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Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall

Kane Morgan

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CSO Sullivan was enjoying a nice dream where he was at a restaurant with friends, and a semi-clad betazoid woman was dancing around the table, when he was awoken by someone violently shaking him.

He sat up and rubbed his eyes, and saw Chryssila the 1st officer kneeling by his bed and sobbing like she had just lost her favorite doll. She often tended to be overly dramatic, and he was used to it. After all they had been dating in secret for almost 2 years.

He quickly swung his legs off his rack, huddled next to her and whispered "What's Wrong?"

She couldnt stop crying, but she got a few words out. "Earth....Impossible...Mom, and Dad...."

"What is it?" he took the blanket from behind him and draped it over her. "Did you have a bad dream Chrys?"

She threw the blanket off and hurried to Sullivan's computer terminal.

"Just....Just watch Sully. It's so terrible."

He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

"What am I supposed to watch Chrys.... is it a new...."

That's as far as he got. On the screen was a looped display of Earth, and then the actually eradication of it....it ran over and over like a bad dream

"Is this real Chrys?"

Still sobbing she said "Yeah.....yeah and my Mom. My Daddy....." her crying cut off whatever else she might have said.

Sullivan watched the screen, and with each loop he hugged Chrys closer. Then he too shed a tear. His son was still stationed on earth, and scheduled to join his ships crew as a Cadet next month.

He began kissing her head. And in between kisses he whispered "I promise you Chrys. Whoever did this will pay"

Cadet Logan Kane

Security - Academy

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