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Ens Renae Sullivan - Good On You


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((Sisko's - New Orleans))

::Turns out that the crew was brought to Sisko’s for an award ceremony. After the “Kris Kringle” of which Renae had to participate (she honestly had no clue what it was for due to having a lack of education in the Terran manner)) in. Unfortunately, her’s could be considered a “tough one”. She applauded for everyone as everyone else did, congratulated Oliver for his promotion. Happy for the new Counsellor, extremely impressed with Aron, laughed as she watched Pandora’s lack of an emotional reaction, applauded the new Doctor of which she had almost no clue existed (she obviously needed to pull her head out of the clouds and look at the crew roster). But when her name was announced, she

Kare'en: Would Ensign Renae Sullivan please come forward?

oO Oh, this can’t be good. Oo

::She did as asked, pretty much ready to take whatever punishment her brother had “accidently” thrown on her.::

Sullivan: Yes, sir?

Kare'en: Ensign, it is not easy to serve in Starfleet while being a part of a family. But you find a way to keep both your commitment to duty and your relationships with family intact. Because of your devotion to both, it is my pleasure to grant you the B-Plot Award.

::Her eyes widened.:: oO Hang on, is he giving me an *award* for the trouble my father and brother have been causing? Oo

Rogers: : Smiling not the least due to the fact that he had some appreciation of just how much of a handful Renae’s family commitments could be Will presented the award. This award was Azrue and Vert with a rather appropriate Or letter B in the middle. :: Congratulations Ensign.

Sullivan: Thank you, Captain, Commander.

::She sat down afterwards, still doing the same clapping and cheering for everyone else. In the end, she slipped out, hoping that no one noticed. She requested a beam up back to the Drake, and returned to her quarters.::

((Sullivan’s Quarters – USS Drake))

::Naturally, as her father invited himself to move in and sleep on her couch, she was greeted by him reading a PADD. She threw her bag on the couch and slumped onto it herself.::

Sullivan: It’s official. I’m going to stuck watching my friends move up in the Universe while I get to sit back, work for Whale, and stay as an Ensign.

Jonathan:::He put his PADD down on the table.:: What happened? ::He sighed.::

Sullivan: Nothing. That’s the point. Because I took a leave to try and work out why you suddenly reappeared, I lost the chance to become a JG. Now all my friends pretty much outrank me. Sky, Oliver, Aron. I’m doomed.

Jonathan: You know, your mother didn’t exactly make it past Ensign either . . . oh wait. She *did* become a Junior Grade . . .

Sullivan: And she’s probably the Captain of a Borg ship in the Delta Quadrant by now. ::She snapped.:: *See*! I can’t even outdo my own *mother*!

Jonathan: Hey. Your mother took a lot of time to get there. So did Broxley. It happens. And besides, how long have your friends been in service?

Sullivan: Aron less then me, but now that he’s back from the future, he’s had a lot more experience. Oliver was on the Eagle, so definitely longer than me, and Sky . . . Hell, Sky was kept back in the Academy! And she’s already a *Lieutenant*!

Jonathan: Could be worse. She could be a Captain by now. ::He grinned.::

::Renae rolled her eyes.::

Sullivan: Nice to see that your sense of humour hasn’t “died” with you. ::And then the door chimed.:: Oh what hell is this? Enter!

::Typically, Rowan came bursting through the door, a smile as if he just got a date with Taylor again.::

Rowan: I just got a date!

::Renae rolled her eyes. Now she had *another* department she was lacking in, and you couldn’t actually say that she was surprised. Rowan always seemed to do things first . . . apart from join StarFleet.::

Jonathan: *Really*? With who?

Rowan: This fascinating woman named Candice.

Sullivan: Funny. Do people call her Candy for short?

Rowan: Yeah, how’d you know?

Sullivan: Oh, ::She giggled.:: Just a hunch.

::Jonathan rolled his eyes at his daughter.::

Jonathan: Don’t worry about Reed, here, she’s just a little upset that she didn’t get promoted today.

Rowan: Oh for gods sakes. She’s *always* upset because she didn’t get promoted. ::Renae glared at him, causing him to change the subject.:: But that is not the reason I’m here. We’re going to a club tonight, and I’d like to not have the same incident I had with . . . Lee.

::Renae groaned. Skyleena Blake pretty much lost her virginity to Rowan, who was, by the way, seven years younger and crushed her the morning after. Renae did offer to kick his [...] and cut off a few toes, but Sky disapproved of this, and ended up seeking guidance from her *other* friend of which she was currently sleeping with. Alixis Ozera, originally trained as a Diplomat and was a runner for their small – but fantastic – Hunter team. The same guy she more or less deliberately slung up in a tree because Renae thought he was guilty of treason to their team. Once upon a time, that memory used to bring a smile to her face as the diplomat stayed up there for a day and night until the professors finally realized he wasn’t in any classes that day.::

Jonathan: While I don’t want to know about “Lee”, I think you should take your sister.

Sullivan: *No*. I am *not* going with my brother to a club just to make sure he doesn’t suddenly have sex with his new girlfriend.

Rowan: Okay, *one*, I am *past* that little exploit. *Two*, Candice merely asked if I could bring a chaperone as her father is off-planet and her mother is currently at Medical school.

::Renae laughed.::

Sullivan: You finally found someone who’s your age, huh?

Jonathan: Wait a second, are you saying that all your girlfriends have been either younger or older than you?

Sullivan: Are you kidding? His second girlfriend was *seven years* older than him.

::Jonathan paused for a few seconds.::

Jonathan: Renae Ulivia Sullivan, you are to go with your brother to make sure nothing happens. *Afterwards*, you can go out, have as many drinks as you want, and for that matter, *kiss* as many people as you want. Just don’t come back with some random stranger, and for gods sakes, be protected. ::He looked at Rowan.:: *You*, young man, are to be back by twenty-two hundred.

Sullivan & Rowan: *WHAT?*

Rowan: You’re giving me a *time limit*!?

Sullivan: What do you *mean*, kiss as many people as I want and be protected!?

Jonathan: *Quiet*!

::Rowan sat down in the chair across from the couch while the father of the two half-siblings stood up.::

Jonathan: Now. I’m aware your mothers and I haven’t been around. We’re all meant to be dead – in Vera’s case, missing, and it’s a big jump from having no parents at all to having a father who wants the best for you and doesn’t want you going around and getting yourselves hurt, and I don’t mean the physical type. ::He looked at Renae.:: Reen, I know you’ve been the mother figure to your brother for some time. I know that you’re sick of it, but it’s habit to look after your brother, no matter how much you deny it. I can see it in your eyes. But because you’ve been stuck with your brother, you haven’t been having fun with other people, haven’t been getting out and making more friends.

Sullivan: That’s not true.

Jonathan: Okay, when was the last time you went to a party?

Sullivan: Little less than an hour ago!

Jonathan: Come *on*. That wasn’t a party. That was a gathering thrown by your commanding officers to give people promotions and hand out awards. I mean hanging out and drinking with people that are actually your own age!

::If he wanted her to hang out with people her age, he’d have a lot of trouble. Aron was one of her main friends, and due to the new development of him being thrown back in time from the 2390’s, he’s aged somewhat. The Aron she used to know *was* her age. The Aron now was practically ten years older.::

Jonathan: See? Because of Rowan, you haven’t developed certain social skills. You’ve been ignoring your hormones, which I also astounding considering your mother couldn’t-

Sullivan: Get to the point! ::She said, not wanting to hear *those* stories of her own mother.::

Jonathan: The point is, you need to get out more, and you need to stop being a mother to your brother. I can handle him from now on.

Rowan: *Whoa!* Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! You’re letting her go and telling her to get back when she wants, but I’ve got a time limit?

::Renae groaned.::

Jonathan: You, young man, are only eighteen. The fact that you already have a daughter-

Rowan: *Adopted* daughter.

Jonathan: Makes no difference. She’s still a child that you’re looking after. ::He snapped.:: You are technically still a child yourself, and how you’ve gotten away with all your offences for this long is beyond me. From now on, until you are your sisters age, you have a time for sleep, a curfew to get back before you sleep. And because you’re not going to be on the Drake, Brox is coming to Earth to make sure that these things happen.

Rowan: But there’s five *years* in between me and Renae!

Jonathan: I don’t care. This troublemaking is going to stop right now. You’re sister is already regulating herself a schedule, this week is her holiday.

Rowan: She’s in *Starfleet* for gods sakes!

Jonathan: And so was her mother for a few years. And Broxley, too! Now, go to wherever you have clothing and put on a nice shirt and pants that don’t make you look like an idiot. ::He gestured to the jeans Rowan was wearing currently, which had deliberate rips at the knees. Rowan, with an annoyed look, stood up and left the room, but not before he called out to Renae.::

Rowan: You’ve got half an hour! He grumbled.

::Renae rolled her eyes and sighed.::

Sullivan: You *really* can’t chaperone your own son?

Jonathan: If I chaperone him, you’ll stay here and sulk. ::He paused.:: What’s that in your hand?

::Renae looked down to see the award that was still in her hand. She laughed somewhat.::

Sullivan: This is an award . . . for having to deal with family while dealing with work.

::Jonathan moved behind the couch to have a look.::

Jonathan: And you were complaining that you didn’t get promoted, yet you got an award for your troubles?

::Renae rolled her eyes.::

Tbc . . .

Ensign Renae Sullivan


USS Drake

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