in the dark, looking at her as his eyes adjusted.::

DeBarres: ::Small giggle:: All right, no more tonight …..Hold on for a minute:: Letting go she moved over a grabbed the blanket and laid it down on the floor. She then got the makeshift pillow, and put it down:: Are you ready ? ::It was her softest voice and the authority had vanished.::

Oumriel: ::Chuckling:: oODare I ask?Oo Ready for what?

DeBarres: Sleep...... silly...we are going to take this slow....marine. oO Don’t want to scare him off, ….darn you DeBarres Oo

::Beornan grinned and shook his head but he was also a little relieved. There was a lot she didn’t know about him, about his racial abilities and he wasn’t sure if he was ready to share it yet.::

::DeBarres got on floor, as quietly as possible. She reached out and found his leg, letting her hand slide down it.::

::Beornan shivered a little but it had nothing to do with the cold. He sat down quickly and re-gathered DeBarres hands. They lay down together side by side, he wrapped his arm around her, keeping those wandering hands in check. He kissed her on the back of the neck and settled down to rest. It felt odd but nice sleeping in the shelter, he’d become accustomed to camping out either with one of his squaddies like Griffon, or on his own.::

::Charlotte was very attractive, wild and exciting and it felt great to be with her. She had such a vibrant and fun spirit and that bossy streak that turned him on. The fact that she was also so pleasing on the eye didn’t hurt either. He quickly drifted off to sleep feeling peaceful and content.::

:: Rolling onto his back and placing his hand over his stomach Beornan dreamed about a time before the troubles. Before the fire and pain and tough move to StarFleet Marines. Beornan was alone in the dining room setting the table, a delicious smell wafted through from the kitchen. He’d gotten his mother Soui to take his soul mate out for the day. He was cooking her favourite meal and everything was nearly ready. He had great news to share about his job offer and to him everything was coming together perfectly. ::

::DeBarres felt him roll over, she was tired but wanted to hold him. She rolled over quietly and she could hear the soft breathing of him, and realized that he’d fallen asleep almost immediately. She curled around him putting her hands around his chest, she was to his side as she held on. DeBarres lightly moved her hand up his chest and lightly touched face, feeling the stubble of his unshaven face. She could feel the tingle again as she made an out line of his face. As the finger went over the left cheek and touched his forehead she feel something strange come over her.::

DeBarres ::There was an aroma of food, as she felt like she had walked into a kitchen, and there was Beornan sitting at a table with someone that she did not know, but the food smelled wonderful::

oO(DeBarres)What is the blazes is this, one minute I’m in my shelter with this hunk, and now I’m in a kitchen sitting down next to him. I know I’m hungry about what in the …...am I dreaming.... hello? Beornan.......can you hear me? Oo

::She took her finger away from his forehead, and found herself back in her shelter, with Beornan lying next to her, making soft sleeping noises ::

oO (DeBarres) Wow! what was amazing … but what was it !?Oo ::

::DeBarres pulled her had hand away, totally, leaving her left hand on his chest. She snuggled close but her mind was racing with possibilities. ::

oO (DeBarres) It could be something like a vulcan. Mind thing..... is he telepathic? …..Should I do it again? Oo

::As she thought about it she felt the warmth of his body and grew peaceful, soon she faded into dreamland.::

((Hours later))

::The first rays of sunlight penetrated the cracks near the roof, but the two slept peacefully. As the sun continued to rise, the beams of light shown lower into the shelter. Finally they bounced from a salvaged mirror, and struck DeBarres in the eyes, forcing her awake. She had felt the strong shoulders as she rolled to the side. Finally, she opened her eyes and saw Beornan still sleeping.::

::DeBarres, carefully bending over she gave him a quick peck on the lips, getting a slight charge from him again ::

::For an instant DeBarres felt like she was in a warm place, but it vanished as quickly as it hit her::

oO(DeBarres) what is going on here? Does he have a battery hooked up someplace.... wowOo

::She studied his face, and ran her finger over his lips, softly not to wake him up. She laid back down for a few minutes, as she cuddled up next to him feeling his warmth, in the cool morning air.. There was sufficient light coming in from the cracks, to see the out line of the Marine peacefully sleeping as the light bounced around the white walls::

::She finally realized that she couldn’t stay like this all morning, so she carefully got up, trying not to walk the sleeping Marine ::

oO(DeBarres) wonderful night, …..but what was that strange thing last night.... was it a dream? Oo ::She smiled and looked at the dozing Beornan.::

oO(DeBarres) Come on girl, get a move on. Oo

::She turned her back to him, as not to be distracted - Charlotte tugged and pulled off her nightshirt. Quickly folding it, she found her fatigues and she started to get dressed carefully, using the bare minimal pressure on the floor, letting him sleep. ::

:: Beornan slowly rubbed his eyes and blinked as he began to wake up. He felt different, but he couldn’t place it. He was aware it was something he hadn’t felt in some years now but he couldn’t work out what it was exactly. ::

:: It had been the most restful sleep he’d had since they crashed here and he felt great. The bridge of his nose crinkled slightly as his eyebrows knitted into a small frown as he looked around the tiny shelter. It was getting warm already and he enjoyed the heat as he propped himself up, reached to rub between his shoulder blades.::

:: That's when he spotted DeBarres, she was getting changed and was revealing probably more than she intended to. His jaw snapped shut mind yawn and he looked away quickly feeling a little awkward. oOThose are some sexy curves. Little beauty.Oo::

::DeBarres pulled down her tunic over her head, tugging to make sure she was presentable at least, and then tucked it into her pants. Her work shoes were of course outside. She ran her hands over her hair. It wasn’t the worst morning hair she’d ever had, but she didn’t usually have a sleep over guest.::

oO(DeBarres) It’s the best I can do on short notice. Oo ::Turning around she saw Beornan looking away, but from the expression on his face, he had been awake for a minute or two.::

::Slightly shocked, Charlotte quickly recovered and put on a smile.::

oO(DeBarres) Oh, well, he is a marine and probably has seen more than that before.Oo

DeBarres: Good morning …..hope you haven’t been awake too long....::A small smile grew to a large one.::

:: Beornan felt the heat rise but fortunately his embarrassment wasn’t too noticeable thanks to his darker skin tone. ::

Oumriel: ::Cheeky smile:: Well, uh no, just, just now actually.

DeBarres: Come on...... Beornan, it’s OK. I wouldn’t have done if I wasn’t alright with it. ::She bent over and gave him a squeeze on the shoulder. ::

Oumriel: ::Giving himself a shake as he got up:: It’s not the way things are usually done. I better move myself, there is a lot to do...

DeBarres ::A little more serious:: The ship doesn’t crash every day, and I would rather change in here with you than with the rest of the crew out there.

Oumriel: I’m glad of that. ::It wasn’t clear which statement he was agreeing with, he pulled on his own grotty clothes and got ready for another day.::

oO(DeBarres) I hope I didn’t embarrass him Oo ::

DeBarres : Do you...want to go to breakfast, I hear they have coffee sometimes ? ::A little worried that she had embarrassed him.::

:: The little crease on the bridge of his nose was back as he frowned slightly in concentration. He didn’t say anything at first as he messed about straightening himself up. Then he looked over with a serious expression. ::

Ourmriel: I can’t stand coffee. I can’t understand people’s addiction to that awful stuff... ::There was a lengthy pause and then his expression softened:: I do need something to get me started though. ::Small smile::

::A smile appeared on her face, much more feminine than the bossy woman of yesterday and she approached him after he finished putting on the last of his gear. ::

DeBarres: Beornan …... I have to tell you something.......::Quietly, and talking a light hold of his hand.::

Oumriel: ::Heart rate doubling:: What is it?

DeBarres : I hope you don’t think me too forward, I know I am a bit of a flirt …..it is ...just who I am. ::pause::...and I don’t want to rush you....so if you need to take things easy....that is the way that we will do it.

Oumriel: From the moment we met you, yelling at us to get you down, we knew that. ::Shoulders slumping in relief:: Here I was thinking you were going to tell me something I didn’t know...

DeBarres ::Laughing:: Oh, other than the dead bodies that I have buried all over the quadrant, I don’t have too many deep dark secrets ::Reaching up to give him a peck on the cheek, feeling a tingle again.::

:: He grinned and rolled his eyes before wrapping his arms around her and holding her gently for a minute. He gave her a soft kiss on the forehead and looked at her earnestly.::

Oumriel: Thank you. ::It was a simple statement but summed up more than she could know.::

::DeBarres looked up at the Marine, and smiled, and for this moment in time everything was fine::

(PNPC) 2nd Lt Beornan

Marine Combat Engineer

USS Avandar

Simmed by Blackwood


(PNPC) Crewman DeBarres

Tactical / Security Specialist

USS Avandar

Simmed by Eerie

Edited by FltAdml. Wolf
Adding Round 2 prefix.
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